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Jetpack Joyride is a real-time (but not timed!) competitive puzzle game of epic proportion!
Jetpack Joyride is a real-time (but not timed!) competitive puzzle game of epic proportion!
3,230 backers pledged $183,296 to help bring this project to life.

2 new Add-ons & More Stretch Goals!

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)

Fellow Pilots!!

2 new Add-ons!

We have some exciting add-ons now available!
The first one was suggested and unlocked thanks to your contribution!

  • 2 Extra Players Expansion!

 You can add this add-on multiple time if you wish so. The game scales pretty well since everyone plays at the same time! This add-on will not increase your shipping cost and will ship at the same time as your pledge.

  • 6 Players Dry Eraser Scoreboard!

 For those not in the Collector Version, it is now possible to get the Dry Eraser! It allows to keep track of up to 6 players' score. This Add-on will not increase your shipping cost and will ship at the same time as your pledge.

Note: We cannot upgrade the scoreboard in the Standard or Deluxe Version to be 6 players because it is shared with the retail version. This would be extremely confusing for people who buy that game and have a 6 players version scoreboard without the necessary material. We hope that bringing the dry eraser as an affordable add-on will satisfy you. Alternatively, it is always possible to use more than one of your score-sheets to keep track of game played by more than 4 players!

More Stretch Goals!

Oh my!!! We are crushing these stretch goals! We are so grateful for all the new backers who have joined us and helped adding more content to this game!

So since the last time we spoke, another 5 Stretch Goals have been unlocked!

  • New Vehicle Card & Tile: Sleigh of Awesome
  • New Mission Card! 
  • New Gadget: Twister Jetpack! 
  • New Mission Card! 
  • New Game Upgrade: Thicker Gadget Cards!
  • 4 New Lab Cards! 

 Next Stretch Goals!

Coming up next, more puzzles for the Solo Campaign!

Until next time,

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    1. Corey Farkas

      8 player games? Does that mean there might be another +2 player add on SG?

    2. Lucky Duck Games 8-time creator

      @Elessara - this expansion will not be in retail. We find the idea to have 3 different pieces of paper (in case of a 8 players game) messy and unpractical. You might as well just use 2 sheet of 4 players. Thanks for the feedback!

    3. Elessara

      Will the two extra player expansion be available for retail? If so, I really don't understand how having 2 extra player columns on the scorepad would be confusing. Everyone who has ever played a board game before should be aware that you don't always play with the maximum number of players allowed. You could even clarify that the two extra players are available via expansion in the rulebook. But hey, it's your game, you do you.

    4. Lucky Duck Games 8-time creator

      @alingex it means we may have a #2 pack revealed later :)
      The nuclear symbol is to signify it's a harder Lab card than the numbered one. But also, we don't want to give them a number, because when you play you should REPLACE Lab cards with these nuclear ones, not ADD them to your pre-existing 4 Lab cards. You always play with 4 Lab cards.
      @Matthieu no, the notepad will remain at 4 players only because as we explained, it's shared with the Retail version of the game, and people buying the game will by confused by the fact they have a 6 players notepad for a 4 players game.
      @Twan not automatically. Unfortunately Kickstarter doesn't have any integrated system to do that, so we'll use a Pledge Manager where we'll transfer your Kickstarter credit, and you'll be able to tell us what you want to do with it exactly. This is where you'll say "the extra $12 I paid was for the 2 players add-on" by selecting the add-on in the list of products available (which will be everything available in this campaign).

    5. Twan

      just to be clear (because, I get confused easily) if we add $12 to our pledge, you'll add-on the 6-player expansion automatically?
      .. such would be the same if we added $5 to our pledge (the dry erase scoreboard)?

      Thanks in advance!

    6. Matthieu Pitre on

      Will a regular scorepad for 6 players come with the addon or will everyone who bougjt the addon pretty much need to spend more for the scoreboard?

    7. alingex on

      Great add-on, I'm in!
      Looking at the "New lab cards" stretch goal, what does "#1 PACK" mean? Is it a promo pack not included in the retail box? Also, there's an atomic symbol in the corner of the cards, do these have any special use?