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Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
9,108 backers pledged $795,244 to help bring this project to life.

Everything you want to know about scenarios

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)
Greetings Investigators!

Many of you are asking questions about the scenarios, so we decided to lay down everything in this update.

Base game - scenarios by default

These are the scenarios available directly with the box. We are talking about the following:

  • Tutorial: available now
  • Power Behind - Part 1: available now
  • Power Behind - Part 2: available now
  • Power Behind - Part 3: available now
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorns: available now
  • Curse of the Pharaoh: available now

Base game - Kickstarter scenarios you can unlock for free instead of buying them

These scenarios have a Cart symbol next to them, and if you click on them you can see a button with either "Buy" or the price (whether you see the price or not depends if the app had time to get the price from our server or not), as shown below:

Since you backed this campaign, you will receive 4 of these scenarios for free. However, all 4 are not yet in the app! See their availability here:

  • Devil's Kitchen: available now
  • The White Collar in Red: not yet available (December 2018 / January 2019)
  • Vampire in the Fog: not yet available (December 2018 / January 2019)
  • Alice (Community Driven Scenario): not yet available (December 2018 / January 2019)

As soon as we will add the missing ones to the app, they will already be automatically unlocked for you if you scanned the QR Code to unlock them. The app remembers if you scanned your QR Code or not.

VR Module

  • Secret Report: available now

Noir and Welcome to Redview expansions

These scenarios aren't ready yet. They will be added to the app by December 2018. You will not need to unlock them, they will be immediately available as they are included by default with their respective box.
Even if you did not buy these expansions, you will see them in the app, and they won't be locked. However, you are missing the physical components required to play them. These expansion boxes will be available to buy in your FLGS in January 2019.

Wait, how to unlock scenarios again?

You should find the following leaflet in your base box:

If you backed a Deluxe or Ultimate Set, then you received the VR Module tuck box, in which you can find this leaflet:

To unlock, start the app, go in "Options" and then in "Unlock":

You need to be logged in to unlock the scenarios, so that the app can remember you unlocked them. Choose either Google, Facebook or Email.

I tried to scan my VR Module QR Code, but it said it was already used by someone else

We have found an issue with some of these codes, sorry for that! It's been fixed, you can now scan it again and it will work.

I still see only the tutorial and 1 scenario

That's because you are on iOS, and we are still waiting for Apple to accept our update. This is out of our hands, we can't do anything else but wait. Hopefully it shouldn't take more than a day or two!

I don't see my language (German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Russian or Korean) in the app

We made a previous update about this, you can find it here:

Even if your language isn't ready, you can play the game!

Until next time,
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    1. Missing avatar


      Hi, I got my game I don't remember seeing the leaflet you mentioned above. Perhaps I threw it away by mistake with packaging and other stuff. Can it be emailed to me (to my KS email)? Thanks

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam French on

      Yay, got my game today. I excitedly looked through everything and played the tutorial and some of the 1st scenario. It all worked great.

    3. Wesley Austin Kinslow

      Everything went smoothly with my copy regarding QR codes. Thanks!

    4. Fabri Cinzia on

      Hi, I still can' t unlock the Secret Report and Devil's Kitchen. It asks me to buy it, and even if I press, it asks my credit card info.

    5. Alexandre Goh

      I just received update from DHL, item delivered to my apartment. Can't wait to go back and try it out! ^^

    6. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Trevor I believe I answered you somewhere, but no idea where :D Please send a private message or an email at if you still need help.

    7. Justin

      iOS update was available to me this morning.

    8. Trevor CORBION on

      @Lucky Duck Games. My Kickstarter Premium épisodes QR doesn’t work.

    9. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @JMC I just sent you a private message to fix this

    10. JMC on

      I tried to scan my Kickstarter QR code and it says it's been redeemed already? I've tried several times and it still doesn't work.

    11. Erwin || Redlum

      Ok, so I tried deleting the app from my phone. I installed it again and that worked. Looking forward to play :)

    12. Erwin || Redlum


      Your saying the iOS update is available. But I am not seeing it and my app isn’t updated. I tried restarting but it is still just the tutorial and nothing more. Also no unlock option in the options screen.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Goudin on

      it took several restart of the application but it's good now

    14. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Justin to complete my answer: buying and unlocking are different things. Buying is attached to your Play Store or iTunes account. Unlocking with a QR code is attached to the account you chose between Google, Facebook or Email. If you log out of that account, the scenario you unlocked with a QR code will be locked again (until you login back), while the scenarios you bought will remain unlocked. In the future we plan to synchronize the scenarios bought with the Google/Facebook/Email account you created.

    15. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Dripta iOS wasn't updated yet, we were waiting for Apple to accept the new version. It's now done, you can update the app!
      @Adam Apple finally approved it, you can download it!
      @Vuk which scenarios do you refer to? Clicking "download" should just download them, and show you a progress bar. Are you sure you have a stable Internet connexion?
      @Justin no, you can connect Chronicles of Crime app with either your Google, Facebook accounts, or create one with an email address.
      Yes, once you've scanned them you can throw them away. Yes, there is a Restore Purchases button, you can see it now that iOS has the update :)
      @Jimmy can you try restarting the app?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Goudin on

      I scanned my 2 QRcodes (VR scenario and kickstarter scenario) but they always appeared paying in the list of scenarios. I am well connected with an account. If I try to scan them again It say they are well added to my account

      How can i have these scenarios ?

    17. Justin

      When you say associated with an account you mean the iTunes account that “bought” the IAP right?

      So once we scan the QR codes are we free to ditch those papers? In the future if need be there’s a “Restore Purchases” option?

    18. Missing avatar

      Vuk Milanovic

      I see that everything is available now in the app, I have not received the game box yet, but in the app I see I can hit Play and Download on some scenarios. When I hit Download nothing happens. Am I supposed to "Download" the scenarios via QR code in the game box or is clicking the Download button supposed to do something?

    19. Adam Hart

      I haven’t noticed an app update on iTunes, is it going to take a few days longer than android users?

    20. Dripta Roy on

      Can you cofirm the latest build works properly on the iphone X. Having issues after clicking on the options tab. Its missing a lot of tabs like Unlock etc. to select on that screen. Thanks

    21. Allan Hansen on

      We just played Power Behind - Part 1, and we where literal on the edge of our seats! So far the experience have been awesome. Looking forward to playing part two.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      How high can the KS communication bar go , normally pretty low!!

    23. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Anders - Yes. When you use your codes, they are associated with an account. Login with that account in the other device and your scenarios will show up.

    24. Krisspics on

      J'ai déjà fait 3 scénarii et je suis accro.
      Le problème... Il va vite me falloir d'autres scénario.
      Une idée de combien de nouveau scénario par moi/année seront dispo via l'app.

      Y'aura t'il un second kick pour d'autre extensions ?

    25. Rico S Mario Melchert on

      Great update. As usual.
      So satisfied with this Kickstarter. So much info.
      Good luck with the rest of the scenarios.

    26. Anders H. Pedersen

      Can the expansions be unlocked to several devices?
      My current phone does not have a gyroscope. So I might play some games solo on my ipad while having to use a friend’s phone when playing in a group.
      Is that possible?

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam French on

      Still waiting to receive :-( With all these updates - I would like to get my game now. Thanks. Can't wait.