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I have a mission to create a documentary showcasing New Zealand in all its glory to the world using social media.

Let me first start of by telling you that I have already been fortunate enough to venture to New Zealand and experienced some of the things that I wish to portray to you on film. 

After having visited NZ I really think its something that everyone should experience and if they cant, because lets face it 28 hours on a plane is too much for some, why not utilize some of the latest camera technologies and film the best bits for anyone to watch wherever they are in the world.

This project is 100% not a holiday, In fact I will be working night and day whilst I am out there to bring you the sides of New Zealand that you want to see, for example, you want to know what the pizza places are like around Auckland City Center... I'll go there, try them and let you guys know... hence the name of this project, I want to share as much of the glorious country as I can with you and now with social media there is no reason why not to try and give it a go!

I will be bringing a little amount of clothes and the rest will be camera equipment, laptop, external hard drives etc etc.. this will not be cheap but it will be so worth it!

Want footage of the city whilst I fly over it in a helicopter? - I'm your guy

The way that I want to 'Share New Zealand ' is by creating an exclusive means of communication with my backers, weather it is through a Facebook group it dosent matter, the point is you guys are going to be in control (for the most part ;) ) and I want you to get me to see and report back on things that isn't in your every day travel brochure... think of me as the real life yellow man that you drag onto a certain area to see what it is like... I will be able to show you that in stunning 1080p quality. 

Now probably one of the most important, and quite rightly so, aspects of this project is the amount of money I am asking for.

Yes 10,000 is a lot of money.. your damn right it is.. however here are a few of the things that it will be going towards, and before I begin please again note that 100% of the money will go to making the documentary better..

Here are a few examples of things the money will go towards:

Food - cheap budget items to save for the cool stuff

Random activities - suggested by you

Motel stays

High quality camera equipment

Car/Vehicle rental


And much much more..

TL;DR: I want to make a movie showing off New Zealand and with your help I think I can make a pretty bad ass one at that.

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Here are a few things that may slow down the project:

New Zealand Working Holiday Permit - If you are doing anything for money in New Zealand you need one of these which basically gives you the green light and lets the NZ government know you are not something like a re-incarnation of Walter White... (Breaking Bad joke)

University - I am currently studying at a University here in the UK and the date that I am thinking of going (not set it stone) Could be anywhere between May 24th - August 10th - I will let you know the final details, the only reason I mention this is because my University may ask me to do work outside of the lectures etc etc so please understand if I am a little late sometimes.

Prices - I may find that when I get to NZ that the budget I have is not enough to do continuous cool stuff for almost a month, if, and I hope it does not, but if it does pan out like this, I will let you know every single small detail as to what is happening and then hopefully you guys will be able to suggest alternatives on the Facebook group/Other social platform I decide to utilize.


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