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Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
Cooperative Game of Crime Investigation mixing Board Game and Virtual Reality!
9,108 backers pledged $795,244 to help bring this project to life.

FAQ: all your questions answered!

Posted by Lucky Duck Games (Creator)
Greetings Investigators!

As fulfillment is well underway, we are receiving a lot of questions from you, and we thought we'd answer them neatly in an update. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us directly!

I just received the game, but I see only 1 scenario and the tutorial

That's because the physical components are ready before the app is :) We're JUST about done with it, here's a quick status:

  • Android: we're sending the version to Google today, so you should be able to update by tomorrow
  • iOS: Apple has more conditions to accept an app than Google, and have asked us to make modifications and correct some issues they found. We're used to this process, but we didn't expect all of what they asked, because of the fact this is not a video game (just a support to a physical game) and therefore doesn't answer to the same App Store rules. We're sending a new version today with our latest fixes and we're confident it will be accepted. However iOS review currently takes 3 days on average. That should still allow us to be on time for the official release on the 4th! We'll let you know if there are delays.

The QR code in the main box / the tuck box doesn't work

That's because the scenarios they unlock were not added to the app yet, so the app doesn't recognize what you're trying to do :D Once it's updated with all the scenarios, your codes will work.

I asked to get the game in German/Spanish/Italian, yet the VR-Module is marked as English

This item is actually language independent. The VR Module is a small tuck box with 3 things inside:

  • the VR Glasses
  • 1 flyer with the QR Code to unlock the exclusive scenario going with that VR Module, which you can then play in the language you want
  • 1 flyer explaining how to use the VR Glasses

The first flyer is in English only, the second has many languages on it, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. The back of the tuck box is also translated in all these languages. The reason why HappyShops called it "engl." is because the front of the tuck box is in English, and they also received German versions of that tuck box for Retail (HappyShops is the logistics arm of Corax Games, a German distributor), and they needed to differentiate them in their name.

We send the same version of that tuck box to all backers, the "English" ("multilanguage" would be more exact) version. No worries though, you will still play entirely in your local language!

I'm missing an item or I received an extra item instead of another one!

That's unfortunate, sorry it happened to you. This kind of error happens during a campaign, someone at the fulfillment center just picked the wrong game or misread the label. Considering the amount of work they put up to deliver your game as soon as possible, this happens sometimes. All our partners acknowledge this and quickly fix the issue for us.

Please fill up this form to tell us what's wrong, and we'll let the corresponding partner know so they can quickly fix the issue for you:

This form will take you just a few minutes and was made as clear and short as possible. We appreciate you take the time to fill it up, this will help us tremendously in our process!

If you received an item instead of another one, depending on the partner, you may also receive an additional shipping label. Please ship us back the extra item you received (free of charge, that's why you receive a label). If you did not receive a label, then our partner doesn't handle the returns for us. Thank you!

J'ai reçu un email de suivi de Meeple Logistics vendredi, mais le colis ne semble pas bouger // I received a tracking email from Meeple Logistics on Friday, but the package doesn't seem to move

Vendredi, Meeple Logistics a signalé avoir préparé 1357 colis en un seul jour. C'est tout simplement énorme, et ils doivent les mettre sur des palettes. Considérant le nombre de colis préparés et le fait que le week-end a suivi, nous estimons que Colissimo n'a pas encore eu le temps de tout gérer. Si votre suivi ne se débloque pas d'ici 24h, n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un email à et on verra ce qu'il en est.

Friday, Meeple Logistics reported having prepared 1357 packages in one single day. That's just massive, and they have to stack them on pallets. Considering the amount of packages prepared and the fact it was followed by the weekend, we think Colissimo simply didn't have time to take care of it all. If your tracking doesn't move within the next 24h, please don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll check what's going on.

What about US/CA games?

Your games are currently waiting in Bremen, Germany, for the second boat to arrive and pick up the 2 containers. The Safmarine Nomazwe is currently in transit to Belgium, and is due to leave on the 4th with your games! You can follow it live here:

Then it is due to arrive in Jacksonville, US, on the 23rd. From there, we estimate the containers will need about a week to pass customs and arrive to Quartermaster Logistics' brand new warehouse. That's where QML will first focus on preparing the forwarding of games to Snakes&Lattes in Canada, and then take care of their own US fulfillment :)

I'm missing something in my box!

Some of you already reported missing a location and having twice another one for instance. We're really sorry about that, unfortunately this is just impossible to avoid such issue when we're talking about assembling thousands of games together.

For now, we are still working with the factory to get the last games out (for our distribution partners). Once this is out of the way, we'll be able to ask the factory to give us a full account of what's left from the production, and prepare our Spare Parts Program.

However, this is likely to take at the very least a week or a week and a half. The issue is, a missing component is much more impacting in Chronicles of Crime than any other game, because it could potentially prevent you from playing the game at all! For that reason, until we can actually send you the missing part you need, we invite you to print whatever you need from this PDF version of the game: open the PDF here.

This is obviously a temporary solution. To let us know what we should send you that you are missing, please fill up this form:

This form will take you just a few minutes and was made as clear and short as possible. We appreciate you take the time to fill it up, this will help us tremendously in our process!

Wait, you are shipping? But I never received the Pledge Manager!

We sent several invitations a while ago, but there were issues and we know for some people it went to their Spams. For that reason, we also sent updates on Kickstarter and reminders directly from our mailing system. Put simply: sorry you didn't get anything, but we really tried :(

If you didn't get any of this, it's not too late. However, our partners plan their fulfillment ahead of time and they have other campaigns to fulfill after ours. For that reason, we need to wait for them to complete the fulfillment of Chronicles of Crime, and add your order then. That means from a couple days to a couple weeks delay at most.

We've re-opened the Pledge Manager to collect the late orders. Meanwhile, GameFound has updated their system, and there's now a single link where to manage all the projects.

  • If you already activated your account in GameFound in the past, sign in here:
  • If you did not already activated your account, please contact us in private or by email at so we can help you getting you started

I didn't even get any email about shipping!

  • You are in the US or CA: that's normal, your game is still at sea! Please check above in this update for more details
  • You are in Poland: fulfillment hasn't started yet (due this week), so it's normal
  • You are in Italy: fulfillment also haven't started yet, so it's also normal
  • Vous êtes en France, Belgique, Luxembourg ou Suisse : 99.99% des backers devraient avoir reçu l'email. Si vous ne l'avez pas reçu, merci de nous envoyer un message privé ou un email à pour qu'on vous le donne
  • You are in France, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland: 99.99% of backers should have received the email. If you didn't, please send us a private message or an email at so we can get you the tracking link
  • You are anywhere else: HappyShops has now imported all the orders in their system. If you did not receive an email asking you if your address was correct, then please contact us in private or at so we can check if your email just got lost or if there's an issue with your order. If you received this email but no shipping email, you're probably part of the 1317 orders left to HappyShops to send!

Where is the "Large VR Support" in my box?

Several backers are asking, which shows we were not clear about this, sorry.

The kind of device you're thinking about costs between hundreds and even thousands of euros. There's no way we could afford putting that in a box which costs $39.

What we meant, is that our app would support this kind of devices, if you already have it. More specifically: the app is usually running on 1 smartphone (or tablet), where the entire story happens and unfold, all depending on the scans you make. What the Stretch Goal #23 was about, is upgrading the app so that you can set it up in a way that you use 1 smartphone (or tablet) for all the scans + reading, and another smartphone for the crime scenes only. You can then let this second smartphone sitting in the large VR device, instead of having to take it in and out when you want to switch from scanning to searching a scene. You basically "send" the crime scene to the other smartphone.

Your question wasn't in this update?

Don't hesitate to send us a private message or an email at! We usually answer within 1 business day, but because of the large amount of requests we are receiving (so many backers!), it may go up to 2. If your question refers to something general about the game, please don't hesitate to check the latest comments of the campaign page or leave your own, our backers are very dedicated and will answer you if they can (if you're one of those, thank you very, very much for your help <3) before we could even get to it.

Until next time,

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    1. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Serendipity je viens de vous l'envoyer en privé.

    2. Missing avatar

      Serendipity on

      Bonjour, est-ce possible d’avoir le pdf des “missing parts” en français svp?

    3. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Keyang no QR code for them, they will be automatically added to the app, already unlocked, when ready! That should be by the end of the year.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      @Lucky Duck Games Thanks

    5. Missing avatar

      Keyang on

      Hello !

      I didn't find the Noir and Redview scenarios in the app. Are there any QR codes to get them ? Will they be included in the next update of the app ?

    6. Missing avatar

      ZeLapin on

      Sorry, I found the answer to my question : in fact "The Power Behind" consists in 3 scenarios, not 1.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anders Lucas Dannevang on

      Great and detailed update guys!! 😊

    8. Missing avatar

      ZeLapin on

      Hi guys ! I received mine today, and everything is fine in the boxes.
      But as regards the scenarios, I am quite concerned : in the app (version 1.0), I had 'only' the tutorial + 2 scenarios. I managed to unlock 2 more (thanks to the VR module and the Kickstarter exclusive), but it seems I should have 2 other ones (since 5 scenarios are supposed to be included in the core box). Right ?
      Here are the scenarios that are functionnal on my app :
      The Power Behind
      Curse of the Pharaohs
      Every rose has its thorn
      Secret Report (QR activated)
      Devil's kitchen (QR activated)

      Thanks !

    9. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Dean that's something we want to do, but each system is different and this might be proven difficult.
      @Knight in case the link breaks, you can do a search for "Safmarine Nomazwe" on Google, the first link should be from the same website and direct you to this specific vessel. Then there's on the left "Past Track" and "Route Forecast" buttons, as well as, down below, a "Show on live map" button.
      Current link:
      @Jerry if you want to use the VR Glasses on the tablet, the crime scene will be the same size as if you used a phone, since it has to be calibrated with the VR Glasses. If you choose to look at the crime scene without the VR Glasses, then it will take the whole tablet screen.
      We have not yet developed the possibility for 2 devices to communicated together on the same story (Stretch Goal #23), we focused first on getting the app fully ready.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Any chance the app can recognise the tablet and have a landscape option. Like the phone it has a case ,when playing in a group this is important so a mishap doesn't end up costing 10 times as much as game.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      How do we run a tablet and VR Homido on phone at the same time?

    12. Knight Hawk on

      The link to track the US bound ship was working yesterday, but seems to be broken today. Can you check into it and possibly post a new link?

    13. Nicolas GERARD

      Sorry for the mistakes... There was an update of the app on Android this evening ...

    14. Nicolas GERARD

      Hello. Il vas a update if the app. I scan the code with the Kickstarter but i don't see the new scenarios... Can we have the list of the scenarios ? And when they will be added ? The code doesn't work twice...

    15. Missing avatar

      Dean Love on

      I didn’t think large VR support meant a free headset, but I did think it meant support for proper headsets, like Oculus and Vive, not just for other smartphone headsets...

    16. Missing avatar

      kaih on

      rulebooks character boards, items

    17. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @kaih what do you mean by "all the things"?

    18. Missing avatar

      kaih on

      I do not understand i asked the game in french and rulebook and all the things are in english, did i miss something?

    19. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer on

      Lmao @ the VR headset 😂

    20. Missing avatar

      Pablo Ariel Caramignoli on

      Thank you very much, I am more relaxed knowing that the shipments will have a tracking number. Regards!

    21. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Pablo we've asked HappyShops to send ALL packages with tracking number. Make sure to check your Spams folder, but otherwise we can give you the tracking number directly.

    22. Missing avatar

      Pablo Ariel Caramignoli on

      Hi, I'm from Argentina and I'm worried that they will send the game without a tracking number (something that happened to me with other ks). The postal service of this country is very bad and there is a high risk that the shipment will be lost in the abyss. Please, although I must pay extra, I need the shipment to have a tracking number. Thank you very much.

    23. Lucky Duck Games 7-time creator

      @Alex yes and no. We'll be using FedEx Ground, which means it may actually go to a hub in another State before it's brought back to Florida. But globally yes, it should be fast :)
      @Kris directly in the app! And no, it will be there with the update :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Kris Burgess on

      Mine arrived today and all in perfect condition. I’ll look forward to the android app update tomorrow.
      With regard to the ambience music/sounds - is that in the app or a Spotify listing or something else? I assume it will come later by December?

    25. Alex Lopez on

      Dope i live in tampa fl so once it hits fulfillment i should get it fast :)

    26. Alexandre Goh

      Thanks for the info, mine will arrived within this few days.

    27. Alluidh on

      Thanks for the answers.