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Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
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Noir Expansion [FR/EN] & Community Editor are incoming!

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)

Fellow Detectives,

Noir Expansion  [FR/EN] is incoming!

That's right! After months of testing and iterations, Noir will be made available in the application early next week! Most likely Tuesday. For now, only the English and French versions will be available as our publishing partners are still working on translating the expansion.

We will follow up next week with a calendar of translation for German, Italian & Spanish.

This expansion will arrive in retail by the end of February worldwide. We initially promised a 3 months gap between availability to backers and the retail release, but extra development and Q&A time have reduced this gap to only 1 month. You are still getting a serious head start on the rest of the world but still, our apologizies for not holding up to our original word on this detail.

Other scenarios & expansions

 * White Collar in Red: Translation is finishing this week and final Beta will take place next week.

 * Alice: Translation will start in 1 week, Beta to follow 1 week later.

 * Welcome To Redview: This one needed some rewriting after our initial Beta. We only want strong scenarios and have decided to take the time to bring this one from good to great. 

Community Editor is releasing on Wednesday 30th!

I come with some really good news on this front!

The application is almost ready! We have been shooting tutorial videos this week and expect to have everything ready to release on Wednesday 30th!

So next week should be a big week with Noir & Community Editor releasing!

We wish you an amazing end of week and will talk to you soon.

Until next time,


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    1. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Sean @Frank @Oachkatzl we'll share more details about it once we release it!
      @Daniel I've sent you a private message to solve this

    2. Oachkatzl on

      Nice. Can we freely use and play our selfmade crimes, so for example can i make a case for my girlfriend, who then plays it?

    3. Missing avatar

      Frank Ha on

      Thank you guys for the great update. I am really eager to see how the Noir expansion plays, compared to the base game. If the expansion is of the same quality, it will be a great experience!

      About the community editor. This is in my opinion one of the main reasons this game will last for a long time. I have a similar question as Sean before, in that I was wondering how we can share the scenarios. Do you plan to open your own forum where we can talk about the game and share play tests or do you want to use existing forums for that? It would be great to have a fixed destination where we can go to share our content.

      Keep up the great work

    4. Daniel Velázquez

      Just want to say that after months I still don’t have the game. It has been sent back due to errors on the address even though I’ve been clear to Quartermaster and no solution has been given to me, only empty apologies.

    5. Sean Ferguson on

      Thank you for clarifying that. I love the game by the way!

    6. The REAL Bill Richards

      Nothing but good news. Thanks guys, and gals

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Chenery on

      Really interested in the editor. Will these be able to be shared on BGG? How will they load into the app/account?

    8. Missing avatar


      I agree with Mike. You took time to make a great product and I don't need to have it a certain amount of time before everyone else. I'm just proud to have done my little part in making it happen.

      Also, it was great to see Lucky Duck represented at PAX South!

    9. Andrew Young

      I am SO ready for the editor! The scenarios thus far have been top notch. Great work!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike Mead on

      Backers got the game at a great discount. We also already have all of the physical pieces. I don’t think you need to artificially delay availability to non-backers. That had no bearing in my backing. I say let everyone game as soon as they are able.

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard Edwards on

      Excellent news! I'm looking forward to seeing how they play.

    12. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Sean - it's pure software. No physical changes. You will get the latest and best version, like everyone else, when we update the application with it.
      @Adam - this one will be for Q2 - 2019

    13. Missing avatar

      Liam Mulvey

      @sean I assume they're referring to the electronic portion? If not, then I want to know the same thing! 😂

    14. Missing avatar

      Adam French on

      What about vampire in the fog?

    15. Sean Ferguson on

      Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it sounds like you needed to rework Noir and Welcome to Redview to improve them after those were shipped to the backers that added those to their campaign pledge. What does that mean for those that already have those game like myself? How do we get the improved versions or are we just out of luck?

    16. Missing avatar

      Clement JACOB on

      Community Editor! This is so awesome. I was thinking about it. I did not know you were planning on that!