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Winter Romance introduces Butlers, romance & new game mechanics to Tanto Cuore! Ignite the fires of love to escape the cold of winter!
Winter Romance introduces Butlers, romance & new game mechanics to Tanto Cuore! Ignite the fires of love to escape the cold of winter!
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted by Japanime Games (Creator)

Hey guys,

Mostly I wanted to stop in and wish everyone happy holidays and a wonderful new year, but I also just finally got the news we were waiting for - stock has finished its around-the-world cruise and is at our fulfillment center in the UK! They are closed down for a couple of days to celebrate the holidays with their families (as are we, mostly), and then they will take a look at the schedule to see where we will fit in, but I should have more good news soon!

Thank you everyone for your patience! Happy holidays and I'll be back soon with more news!

~Heather and Team Japanime

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    1. Gianluca Casu on

      I received a personal email from Heather and apparently they cannot get a hold of the fulfillement company.

      @Heater, as I wrote, thank you for contacting me on the issue, but please, insist and if you did not hear anything by end of the month, consider shipping a project manager to UK to supersede the shipping.

      We are at 50 days from Brexit and after that happens, there will be no EU friendly option anymore for anyone and the goods will be as good as lost.

      ACT NOW!

    2. John Beech on

      Still waiting on an update on fulfilment of my Winter Romance pledge to the UK. I've emailed Heather at the address she contacted on me (December 6th 2018) but I've not heard any more. Please can someone from Japanime games get in touch with me?

    3. Gianluca Casu on

      Heather, all due respect, but this is ridicolous and I cannot believe for a single moment that you cannot have a center at the phone to have an update on fulfillement.

      Please contact them and ask were the package are. I bring to your attention that tuesday is Brexit vote and after that there are just two months or so before ( possibly) UK will be out of Schengen and your goods will be taxed as foreign import.

      You garantuee EU friendly shipping on this and I will keep you on that.

    4. Japanime Games 14-time creator on

      Unfortunately no updates at this time. We're still waiting for an update from the fulfillment center. ~Heather

    5. Michael Pflug on

      Any news on EU fulfillment?

    6. Gianluca Casu on

      Can we have an update from the fulfillement center in UK? Because, I doubt the lads are very much busy with us, now are they?

    7. Japanime Games 14-time creator on

      @Allan - I show you should have received yours weeks ago - please email me ( and I'll get you the tracking so you can ping your post office and find out what's up. ~Heather

    8. Allan Meeks on

      Happy Holiday's everybody. Will we get an update soon on where the randomizer cards are?

    9. alexander tolstrup on

      Happy holidays to all of you aswell ^^ thank you for the great news. I hope to hear about tracking soon :D