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* 1949, Antonio Ricci * 1985, Pee-wee Herman * 2011, Fletch Finn * It's time to get our bike back.

*  1949, Antonio Ricci  *  1985, Pee-wee Herman  *  2011, Fletch Finn  *

It's time to get our bike back.

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What's "#OMGIMTRENDING" about?

Fletch Finn (our beloved hero) has been dumped, used and abused all in one night, only to find out the love of his life (his bike), has been stolen. The thief, however, is not any petty thief, but a mysterious homeless man with a pink unicorn head. Yes. That is correct. In a world dominated by twitter, trending, what kind of latte you like, and what's hot and what's not, Fletch will face a vast array of vicious creatures, threshold after threshold, in order to get his precious bike back. Let's all help Fletch get his bike back!

By now I'm sure you're thinking, "why help this Peruvian stranger I've never heard of, care about, or met?" I'll tell you why, because "#OMGIMTRENDING" needs your help! And ONE dollar can make a huge difference. In fact, I'll solve some of your main budget problems right here, right now:

Stop eating out so much. Buy groceries. It takes 5-10 minutes to make a meal and BAM more money in your pocket. Plus it's healthy. If you really want to eat out, McDonald's has a dollar meny. See? Easy. You avoid taxes, tips and even the valet!

But really, why should you help?

Because we hope, that just like us, you believe in independent filmmaking and arts in general. We don't have any huge studios backing us (you know more than 90% of those blockbusters end up being a flop anyway).

Because our crew is doing this for the love of filmmaking and because they truly believe in the script. All the donations will go to some of our main actors - let's be real, we need fantastic actors, not my roommate (didn't work in college, not going to work now) - and for a few of our locations (a diner and a coffee shop), and expenses such as food, wardrobe, props and film insurance (YAY!)

Because you can say you're a film financier! You've supported the arts! Everyone likes folks that support the arts; it's right there, next to helping save the environment. Besides, it's always a good conversation starter for one of those awkward party moments.

Because it's fresh and short and you can watch it during your lunch break, in the bus, on the toilet, on your iPhone, iPad, Windows from the 90s, etc. You can even send it to all your friends and their mother and say "HEY! I paid for that! See my name??"

And finally, because Fletch's story will definitely remind you of someone you know who thinks driving a SUV is an unflattering way to rape the environment.

I cannot stress how grateful we all are for your generosity and for supporting the arts! And don't forget, ONE dollar makes a HUGE difference. $5,500 is the MINIMUM amount we need. The more pledges we get, the better our film will be, the better the result! Also, it we don't reach our budget by the due date, we'll get NONE of the donations and Fletch won't get his bike back :[ So if you like zombies (yes, that too) and pink unicorns, please help us out and check out our amazing rewards!! ----> 

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Cinematographer and VFX Compositor: Chris ONeill

Music: Huxleys


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    Exec Producer credit, poster, DVD, VIP screening, director's call, lunch for 4 AND the UNICORN HEAD used in the project.

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