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They Fold!  
Perfect for everyday snow hiking.  Super compact so you can always be prepared.  Fits on your pack easily.
They Fold! Perfect for everyday snow hiking. Super compact so you can always be prepared. Fits on your pack easily.
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Stealth snowshoes

We made it to Wisconsin to spend some time with my wife's family over the holidays. Of course I brought a set of SnowXus for more testing (yay there's at least a little snow!). I stashed them in my wife's suitcase ***and she didn't even notice!*** I suspect that is a first in the history of snowshoes.

31 oz per SnowXu! (one of the lightest available anywhere)

I got out the scale:

Less than 2lb!  It's possible we might add 1/2 oz as we adjust binding material thickness, but it seems that <2lb is in our sights.

Samples are here! Give us your feedback on colors!

Hi everyone.  I just received 6 sample sets from our manufacturing partner.  I'm very happy with them overall and there are just a couple issues I need to sort out before giving them the go-ahead to produce our first run for kickstarter backers.  (Plus we need to get more backers of course... hint hint ;)  )

I'd like to get YOUR feedback on color:

I've attached a photo of one of the samples above so you can see the colors we have so far.  Should we try to get the powdercoat (frame paint) color to match the straps?  Or should we keep the frame as-is and make the color difference a bit more distinct by asking for a deeper orange color on the straps?  Or something else?  I'm taking feedback from anyone who cares to comment, but I will of course give the most consideration to feedback from backers.  Thanks again for your support!

I also included a complete folded set in a sample drawstring bag so you can see the folded size (baseball cap for size reference).  This set still has a bunch of packing material inside so the actual packed size is even smaller.

GrabCad blog post about SnowXu process

I was thrilled to find out that the folks at GrabCad wanted to feature SnowXu foldables in their blog: .  They describe more about the origins of the the SnowXu concept if you're curious.  GrabCad is a site rich with engineering resources.  There are some great projects featured there including the Global Village Construction Set, another project that got launched on kickstarter: