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Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
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US/CA Shipping Progress, Translation & Next Project!

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)

Dear Detectives,

US/CA Shipping Update

  • USA: So it's official, 1500 games left QML yesterday and they expect to be done sending the remaining 900 by Wednesday the latest! We are grateful for Quatermaster Logistic quick turn around on our container reception straight to shipping!
  • Canada: your games are officially on a truck towards the border!
    We are waiting for an official schedule from Snakes & Lattes. We hope they will be as fast as QML.


  • Italian: your language is officially released! Make sure to scan your KS promo qr code to unlock it. 
  • Spanish: Last Level Distribution just wrote to us that the official release is now 9th of November! Just few days away.

Our latest project: Mutants

We know our latest project is pretty far from any story-driven investigation, but it is nonetheless the fruit of over 1.5 years of work from 2 talented Canadian authors: Sen-Foong Lim & Jessey Wright. 

Mutants is a deck-building game with some very innovative elements, including a fully asymmetrical market of cards, a clever combo system based on delayed effects and a very tight hand management. 


The game plays 1 to 4 players and is in French and English!

You can learn more about the game here!

Until next time,

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    1. James McClure on

      Haven’t received any tracking info

    2. Missing avatar

      Sue on

      I have not received my game and when I try to email info @luckyduckgames it gets kicked back can someone help....

    3. Kristen MacLean

      Snakes and Lattes has been sending out messages for other kickstarters telling me that there's a 5-10 business day wait on it being sent out. I still have not received an email about chronicles of crime.

      Its not fair to expect kickstarter backers to pay a premium price and receive the games after people who just buy at their FLGS.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sorin Julman on

      Available at 401 Games. Isn't usually the commitment from producers to backers for the product to be delivered prior to being available for public purchase?

    5. Missing avatar

      Angelica Lazary

      Does S&L fulfill retailer copies or regular distribution? It’s for sale online at a CAN retailer now. Just curious....

    6. Missing avatar

      Chad McCallum on

      Just got an email from my FLGS here in Canada that they'll be selling the games on Thursday; any update on Canadian shipping?

    7. Kristen MacLean

      Snakes and Lattes sent me an email from another kickstarter stating it won't ship for another 5-10 business days. This is in line with previous games i've received from them.

      It won't be quick.

    8. MaxD86 on

      I went to a store in Canada 15 minutes from my house and they had the game on their shelves, is it just me that missed something or I should have bought straight from a store since they get it first??

    9. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Carolyn we're wrapping up the last late emails we have, if you haven't got an answer yet, you will by the end of the day!
      @Najve thank you!
      @Daboninable we're in contact in private already
      @Tee I answered your email today

    10. Tee Wee Tynn (Jason)

      any update for Asia shipping starting??????

    11. Dabominable on

      Hi, I'm in Spain (Barcelona) and received an email with the tracking info but I think there is a problem with my shipment. I have not received anything in the address of my home. I have not received any notification about the shipment either. What is the problem?

    12. Najve on

      The game is fantastic... i have done three missions... wow! the stories are very exciting

    13. Carolyn Smith on

      I've emailed asking how to change my address and haven't gotten a response. How can I get my game?

    14. Hackareatech

      links on mobile devices always go to the original campaign (the of the update is for), regardless of where it is supposed to go. It's a KS mobile thing and they have never fixed it. Follow the link on a computer (or browser) and it will go where it is supposed to.

    15. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Alex - it is inside the base game.
      @Paul - best is to contact us at
      @Darryl -

    16. Alex Donati

      Where I can find the QR code to download italian language?

    17. Missing avatar

      Paul jackson on

      I changed my address about a month ago and got the confirmation that it shipped. Unfortunately it is my old address. What can I do now?

    18. Missing avatar

      Darryl Pettit on

      The like to the new game info leads you to CofC campaign page with no further info on the new game?

    19. Dondon

      Last Level is not gaining a great reputation for what I see on some spanish forums. I just hope the translation is good, don't mind that much about it being late.