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Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
9,108 backers pledged $795,244 to help bring this project to life.

A little surprise + Shipping & Translation Update!

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)

Fellow Detectives,

Shipping Update 

  • DE & ES: Over 1000 packages have shipped last week and only 287 packages remain to be sent from HappyShop. Many left last week and shipping will conclude this week. 
  • IT: Games arrived last week at Uplay and they promised to fullfill the games shortly after. Important: the IT translation will only be ready at the end of the month! 
  • US/CA: Your games are still sailing to Florida! 

Translation Progress

  • DE: Most cases are ready and already available. Missing: Power Behind 2 & 3. *
  • IT: ETA - October 30th 
  • NL: ETA - October 16th (Tomorrow!)
  • ES: ETA - October 30th 
  • PL: ETA - October 30th 
  • RU & KR: No date provided by our partners yet.

A little surprise in Welcome to Redview!

We announced that Welcome to Redview would come with only one die. But thanks to this campaign we have managed to include not one but 4 dice in your boxes. After many play-tests we thought these extra dice help play faster and we wanted to spoil you where ever we could 🙂

BGG Rating

We are super grateful for the 300+ backers who have already rated the game. Your rating helps provide visibilty to the game and support our retail sales! <3

If you enjoyed the game and wish to support us, you can rate the game here on BGG

Thank you so much!

Until next time,

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    1. Tee Wee Tynn (Jason)

      I have reply the message please check the latest

    2. Missing avatar

      blapo on

      Hi ,

      yesterday I started playing the game and I realized the Location A is missing, is turns out that I have double location F. So I couldn´t play scenario 1, is it possible to get this location somehow?


    3. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Scott the games need to pass US customs, be transferred to our US partner, who then need to truck the games to the Canadian border where they will pass CA customs before being given to our CA partner for fulfillment. We estimate about 3-4 weeks for all this process!
      @Aoshi what do you mean exactly?
      @Jason I answered your private message
      @Rui we've answered your email with your tracking link
      @Adam the boat has arrived, now we are waiting to pass customs!
      @Stacey it will ship from Orlando, but sometimes FedEx first bundles up orders in one of their hub, so your game may even leave the State before coming back. But it shouldn't be much longer!

    4. Missing avatar

      Stacey Kroto on

      I live in Florida, so hopefully once this boat arrives I can get my game with a quickness. Can't wait to play!

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam French on

      Are we still waiting for the boat to arrive in Florida? Awhile ago, it was estimated it would reach on the 23rd...

    6. Missing avatar

      Rui Wong on

      Hi Lucky Duck Games. I sent you an email to yesterday to know the status of my package but I didn't receive any update. I either recieve any notification from happyshops and I don't know how to track it or knowing something about it. Could you help me on that please?

    7. Tee Wee Tynn (Jason)

      I does not receive anything even I'm a retailer

    8. Missing avatar

      Rocio Molina on

      My game has still not arrived and I received shipping notification on the 5th October. Others in Spain seems to have received theirs last week. How long is the shipping to Spain?

    9. Aoshi on

      What QR card?

    10. Missing avatar

      Scott Hebert on

      Do you happen to know the anticipated date of delivery for Canadian backers? I was following the boat tracking which seems to have completed and now I am in the dark about when I can get my hands on this game!

      Can't wait to play!

    11. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Neil - Contact us at - we can track your package.
      @Andrew - Did you receive a tracking?
      @Aoshi - Simply scan the QR Code and Dutch will be unlocked.

    12. Neil Morgan

      No game in the Uk, no notification of shipping no nothing. Beginning to think I am not going to get this.

    13. Andrew C on

      My game has still not arrived and I received shipping notification on the 5th October. Others in Australia seems to have received theirs last week. How long is the shipping to Australia?

    14. Aoshi on

      Hmmm I don’t see dutch on the app, while my app is Up-to-date

    15. Álvaro Couto on

      OK, nevermind... It suddenly shipped yesterday, and I got it today. Awesome! Thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Boris on

      I am still waiting in Germany. Hope to get a tracking message soon.

    17. Missing avatar

      Benedetto Adorno on

      @feralway: got my mail by SDA yesterday, the game should arrive today. Italy. November is just for the app localization :)

    18. Renato Bruno on

      Received today in Perth Western Australia. Looks great!

    19. Emil Juul Jacobsen on

      Hi LDG, please check the PMs here on Kickstarter. I have sent a message regarding my shipping :)

    20. Span Mike on

      Noté à l instant sur BBG longue vie à se super jeu

    21. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer

      I paid $657 just for expedited shipping and I don't even have my game yet. I paid for drone delivery... Are you guys able to check on this please. Thanks.

      I am willing to pay more money to have it delivered by someone from your staff personally... I can pay for the round trip super jet costs if it is possible!?!?

    22. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @feralway - do not worry. We have called UPlay since, and made sure they would ship your game ASAP.
      @ijonesfr - cela fait partie de la difficulté du jeu !
      @Alvaro - Give it some time!

    23. Álvaro Couto on

      Hi, I'm in Spain, and received an email from Happyshops with the tracking info... But the DHL tracking says it's been in Germany since Thursday Oct 11th, without any updates. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there some kind of problem? Can you guys check with Happyshops/DHL and see what the issue is?

    24. ijonesfr on

      J’ai commencé en famille la campagne avec 2 scenarios progressif, c’est énorme !!!!!! Grand bravo !!!!! Le 2ème scénario est juste sublime d’intelligence, on va faire le 2ème!

      Petite suggestion : il est parfois difficile de répondre aux question alors que l’on a tout. Cela est dut au fait qu’il est délicate de savoir quoi scanner pour répondre. Par exemple pour le mobil on ne savait pas quoi scanner : le petit garçon ou les documents trouvés. C’est e seul point dommage :(

    25. feralway on

      Good evening. I am a backer of Chronicles of Crimes and Im very disappointed of the shipping management by uplay.
      You told us they have already got the games but in a fb poat without even giving infos via email to the italian backers they said they will ship after the beginning of november. This is a big delay since all of the other backers from other cpuntries still have the game. Uplay already have them so why are we supposed to wait another month or so? Very disappointed by their management of the shipping section of this campaign.