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$21,347 pledged of $10,500 goal
$21,347 pledged of $10,500 goal

Looking back, and onward


Dear backers,  

 Vincent here, CEO of Lucky Duck Games.  
We have heard many disappointed voices since we canceled this campaign. I decided to share with you, in a very transparent way, what brought us to this conclusion and what’s ahead. 

 First, I personally wanted to thank all of you for joining us on this campaign.
The entire team at Lucky Duck Games, along with 5 game designers, has worked extremely hard to bring 3 quality games to life based on the beloved Fruit Ninja license. Having to cancel it was as disheartening for us as it was for you. 

 Here is what happened: 

 The initial plan was to print all 3 games at once, deliver them to our backers, and release only one of them to retail. The other 2 games were going to be stored in warehouse, waiting for their release. 

 As the campaign showed an almost complete stop after few days, it became obvious that as much as we love this license, and so do you, producing 3 games at once was an overly ambitious project with unclear outcomes beyond Kickstarter.
We started to doubt that there would be enough interest in retail after the campaign. 

 As we asked people why they did not want to back the game, the answer became clear: the price. Many people loved the license, but $29 per game felt too high. 
We also met with distribution representatives who had the same feedback. 

 It became obvious that we had to try to reduce our price point for these games.
But, finishing this campaign at this price would have created a gap in price between retail and Kickstarter that would have been unfair to you. 

 To sum up:
  - Unclear market expectation beyond Kickstarter
  - Clear signal and request to reduce the price of the games 

 Now you also need to understand who is Lucky Duck Games.
We are a very small team of passionate people, working full time on our dream to transform mobile/pc games into board games. 

 We have been blessed to be able to work in this field thanks to the amazing Kickstarter community. 

 We owe you who we are and what we do. 
 We owe you to be careful, and deliver.
 We owe you to not go bankrupt on an extravagant dream.
 We owe you communication and transparency, which I hope to deliver with this update.   

The only reasonable outcome given who we are, and what we know, is to reduce the price, and release only one game for now. If demand is met, then we will proceed with the other games. 

 I hope this decision makes sense to you now, and that you will follow the development of this license with us. 

 I am forever grateful for your support.


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    1. Lucky Duck Games 5-time creator
      on November 13, 2017

      @Guillaume at this time, no.

    2. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Deligne
      on November 12, 2017

      Any idea of the time when you'll be able to launch the KS for that first game ?

    3. Lucky Duck Games 5-time creator
      on November 11, 2017

      @BGCrazy - To clarify, for now only one game will release.

    4. Missing avatar

      on November 11, 2017

      Ks 1 by 1 will result in higher shipping costs too...