pledged of $8,000 goal
11days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tue, July 31 2018 9:58 PM UTC +00:00.

pledged of $8,000 goal
11days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tue, July 31 2018 9:58 PM UTC +00:00.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nogard05 just now

      @Greg: I just added $12+$5 (Score pad) to my pledge. So I increased my pledge from $39 +$5 shipping to $39+$5+$12+$5 = $61. After the campaign is over, you will be able to specify what you want.

    2. Missing avatar

      Greg Barnard 13 minutes ago

      Where do i go to add the 2 player expansion to my deluxe pledge? I cant find it anywhere in my manage pledge bit

    3. Missing avatar

      Nogard05 14 minutes ago

      @Lucky Duck Games: I know structurally speaking, it's difficult to do the 2-player score pad. Anyhow, I like what the game has right now, and can't wait to have it!

    4. Missing avatar

      David Champagne about 1 hour ago

      Will both add-ons (score board and 2 players add-on) fit in the base game box? Sorry if the question has already been asked...

    5. Dr. BCool about 2 hours ago

      So happy about the dry erase board add-on option. Thank you! Just updated my pledge.

    6. Lucky Duck Games 6-time creator
      about 3 hours ago

      @Petr there's no notepad included in the Party add-on, so in your example you would only have the 4 players notepad from the Deluxe version.

    7. Petr Koky Stöckl about 3 hours ago

      Can I get 6 players scoring board (normal not dry-erase)when I pick Deluxe + Party Addon, or get just 4 players board sheet?

      Sorry for unclear question ;)

    8. Petr Koky Stöckl about 3 hours ago

      Cen I get 6 players scoring board (normal not dry-erase)when I pick Deluxe+Addon, or get just 4 players board sheet?

    9. Shadown71 about 3 hours ago

      Super un grand merci pour les réponses !

    10. Lucky Duck Games 6-time creator
      about 4 hours ago

      @Shadown71 non, désolé ! Les dimensions seront a priori 45cm x 68cm, mais on vous conseille d'attendre que l'on ait produit le jeu au cas où cela change légèrement.
      @Maximilian the dry-erase board that was already included in the Collector version is modified, from 4 to 6 players. So inside the Collector version there's 1x dry-erase board included, for 6 players.
      @Jeremy there's actually no sleeve on the Collector box, only on the Deluxe box!
      @Nogard05 making a dry-erase board or even a notepad with only 2 players is unpractical to use, especially with a lot of players like 6 or 8. We came up with what seems to us the best solution to accommodate all pledges and take into account the challenges of production.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nogard05 about 4 hours ago

      It may be too late to restructure things, but I want to reiterate what I mentioned before: Dry-eraser score pad for 2 players only may be a way to handle the add-on. Two of these will be included in the collector box. For deluxe or standard, people can buy 2 of them. Then for each 2-player add-on, people can just buy one 2-player score pad.

    12. Jeremy Berven
      about 4 hours ago

      @Maximilian they updated the Collectors Edition image on the campaign page to include the 6p dry erase board. It would be odd to provide the collectors edition a 6p game but not a 6p scoreboard.

    13. Jeremy Berven
      about 4 hours ago

      @JazzFlight the deluxe version comes with a box sleeve. The collectors edition comes with a big collectors box and a big collectors box sleeve.

    14. JazzFlight
      about 5 hours ago

      @Tim, I dunno about the math on that one. $39+$12+$5=$56 while the Collector's Edition is $69. It's a $13 difference for a box sleeve, mini, metal coin, bag and poster (I think that's all the items).

    15. Tim about 5 hours ago

      The deluxe with 6 player add on and dry erase upgrade is only $5 away from the collector edition pledge that includes all of these for free. Seems like a no brainer to upgrade my pledge.

    16. Maximilian Römer
      about 5 hours ago

      The first add-on (tiles) is included in the collectors edition. The second add-onn (board) is not. Right?

    17. Missing avatar

      Katie V about 6 hours ago

      @Lucky Duck Games awesome! I will be considering upgrading to the collectors edition now

    18. Shadown71 about 6 hours ago

      @Lucky Duck games. Merci pour la réponse. Vous allez proposer les sleeves compatible pendant la campagne?

    19. Daniel Sjöberg
      about 6 hours ago

      Love the eraser add-on.
      Im all in ;)

    20. Lucky Duck Games 6-time creator
      about 7 hours ago

      @Panos glad your kids are excited about this!
      @Kit the way we advise to set up is to remove "about half" or "about a quarter" of the tiles. So you just grab about what you need to remove, plus minus a few tiles is okay.
      @Jill you can indeed make a Group Pledge, and just add the amount of add-ons you want on top of it (i.e. 1 Zombie Tusnami, 2 Fruit Ninja and 2 +2 players expansion). Shipping will apply on Zombie Tsunami and Fruit Ninja in that case though.
      @Shadown71 les cartes feront 45cm x 68cm, ce qui est un peu plus grand que les cartes des Demeures de l'Epouvante.
      @PEter yes, you can add any add-on during the Pledge Manager
      @Eric at GenCon we will demo be only the standard version prototype.
      @Katie @Panos @Peter we just made an update for that!

    21. Missing avatar

      Mathis Baumert about 9 hours ago

      Go on manage pledge, stay on the same reward level but increase the current amount by $12 (i.e. $39 + shipping cost + $12). What you exactly want for the extra $12 will be sorted out after the campaign at pledge manager stage.

    22. Missing avatar

      Greg Barnard about 10 hours ago

      How do i add the +2 player pack ive backed the duluxe version before that part was unlocked

    23. Panos
      about 10 hours ago

      @Katie Good question +1.

    24. Missing avatar

      Katie V about 15 hours ago

      Just backed the deluxe edition and added the $12 for the party add-on. Will the dry erase board be included for backers who purchase the add on or will the score pad be updated to include 6 players?

    25. Eric Fersten
      about 17 hours ago

      At Gen Con, will the demo of Jetpack Joyride contain any of the expansions or will it be a standard version prototype copy?

    26. Peter Ornelas about 19 hours ago

      Can we add the extra 2 player add-on later when the manager opens?

    27. Shadown71 about 22 hours ago

      Bonjour. Est ce que les cartes sont du même format que les mini des demeures de l'epouvante?

    28. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek
      about 23 hours ago

      Hi, will there be an offer of the expansion for the group pledge? For example, 6x +2 expansion for $60?

    29. RAENTIK GAMES about 23 hours ago

      Backed another project and a latepledge, have to check my bankaccount :)

    30. Justin
      about 24 hours ago

      RAENTIK GAMES, you're joking right? How could you not based on the value alone? Do it!

    31. RAENTIK GAMES 1 day ago

      Great campaign, not sure if i should switch to collectors edition!?

    32. Justin
      1 day ago

      Blasting through goals mid campaign...I love it!!!

    33. Panos
      1 day ago

      Woohoo. New stretch goal.

    34. Tim 1 day ago

      Either leave all the cards in making 4 player games a bit easier or take out at the minimum 25 pentomino tiles and just leave the extra cards in since they really won’t affect the core gameplay.

    35. Kit Temple 1 day ago

      I hope you can think of some clever ways to make game set-up quick. 5 minutes of counting out piles of different pentomino shapes at the start of a game would be a bit annoying for those of us that add the party pack to our boxes.

    36. Panos
      1 day ago

      @Lucky duck I would just say my thanks because i have three kids and when i showed them this game AND that we alla can play as a family they got SOOO excuted. So thank you for that 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    37. Lucky Duck Games 6-time creator
      1 day ago

      @Sylvain - Oui !
      @Kit - Ahaha :D Well then it is definitely not for you :P It is about 12 tiles per players. So you play with all 50 tiles at 4, 25 tiles at 2, and 75 tiles at 6.

    38. Missing avatar

      DELVAL Sylvain 1 day ago

      will the game be fully translated into French (instructions and cards)

      Sylvain D
      Le jeu sera t'il entièrement traduit en français (notice et cartes)

      Sylvain D

    39. Kit Temple 1 day ago

      The Collectors got more competitive with the party pack thrown in there, but still means a miniature, token and poster that would go into the bin. About as useful as a 2 foot high giant plastic Cthulhu which no-one would ever want right...?

      I've added $12 to my Deluxe pack for the party add-on.

      Question: If the extra content went in for a 5/6 player game - what stuff would I need to remove for a 3/4 player game later? Eg. Whether the extra pentominos and cards would affect the game play/balance.

    40. Lucky Duck Games 6-time creator
      1 day ago

      @Ben sorry I misunderstood your question. We have a Stretch Goal for more Lab cards indeed!

    41. Lucky Duck Games 6-time creator
      1 day ago

      @Terry sorry!
      - yes, you can take the +2 player expansion add-on even though there's one in your Collector Version, no problem
      - we're checking if we can also make it an add-on!
      @fishcube yes, pretty hard and sturdy plastic. If you're concerned about fragility, as explained in a previous comment no need to worry: you can't break it unless you *really* want it.
      @Ryan that's a fair point! We're checking what we can do.
      @Franck we simply can't add it to the Deluxe version, it would affect the production costs and shipping costs too much. It also can't be at 5€, since you have 50% more content and that has a cost.
      @Ben we don't plan to add more Lab tiles as a Stretch Goal, there's already a lot of replayability with them.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ryan Warford 1 day ago

      @ Franck

      It is an add-on you can purchase. But they will have to re-think the score cards/dry erase board for 6 players.

    43. Ben Ruegg 1 day ago

      Any other stretch goals you have planned? I would love to see more lab tiles.

    44. Franck Champigny 1 day ago

      i m disappointed it s just the collector version who get the 2 players more expansion.
      It will be great the expension is give with the delux or maybe sell for the delux around 5€..

    45. Missing avatar

      Ryan Warford 1 day ago


      The dry erase should be increased to 6 players now that the +2 players has been unlocked. Those who have pledged the Collector edition which includes the +2 players, shouldn't have to buy an extra board or score sheets in order to play with the extra players that are now included in the collector edition.

    46. fishcube
      1 day ago

      Are the Pentomino tiles plastic?

    47. Dr. BCool 2 days ago

      @Terry, they said that they will most likely offer dry erase score sheets as an add on later but need to figure out shipping.

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