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Our mini-comic describes the origins of "The Coot Avengers" - four feisty fighters for the rights and respect of older Americans.

We aim to produce several hundred copies of a 28-page, 8 1/2" X 7", Meet The Coot Avengers mini-comic.

The mini-comic describes how four older Americans in their sixties found America's Golden Age Dream eroding under their feet; how they responded individually to this change; how they came together and decided to pool their talents, skills and "don't tread on us" personalities to dispel myths about older people and fight for the rights of themselves and others of their generation - the leading edge of the baby boom generation.

We believe there is a real audience for this story. Some 44 million baby boomers will be eligible for Social Security between now and 2029. Many of these people are comic readers. Indeed, one recent study found that one-quarter of all comic book readers are 65 or older.

While the underlying theme of Coot Avenger adventures may be serious, our Coot's do their thing with humor. Like a great many of their peers, they can and do laugh at themselves while taking whacks at abusers of all kinds. This light-hearted (and off-beat) approach helps explain the very positive reception Coot Avengers have attracted in local Philly newspapers where they have appeared since the first of this year, and why National Public Radio chose them (and their creators) to profile recently.

You can read more about the Coot Avengers, and see samples of cartoons featuring them at To see a Public Radio-related slide show about the Coots and their creators you can visit:

Thank you for your support!

Granny Confronts A Nefarious Financial Planner

Granny lost almost all her savings and her house. She took all her remaining belongings, her faithful protector the Rottweiler, Lockjaw, and Fletcher the parrot, to move to a seedy part of town.

Listen to an interview with one of the Coot Avengers
creative team with Mary Eileen Williams on the
Feisty Side of Fifty blog talk radio.


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