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The award-winning Adventure in Virtual Reality for Oculus Rift, powered by groundbreaking controls, set in a thrilling Sci-Fi world.
The award-winning Adventure in Virtual Reality for Oculus Rift, powered by groundbreaking controls, set in a thrilling Sci-Fi world.
926 backers pledged $40,078 to help bring this project to life.

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Steam Early Access Code

Posted by UNTOLD GAMES (Creator)

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The first Oculus+Hydra Demo is here.

Posted by UNTOLD GAMES (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Pledges, Multi Language, and we are a Ps VR launch title!

Posted by UNTOLD GAMES (Creator)

Hey Everyone!

First of all, I am happy to announce that Loading Human is officially one of the launch titles of Playstation VR, and will be available to everyone the 13th of october, worldwide, both in digital and physical editions.

All of you who pledged for the early release will get it before launch :) But later on this.

Now… let's talk about all the new stuff your beloved VR adventure will be featuring.

I am thrilled to announce that Loading Human will be featuring a full Multi-Language voice-over translation in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.

This should be a welcome surprise to everyone who is not a native English speaker.

Why did we choose Voice-over instead of subtitles you ask? (the latter being a much cheaper choice) Well.. we believe that subtitles in VR are not easily readable and may take you out of the experience, (even more so in a story-driven adventure game!) And we want the player to feel immersed. This is our first rule. So, together with Maximum Games, we decided to go full voice dubbing. The results are exceptional, and I have to say that every actor gave the best of their performances in all the languages.

MultiLanguage is one of those feature that we managed to add to LH by finding a publisher, all this thanks to your initial help.

Now something about the music. As you may already know, the original soundtrack is written by a indie rock band called Mangarama. They are great and worked closely with the designers to take the best out of the game.

While writing the story, I thought that it could get more emotional if the whole soundtrack follow the pace of the player, instead of the pace of the story. So we opted to create a dynamic soundtrack. This means that the music will follow your pace, your actions and change depending on your choices, in order to magnify the emotional impact of the scenes.

How did we do that? Well, the easy explanation is: loops. Our composers created all soundtracks using inter connected and pre-composed loops that then slowly but steadily advance and grow from an emotional point of view, following your performance in the game. This way, we are able to follow the player’s flow, instead of the opposite. Here is a sample track of the music in LH. The vibe of the whole soundtrack is very M83 like. This particular piece is related to the "vision" of Prometheus' great future as an astronaut.

Emotional Electronic music suits very well the sci-fi mood of Loading Human.

About the pledges:

For all backers $25 and up, and not just those whole pledged us before may 23rd, a demo (Fragment 0 + Fragment 1, for Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra) will be available for download the 1st of October. Please remember that this demo will only be playable using an Oculus Rift (dk2, cv1) and the Razer Hydra, because these are the platforms that were originally meant to be supported by the campaign, but the full game will support many more devices:

  • Oculus Rift (Dk2, Cv1)
  • Standard Xbox Gamepad
  • Oculus Touch (not available to consumers yet, but already supported)
  • Razer Hydra
  • HTC Vive + Motion controllers

For all backers "THE DIGITAL" and up, the game will be available for digital download (early release) the 7th of October.

For all backers $25 and up, the game will be available for digital download at launch date.

For all physical pledges $200 and up,we will have the t-shirt, dvd box, art book and the soundtrack ready as soon as possible, and we will then send you everything. Get ready to answer the survey we will send you, to be sure that everything arrives!

Needless to say, please DON’T SHARE the game via bittorrent etc, as this will hurt the sales, thus hurt our future as developers.

I hope you enjoyed this incredible ride as much as we did. I apologize if sometimes we weren't responsive enough, and if we are a bit late for delivery, but the most important thing is that WE MADE IT, and now we will honour our promises to you, because that’s the only way to grow healthy and create a trustworthy relationship with our players.

That’s all for now, in the meantime..

Play an extra life!


Launch Date, Pledges and more surprises.

Posted by UNTOLD GAMES (Creator)

Hey everyone!

We are finally testing the game. Just to clarify what testing is, it means that the game is almost complete and is now undergoing a stress test, where a team of testers try to find as many bugs and glitches as possible. Once the bugs are found, the developers fixes them and wait for more. This cycle ends will end when the game will be compliant to the high standards Maximum Games and us are putting on it. 

Now… the launch is getting close and I know a lot of you are impatient to know about their pledges! But first… you have been so patient, and again let me first give a warm "thank you" to all of you for the constructive criticism, the feedbacks and the overall support you gave us. We'll need a lot of that at launch. 

Now, the juicy part. We are aiming at a multi-platform launch around the launch window of the Playstation VR headset, which is due the 13th of october later this year. I will try to schedule a bit of everything here, but it is still very early to have precise dates, so please bear with me. Things will get much more detailed during next month. 

1. The Beta Version of LH should be delivered approx one month before launch, it will be for PC, and will feature Oculus Rift with Razer Hydra support

2. The early release will be delivered 2 weeks prior launch. It will be exactly the same as the full featured version, and will feature Oculus Rift with both Hydra and gamepad support, and (beware beware)… HTC Vive support WITH MOTION CONTROLLERS. I hope this news will make a lot of you very happy. 

3. This is how the game box will look like. 


I hope you like it. Because the PC boxed version will only be a kickstarter collectible, I'd love to have some feedbacks from you so we can customize it a bit. This way all of you who have the physical pledges will have a true limited edition of Loading Human Chapter 1 (Hopefully in the future it will be a big deal :D). Please write your suggestions in the comment section below. 

For any more news and insight, don't forget to check out our blog at 

 This is all for now, Play an extra life.


News, Improved graphics, FAQ.

Posted by UNTOLD GAMES (Creator)

Hi everyone,

In this update we will address most of your questions. You can find the FAQ at the bottom.

But first, In case you missed it, the Official Playstation Youtube Channel posted our new PS VR Trailer, scoring an incredible 71.000 views! 

It is a huge success, but we still have a lot of improvement to do if we want to make a hit in the big league. 

We want to bring LH to a level where anyone can take the controllers and play it in a few minutes, with no hurdles whatsoever, while retaining the full freedom of movement that LH features. 

With the many feedbacks we got from journalists at GDC and viewers on Youtube, we added a lot of changes both to the graphic, sound and User Experience department.


As you know, VR is very demanding, and our goal is to have a playable on both PC (90fps) and PS4 (60fps). It's a real challenge, if you are aming for realistic graphics. 

But with a lot of optimization, we managed to obtain something quite interesting. Here are a couple of In-Game Screenshots of a night fragment. 

The Outside Base, at night.
The Outside Base, at night.
The Underwater Lab
The Underwater Lab
The Base's Kitchen, at night.
The Base's Kitchen, at night.
The Base's GreenHouse, at night.
The Base's GreenHouse, at night.
The Zen Room and its videowall.
The Zen Room and its videowall.

In order for an adventure to be a success it is crucial that the player really feels the atmosphere of the story. Hopefully these improved graphics should do the job. If you guy want some more screenshots (Daily for example), please write in the comment and I'd be happy to post more.


After some feedbacks, we are introducing a new Prometheus' english voice, performed by Sean A. Mulvihill. 

Sean is from Illinois and studied acting in California. We think his american accent will greatly improve the realism and empathy with the Prometheus. Play the audio file, and you will hear Prometheus talking with Lucy, the A.I base caretaker, for the first time.

It is very important that you will feel sympathetic with Prometheus goal during the adventure. We want his life experience to become yours, and Hopefully the improved voice acting should do the job.


A lot of you guys asked us about the locomotion system in Loading Human.

I strongly believe in the KISS rule. ("Keep it simple, stupid!"). So all the team worked on a interaction and locomotion system that requires the least amount of effort to be performed, so that the player can focus on what really matters: the game.

LOCOMOTION was a big deal. The biggest of all. 

As you know, LH features a free roaming locomotion that allows the player to fluidly move around without teleport and without motion sickness. It is also one of the few VR game (if not the only one) that features a full body presence with inverse kinematics. When you look down while playing, you will see "your" body, legs and arm. This also applies to mirrors. You will see yourself. 

Free roaming and body presence are 2 fundamental pieces of the puzzle if you want to create a dense VR narrative experience.

In order to achieve this, we had to go through an enormous amount a of trial and errors, but in the end, we think we finally have found the perfect solution. 

We call it "Point & Go". It is actually very simple to explain, basically, you point toward the direction you want to go with a motion controller and press the "Go" button. And there you go, you will walk toward the direction. It may sound simple, but there is an infinity of tweaks and tricks that avoid the user to feel disoriented or motion sick. It's a bit like VR: To really understand our point & go system, you need to try it.

INTERACTION was the second biggest deal.

We want the player to have fun and solve the puzzles, without losing time finding out how to perfom an action. So we focused on a very simple and natural interaction system. Just like the locomotion has the "GO" button, the interaction had the "DO" button. This means that in order to perform any interaction (Grab, use, activate, push, give, etc..) you will only need to press one single button.

Loading Human will be playable with only 2 buttons: the "GO" button and the  "DO" button. 

As you can expect, the learning curve should be really fast thus allowing even the least experienced player to enjoy a complex story driven scifi VR adventure. 

VR should be playable by everyone and it is our responsibility to create compelling experiences that are also easy to access.

Now, the questions:


Q: (Vincent Azara) Hey Flavio, Can i just check is LH compatible with the Vive.. will you be issuing Steam keys soon? what date are you targeting for release?

A: Hi Vincent, a Vive version is feasable. It won't be a room scale version, only motion controller one, but considering it wouldn't differ so much from the PS4 of Oculus versions, it should be doable. We need to understand a couple of things and as soon as I will be able to tell you with certitude that a vive version will be available, I will tell you. 

Q: (Laudrac) Release date would be cool. I am surprised that no one complains here as all promises have not been kept even the major promise that it will be delivered with the CV1. CV1 had a delay of more than 6 month of the initial plan and still no game with the release.

A: Hi Laudrac. Yes, we are late, it is true. It is also true that the scope of the game now is about 10 times what we promised here on kickstarter, thanks to our partnership with Maximum Games. One other thing to be considered is the present lack of motion controllers availability (apart from the Vive, which we did not promise during the Kickstarter campaign.) So coming out now, prior to the PS VR and Oculus Motion controller launch could be a waste of energy and a strategic error, considering the enormous amount of work we are putting behind the game. RIght now, we are aiming to launch in the same time frame as the PS VR, for PS4 and Oculus. So it's about October. 

Q: (Monika) Yeah, not looking too good for this game being released any time soon. I have backed to get Beta access, and so far not a word. So it's not in beta yet, and over a year late, without any info. Truth be told, I had completely forgotten about the hundreds of dollars I backed on this, but went in to check off which projects were fulfilled in my profile, and noticed this. I guess its vapor ware and we should just forget it? I mean, it has supposedly been worked on for two years, and still not even a tentative timetable for Beta and release?!?!

A: Hi Monika, hopefully most of the question you are asking have been answered. We are not vaporware, and developing a game such a the one you helped us create requires a lot of time and effort. About the beta, we are working on a schedule, it is still early (we are on alpha stage) to decide when all the beta backer will be able to play it, but it should be this summer. 

I really hope we adress most of the issues you guys pointed out, and that you can see that backing Loading Human is going to be fruitful. If you have any more questions, please write it down.

Play an extra life,