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A portable MIDI/CV Converter&Controller. It also acts as a MIDI effects unit, a sequencer, chord-assigner, and ... fully-programmable !
A portable MIDI/CV Converter&Controller. It also acts as a MIDI effects unit, a sequencer, chord-assigner, and ... fully-programmable !
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"midiglue" - Programmable MIDI/CV Controller & Effects Unit



What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

Proof of Concept

Explorations that test ideas and functionality.

Functional Prototype

Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different.

Appearance Prototype

Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Design Prototype

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

To everyone who loves electronic musical instruments. We present to you...

(midi + glue)

A compact MIDI converter & MIDI effects unit.

midiglue is a control box that can interconvert between MIDI, USB-MIDI, CV/GATE. It also acts as a MIDI effects unit, a sequencer, and an instrumental performance supporter. Plus, it also comes with a preset editor which can extend the pre-existing presets into your own desired MIDI effects. 


MIDI, USB-MIDI, CV/GATEの相互変換やルーティングが可能なコントロールボックスで、あらゆる電子楽器を有機的に連携させることができます。MIDIエフェクト・シーケンサ・演奏補助機能なども付属しており、ユーザーによる拡張のためのエディタも付属します。

Function #1 : Interconversion between different types of input/output

midiglue supports USB MIDI host device, legacy MIDI, CV/GATE/SYNC, Footswitch. midiglue can convert signals between any combination of the above.
In addition, you can also split, merge, route, and assign multiple parameter to a CC (Control Change).


入出力タイプとして、USB MIDIのホスト・デバイスや、レガシーMIDI、CV/GATE/SYNC、Footswitchをサポート。これらすべての間での相互変換が可能です。

Function #2 : Multi MIDI effects unit

midiglue is not just a MIDI converter. This hardware itself is a MIDI effector. From delay to pitch shifting, to sequencer and code assigner, many rich presets has been pre-installed for you.

These effects can be switched like a multistomp. midiglue can be used for any kind of needs.


midiglueには多彩なMIDIエフェクトが、プリセットとしてインストールされています。 ディレイやピッチシフト・コードアサイナーなど、受け取った入力に対してMIDIエフェクトを適用して出力したりするものや、 シーケンサやパターンジェネレータなど、入力がなくても単体でトリガーとして機能するものなど、多くのものを用意しています。

これらのエフェクトは、マルチストンプのように切り替えることが可能です。 midiglueは、用途に応じて様々に動作を変化させることができるのです。

And... Fully-Programmable

You can create your own MIDI effects, or create some complicated routings. You can create these using a software editor that we have developed. The software editor is like a form of modular patching. midiglue will provide you with perfect functions, just for your live performances.


必要に応じて、新しいMIDIエフェクトを作ったり、複雑なルーティングをすることができます。モジュラーのパッチングのような形式で、ソフトウェアエディターを用いて設定を行うことができます。 midiglueは、あなたのライブセットに完全にフィットしたコントロールを提供します。

midiglue editorのモックアップ。記述されているプログラムは、冒頭の動画最後のデモ演奏で用いているエフェクトのものです。
midiglue editorのモックアップ。記述されているプログラムは、冒頭の動画最後のデモ演奏で用いているエフェクトのものです。

Examples of connections using midiglue

We'll show you some examples of a connection settings using midiglue .

If you wanted to create a setting like this, you would have had to purchase a converter that only offers a single function (Converting. Of course!) for an unreasonable price, or a laptop and an audio interface that would've taken up more space than a single gadget.

With midiglue, you can adapt to any kind of situation with just a single device!




  • Example of converting USB MIDI to a legacy MIDI (CV/GATE)
  • Example of routing using midiglue 
  • Example of another routing usage. You can convert the foot-switch and breath controller inputs to a arbitrary MIDI message and use the signal to operate other devices.
  • Example of using midiglue as a MIDI effects unit. 
  • Example of programming midiglue as a sequencer.

Is midiglue complete?

midiglue is still in development!

2 month ago, we came up with an idea of midiglue during the development of sigboost. We planned a schedule to make midiglue a working product, and we have developed the software editor and the prototype of the hardware. There are still many bugs in the prototype, but it's functioning very well and we are having a very fun time playing with the midiglue. With a little more time and your backup through kickstarter, we can improve the performance of midiglue and expand the possibility of the hardware, making it viable for live concerts / DJs.

midiglue's functions, such as will not change from the descriptions above. The form of the casing on the other hand will likely be changed several times. (The picture of the midiglue above is not the final form.) Please refer to the "about the casing" for more information.

Our focus is to create 

  • Compact / Easy to carry product
  • Robust and usable product for real live performances / DJs 

Thank you for you understanding. We will actively report our progress to our backers, and promise to answer to all of your feedback. Let's create midiglue together!





今後、機能に変更はありませんが、外観に変更があることを重ねてご了承ください。詳しくは筐体について の項目をご参照ください。


Demo Play

This is a sample of using an unique arpeggiator delay. (This is performed by 1 person.)
The setup is a midiglue and Nord Stage connected with a send/return. The sound of the piano is the real note that is being played, and the round FM synth is the effect of the midiglue.
The last performance in the top video is using this effect also.


midiglueとNord StageをMIDIのセンド・リターンで接続しています。 ピアノの音が実際に弾いている演奏、FM音源の丸いサウンドが、midiglueによるエフェクトです。

This effect is only a part of the midiglue.
We will be updating more information about what you can do.




  • Processor : Arm Cortex-M4
  • Power source : USB DC 5V
  • Display : 0.96” 128 x 64 OLED Display
  • MIDI input : 5pin DIN connector x2
  • MIDI output : 5pin DIN connector x2, supports DIN SYNC
  • Multi-purpose Analog INPUT : 3.5mm TRS x2 (CV, Gate, Sync, Audio)
  • Multi-purpose Analog OUTPUT : 3.5mm, TRS x 2 (CV, Gate, Sync)
  • USB-Device : Micro-B port
  • USB-Host : Full size USB port (Supports USB-MIDI compliant devices)
    ※ Power supply from a device port is necessary when using as a USB-HOST. 
    ※ Host使用時はデバイスポートからの給電が必要です。

About the casing

In the prototype, we are using a top panel created with a PCB and a 3D printed case which is screwed together. We are reviewing about how the release version should look like, and the most leading idea is to create all sides of the casing with PCB. PCB is close to a FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) which is very strong and used in an exterior panel for a ship. The circuit will be completely isolated and will fit inside the casing as well.

The structural image of the case will look likely to the image below.  (softPop - Bastl Instruments Cited from the official site of Bastl Instruments

※ The product in the image has no relation between midiglue.

The reason we are planning to design it like this is mainly the cost. Sheet metal processing or simple metallic mold really looks nice, but it costs much more and affects the price of the hardware.
We want midiglue to have an easy to reach price and with full of functions. That is why we are planning to create the case as above.




筐体の構造は次の写真のようなイメージです。(softPop - Bastl Instruments Bastl Instruments公式サイトより引用



About the midiglue development board

For the reward with midiglue development board, we are going to send you a bare board. For those who want to acquire midiglue with low cost, or those want to create your own case, or maybe those who wish to only program the effects and not using it out of you home.

The development board will look similar to the image below. (Not a final version)


リワードにあるmidiglue development boardでは、筐体のない基板むき出しのものをお送り致します。低コストで機能のみをお求めいただきたい方や、筐体を自作したい方、持ち出さずにプログラミングのみを楽しみたい、といった方のために用意しました。


Development team

We are a team of Tokyo University students and Tsukuba University OBs and also a member of the "sigboost" project, which was to create a FPGA programmable digital instrument. midiglue is a project that got the idea from the needs and the user feedback while developing sigboost. It is also a project to solve the problem that the sigboost had, and also a project to survey the scope of the customers. For more information about sigboost, please refer to this site here



Kai Aoki (Project Leader)

Selected personnel in the MITOU Program by IPA Japan 2015. Aoki and Ozaki developed a FPGA programmable digital instrument "sigboost" and was awarded as the Super Creator in MITOU. Developed / Created a high level synthesis compiler to automatically design a circuit logic for a synthesizer from a Max/MSP code.
Graduated: Kaisei high school, Tsukuba University (Department of Media Arts Science Technology) , Tsukuba University (Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering). M.Eng.
Founded sigboost Corp. in 2018 to socially implement the sigboost. Other works are developing audio compression codec, encrypting devices. Also working as a composer as a hobby.


ほか、音声圧縮コーデックの開発、暗号化デバイスなどの開発に従事。 2018年にsigboostの社会実装のため、sigboost株式会社を創業。 趣味で作曲家としても活動。

Masaya Tsuruta (Designer, Engineer)
Recruit Co., Ltd. sigboost, Inc. Eidea, Inc. Adelie, Inc. jiseCHI, Inc.
2012年度経産省IPA未踏事業採択。また2015年よりsigboostチームに参加。2016年度、筑波大学大学院システム情報工学研究科を修了 (工学修士)。神経生物学、ソフトウェア工学、CG、ヒューマンコンピュータインタラクションを専攻。在学中は信号処理と機械学習を軸に質感知覚、入力デバイス等を研究しつつ、深層学習と神経生物学の技術職員として産業技術総合研究所に所属、また現場が好きなことから情報科学芸術を扱うベンチャー企業等に在籍し開発、制作等に従事。

Naoya Sakabe (@skb_apos) (Software Engineer)
形状モデリング研究室にて、3次元画像処理を用いた産業支援を研究。 ソフトウェアベンチャーにて、機械学習基盤の開発・画像解析の高速化に従事。 2017年3月より sigboost チームに参加、高位合成コアの開発・midiglue のバックエンドシステムを担当。

Etsushi Nozaki (Embedded Software Engineer)
University of Tokyo, sigboost, Inc. 東京大学工学部電子情報工学科在学中。
高校在学時より趣味として電子工作、プログラミングによる制作を開始。大学入学後は自動運転開発支援のためのシミュレーションプラットフォームの開発、農業用センサノードの開発等に携わったほか、聴覚障がい者支援デバイスの信号処理設計、ソフトウェア開発に従事。 現在はバイオセンサーと測定システムの研究を行う。

Shota Moriguchi (@5icksteen)(Product Designer, Hardware Engineer)
sigboostのほかシンセサイザーブランドDigiLog代表をつとめ, BANANANA Effectsにも参加している。
2014年10月電子楽器プロジェクトDigiLogを開始。"新しい楽器が新しい音楽を生み出す"と考え、様々な電子楽器を製作している。2017年10月sigboostに参加。 回路設計、組み込みソフトウェア設計、機構設計、Webデザインなどを担当。趣味は写真、作曲、ギター、ドラムなど。東京電機大学工学部第二部電気電子工学科卒。

Q & A


[email protected]

Risks and challenges

The most hardest part of the midiglue project is the mass production of the hardware itself. Hardware manager Shota Moriguchi has been creating many gadgets through out his years, and has a good experience with how to efficiently design an efficient and compact gadgets using circuit boards. On the other hand, he does not have an experience with using metallic mold or mass production of hardwares.
But fortunately we have a connection between other experts with those who create gadgets or those who are at the large instrument producers, who can give us feedbacks and help develop our products.

Other risks are the MIDI-USB host functions. Some MIDI controller is designed with a USB hub inside. To deal with these devices, we must modify the host-driver that the chip vendors provides us. But modifying the host-driver is very difficult and most of the commercially available MIDI converter is not compatible with these MIDI devices. We will try to solve this problem but we might prioritize the delivery of the product when considering with man-hours. If this is the case, we are considering to support with the firmware update after the devlivery.

midiglue is a hardware project, so please be aware of the delay of manufacturing and delivery which may be caused by supply delays and natural disasters and such cause.



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Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

Funding period

- (30 days)

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