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Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
9,108 backers pledged $795,244 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping & Developement Update

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)

Dear Detectives,

Shipping Update

  • USA: 100% Completed - If you have not received your tracking and are based in the US, please make sure you filled up your Pledge Manager, and if not contact us by private message or at
    If some components appear to be missing or damaged, please fill up this form so we can send them to you as soon as the parts arrive in the US (expected to be in about a week):
  • CA: Games have arrived at the border in Buffalo for Snakes & Lattes to pick them up.
    We are being told that games will be shipped the last week of November and should all be sent within 2 days.

    Important Notice for Canadian Backers: We have been made aware that the game is now available at certain shops in Canada. You are unfortunately the only country where this has happened as we have always delivered games to backers prior to their presence in retail. We are obviously not happy with this situation and sincerely apologize about it. The main factor for this situation is that the US retail release of the game happened this week and Canadian distributors/retailers often buy games from other US distributors directly, creating an environment harder for us to control.

    On behalf of the whole Lucky Duck Games team, we sincerely apologize about this. We are working hard to make sure your game is sent to you as soon as possible.

Development Update

The 4 episodes of both expansions have officially been submitted by their authors! They are now at different stage of debugging and testing. Beta starts today for part of these episodes and we are still on track to deliver them late December.

Convention presence

We are this week at BGG.CON and will also be present at PAX Unplugged later this month! Come to say hi to Anthony and our team!

Until next time,

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Nordstrom on

      I see that there are mixed results in Canadians receiving their games, but no response as to why. This is very disappointing. I live in Alberta and still do not have my copy or any way to track it. I am disappointed that there have not been updates or explanations for almost two months now on what is going on for many Canadian backers. Does anyone have any insight they can share on this?

    2. Missing avatar

      Darryl Pettit on

      Is anyone having problems with the Apps scanning tool? I have a Galaxy Tab A and every time I try to scan a card it will not scan it......and looks a little out of focus (perhaps that's why) Android phone work fine but not the Tab A.....yet when I go to the Camera on the Tab A I get a sharp close up shot of the Qbar?.....

    3. Missing avatar

      Francois de Bellefeuille on

      From Gatineau (Ottawa region), No game and no tracking number either.

    4. NDGRaven on

      From Montreal here. No game and no tracking number either. Gonna be a sad Christmas :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim Tompkins on

      I would very much appreciate some information regarding the status of my pledge order. While others in Western Canada seem to have received their copy, I have not. Nor have I recived any notification of shipping. Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Minchin on

      @Joe Kerkhoff @CanadianBackers @Fullfillment
      I'm a resident of BC here in Canada, and I just received my copy this morning.

      I have to say, I'm glad that I received the product within the expected Kickstarter estimate (that alone is impressive); however, there is still the bad taste about Lucky Duck that Canada suffered so much on delivery, and that local stores have been carrying the game for nearly a month now, and slightly less expensive than the kickstarter (which Lucky Duck has zero control over).

      Quote: "We always do our best to deliver as fast as possible. But this is not our top priority. This is only second to what we consider to be the most important: quality."

      Thank you kindly for responding to us all individually on our concerns, and thank you kindly for making a serious effort at ensuring a quality product (only one of my character boards is banged up/crushed corner, and I doubt that will affect gameplay). Knowing your production is in Poland, I can understand why European customers receive the product first, but what we are complaining about is not about delays (there are none) nor about that we appear to be the last country to receive the game, but that the game is being sold retail both in our country and otherwise before we received our copies by post (this has never happened to me before with a kickstarter, unless you count event sales like Gencon, etc). Please understand that is a valid concern.

      Looking forward to trying out the game with some friends soon, and I hope my fellow Canadians get theirs soon as well. Good luck all of you. And I received my E-mail from S&L about 8 days ago (just to help the rest of you track their progress).

    7. Sandra Spahr on

      Where is the pledge master, I can’t find it anymore

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ledgerwood

      I've just received my copy of Chonicles of Crime, but I'm missing all the character boards of the Welcome to Redview expansion except Victoria.

    9. Joe Kerkhoff on

      @Jim Tompkins BC here and as far as I can tell, nobody in Western Canada has received a shipping notice yet from S&L. It seems Eastern Canada is receiving them at the end of last week so I am really hoping we get our notice in the next few days. LDG figured it would take them a couple of days to get the orders out once they received them (and clearly they have them).

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Tompkins on

      As I was not logged in for my comment. here is my question again: As of Dec. 1 I have not received any word for Snakes and Lattes (Canada) that my game has shipped. It is in stores here in Alberta. Any word on when it will go out to backers in Alberta?

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve Valla on

      As another of your unhappy Canadian customers, can you tell me more about this money back guarantee that you are offering. Seeing the game is about $30 cheaper at my FLGS that what I paid through the kickstarter, and I can pick it up now.

    12. Trenton Jaymes

      I rechecked all my email folders and haven't received a tracking number either.

    13. Greg Krywusha

      @LuckyDuckGames Due to a death in the family, I completely forgot to finalize my Game Found. I just did so and send you a private message. Thanks.

    14. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Kenneth we produce in Poland, there's absolutely no way we could deliver in 2 months in Canada: shipping to there alone takes that long.
      We always do our best to deliver as fast as possible. But this is not our top priority. This is only second to what we consider to be the most important: quality. We make sure to take the time to polish our game, both in terms of balance and, in case of Chronicles of Crime, of debugging as well. It that means taking an extra month to deliver it, then so be it.
      We still finished the production almost 3 months in advance compared to what was announced on the page, and started fulfillment 2 months earlier than first planned and announced. Finding a boat for the US was our first priority, to get these games going, considering they had to spend a month at sea. Unfortunately there was no boat available at that moment and we had to wait 2 weeks for the containers to depart. This is where most of the delay happened.
      As far as what we learned, I'm not sure I can add anything to what I already told Dustin. There's things we can do to prevent it from happening again, but it's always after the facts.

      @Michael yes it's still possible if you live in Canada, I sent you a private message.

      @Wayne US is indeed done 100%, now some problems can ocurr sometimes when there's that many packages to prepare in such a short time. Apparently the issue is that the label was created before the package was ready, which is not the normal flow. No worries, we'll fix your order quickly!

      @Timothy I sent you a private message.

      @Kristen I'm not sure to understand. Do you mean we should have hold on ALL the games, including in Europe, for 2 months, just to synchronize delivery worldwide? This is just not possible. Just like when a game is produced in the US, US backers have it first, when it's produced in the EU, EU backers have it first. We do our best to lower the waiting time in between, but there's hard time we can't reduce, such as the boat traveling through the ocean to bring you the games.

    15. Kristen MacLean

      Very disappointed with the update. Why do European board game retailers think it's fair to have Canadian release dates far behind our neighbors to the south and Europe?

    16. Missing avatar

      Timothy W. Aikens on

      US Backer that still does not have my tracking number. Checked my spam folder, please contact me.

    17. Missing avatar

      Wayne Shepherd on

      US has not been 100% shipped. I am being told by FedEx that even though I have a tracking #, they have yet to get the package to ship, so how is that 100%. I received the tracking # on the 5th of November, but since then, I have only received one message from Lucky Duck, and that was they requested info and would let me know more.

      How can you be stating that you have shipped 100% and yet there are those that do not have it yet?

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Ouellet on

      Is it possible to change my shipping adress ?

    19. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Minchin on

      As one of the Canadian backers, I'd like to express my sincere disappointment with the delays. I always expect kickstarter projects to arrive 2-5mo after we back them; however, this is the fourth pledge from a European backer that has had excessive delays arriving in North America and the first that is arriving after I could buy it off the shelf in my local games store.

      Is there anything that Lucky Duck learned to prevent this from happening in the future, or is there a way you can potentially improve your distribution to Canada that will avoid us suffering through this again if we support any further lucky duck products?

      Thank you kindly for listening to those like @Dustin and myself endured this, and responding to us politely. I do appreciate the apology, offered, but it's still disappointing that I'll be waiting just more than an extra month after I could buy it off the shelves with, as @Dustin said, very little that warrants having helped by backing the kickstarter campaign.

    20. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Alex I sent you a private message

    21. Alex Donati

      I’m a European backer and stil nothing 😖

    22. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Dustin thank you!

    23. Missing avatar

      Dustin Stirling on

      Thanks for the quick reply and for the explanation from your end.
      That all makes sense and I am glad to know you are at least looking into it when it comes up.
      Again I give props for how you are handling these "complaints"; the quick responses and with actual feedback from your end goes a looooong way and is appreciated!

    24. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Dustin we can't have 100% control over the price at which the game is sold in Retail. We can decide to blacklist retailers (and the distributors who supplied them) who do big discounts on a game that's brand new to try to beat the competition, but ultimately, if they bought the game they own it. And there's no law that prevents them to sell it for $1 if they wanted to. We don't "allow" them to sell it that cheap, we just can't show up in their store and force them at gunpoint to set a specific price. More: we usually find out about it after the fact, and since people bought it for that price (very honestly, not necessarily knowing about this KS and everything), it's complicated to punish them for it.

      We've found one online shop that sells the game much lower than expected. If you find some, please don't hesitate to give us a link in private or email so we can check and contact them.

      Again, we really apologize for this issue that we just can't control 100%, even though we wish we could. We wish we could have prevented this and made absolutely sure no game was sold in Canada before the backers were fulfilled. We back many games on Kickstarter too, we are gamers too, and we know perfectly what you mean and how you feel.

      @Justin just like for EU, US fulfillment being over we are getting a LOT of requests, and we are working our way through them. Very sorry for the delay, we'll get this solved ASAP!

    25. Justin

      Still waiting for a decision on my scratched up and crushed VR module.

      "I have reached out to Lucky Duck games regarding this issue, and will get back to you once I have more information on how they would like to proceed."

    26. Missing avatar

      Dustin Stirling on

      Sigh... another Kickstarter that is going to be in retail before all the backers get it AND for cheaper. It is getting rather annoying that this is becoming a common trend (especially for us Canadian backers)

      I find it a bit funny the argument of "$25 worth of free scenarios" ... its not really free if we are paying quite a bit more than retail... meaning that these items are built into the backer price; but they are (hopefully) exclusive goodies that we wouldn't otherwise have access to.

      I know that this isn't a "pre-order" or anything and the arguments that our funds are helping bring to light the project and we are supporting the creator and all that jazz are all valid... but I still cant get over the fact that creators allow retailers to sell this for less than what we are paying as backers.
      Wouldn't creators want to make more money off the people that didn't support them/back the project? (and if retailers are taking a loss on it then fine, that's obviously out of the creators control)

      The getting it before retail part sucks, but I can understand shipping and customs and the hurdles that come with all of those things play a huge role... all factors that are mostly out of control of the creator.

      But, my stance has always been I would like 2 of 3 things from these kickstarters:
      1) Getting the game before retail
      2) Getting it for less than it would to buy from retail
      3) Getting more goodies/exclusives for backing that aren't available in retail.
      If a project can get 2 of those 3 things then I see that as a huge win for the backer and see the value from my end as a backer for my "investment".

      All and all I am glad that Lucky Duck came out and mentioned the issues and was upfront about it in this update rather than it happening and pretending they didn't notice. So I will give them major props and respect for that... I just hope that this trend doesn't keep continuing down the road.

    27. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Akira you can use this form: Thank you!

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian Gaboury

      Hi. I live in Canada and am very happy to have backed Chronicles of Crime. I, for one, am not bothered by the fact that it is already in stores up here. Would I have liked to have received my copy already? Of course! But it will be here soon enough and I dare say my enjoyment will not be diminished by the wait. Thank you Lucky Duck Games!

    29. Akira Tabuchi Yagui on

      Hi, I have found some translations errors in the spanish version. Where should I submit them?

    30. Fat Artie, ward of The Awful Orphanage

      @ Lucky Duck Games - We got the game a week ago and I have to say this is soooooooo much better than I had expected!!! It's been a while since a KS has exceeded my expectations. Thanks!

    31. Missing avatar

      Shawna LaDelpha

      Canada post is on strike anyways haha

    32. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Jonathan - Do not forget that you are getting $25 CAD worth of free scenarios with your pledge as well as a KS Exclusive version with goodies. The value of your pledge is way superior vs the retail one. Just a bit more patience for your game to arrive at your place.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ouellet on

      True. As a Canadian backer, I'm not too happy to have to wait when I could have bought the game probably a month before I will receive it. And for a cheaper price tag.