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Strange Times is a sci-fi comedy about the quirky staff of a Cryptozoological newspaper & the pariah director hired to film them. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 30, 2011.

Strange Times is a sci-fi comedy about the quirky staff of a Cryptozoological newspaper & the pariah director hired to film them.

About this project

Strange Times is a comedy/sci-fi TV pilot shot on spec and the video above is the precursor to the show itself.  

It's the story of Dylan Howard, Hollywood hotshot director turned pariah.  Dylan hasn’t worked since his last big budget film, Gunslaughter, tanked. Now seeking an entry back onto the A-list, (and desperate for any work) he agrees to an independent project-- filming a documentary about the Strange Times, a newspaper that writes about cryptids. 

Their ongoing mission is to prove the existence of cryptozoological creatures and paranormal phenomena-- from Bigfoot, aliens, and ghosts to the Chupacabra, Jersey Devil and the Mothman. Dylan’s limits are tested in rural Tennessee (a purported hotbed for unexplained activity outside the realm of science) as he has to endure the only things stranger than the creatures themselves-- the group of wackos writing the newspaper about them. But the more time Dylan, the hardened cynic, spends around this close-knit family of true believers, the more he learns about how to be less of a monster himself.

And who are you?
We are a development group composed of industry professionals based in and around Nashville, TN, and have a wide array of experience from narrative feature films, documentaries, short films, and advertising.
Where does the money go?
Strange Times means we get a chance to tell our stories with each others help, but there are start-up costs involved, such as creating a legal entity for the production, purchasing and renting costumes our group may not have readily on hand (such as for Bigfoot), paying for permits, location fees, and any ancillary costs that *will* crop up.  With the amount of talent and time being poured into this, just clearing the initial hurdle means we get to green light a show with much higher production values than this low of a Kickstarter goal might suggest.

What happens if you raise more than your goal?
So glad you asked!  Several places: First off, the cast and crew won't have to brown bag it!  Everyone is incredibly committed to seeing this pilot get made, and having a nice meal or three on production days will go a long way. If we hit 500$ above, we can afford some nicer elements such as renting an upgraded Bigfoot costume for the production.  1000$ above gets us big ticket items like a large generator for the outdoor scenes and other wonderful things that make the shoot days run better.

I want to help, but I can’t pledge financially.

We completely understand.  You can help us just by posting this Kickstarter page on the social network of your choosing to raise the general awareness of this project.  This will help us immensely!

What are you going to do with Strange Times?

Plan A is to secure an agent and market the show to cable networks. Having a well made pilot will increase our chances of getting the show picked up.  We realize the odds of this are pretty long, but we're going to swing for the fences. 

Plan B will be to break the show into five segments and webcast them for free, to try to build enough audience to achieve Plan A, or to kickstart enough to make a few more webisodes.

Seriously?  You think it'll be that good?

Yep.  We're filming on a pair of RED One cameras.  Our post editing and VFX will be done at Zoe Creative - post sound at Paragon Studios.  We have a professional director and DP - along with every other key role on the crew.  We have a solid script and an excellent cast - and we've got Bigfoot.  There's one thing we're missing to make Strange Times a success - your help.



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    "Nessie" Above, plus digital download of Strange Times Paper #1, access to the blooper reel.

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    "Chupacabra" Above, plus copy of the script cover signed by the cast, and digital download of production stills.

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    "Mothman" Above, plus submit an article or ad for the first issue of the "Strange Times" paper.

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    "Bigfoot" The "Mothman" level plus a prop from filming (one each from Billy, Lisa, Sammie, Mitchell, Craig).

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