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Winter Romance introduces Butlers, romance & new game mechanics to Tanto Cuore! Ignite the fires of love to escape the cold of winter!
Winter Romance introduces Butlers, romance & new game mechanics to Tanto Cuore! Ignite the fires of love to escape the cold of winter!
1,210 backers pledged $167,226 to help bring this project to life.

Quick update on shipments including internationals and randomizers

Posted by Japanime Games (Creator)

Hey all,

Just stopping in because I know a lot of you have been asking about the status of shipments and randomizer decks.

Most US shipments have been completed. We do have a few pledges that are awaiting components that should be arriving this week sometime and will ship out as soon as those arrive.

Randomizer decks went out this week and should be arriving within the next few days.

Canadian shipments have been completed and you should have your parcels already. If not, give it a few more days and then we'll start investigating!

International backers, we know you're impatient to get your maids and butlers, and we're anxious to get them out! The shipment to our fulfillment partner seems to be taking forever to arrive, but we've been assured that we are on standby to begin fulfillment as soon as those pallets are off the boat and with them. We check in with them daily to see where things are at and I will post as soon as I'm made aware that stock has arrived.

We appreciate your continuing patience!

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    1. Japanime Games 14-time creator on

      @Gianluca - As soon as they respond, I'll pass it along. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for that answer. ~Heather

    2. Gianluca Casu on

      @japanime Okay, so this boat name? What gives?

    3. Ann-Charlotte Eriksen

      Ty for the gift :)

    4. Nakano

      Thank you Heather for the nice email :) Ok, I was probably not the only one receiving it.

    5. Japanime Games 14-time creator on

      @Alexander - I back Kickstarters for myself, as well as do support for our company, so I understand the frustration and certainly don't blame anyone for a really good vent! Goodness knows I've had a few. Love Formula is a different 'challenge' as I mentioned. A first-time creator is a lot of fun to work with, but there's always a lot of changes and updates before we get to print. We have our team meeting today and I will make sure I discuss all of our upcoming projects with our production team and I should be able to make updates on Friday, which is when it pops up on my task list as "Hey, dummy, you need to do this!"

      @Gianluca - Good question! Let me ask the logistics company for the name of the ship, as it does kind of feel like it's on some pleasure cruise somewhere.


    6. Gianluca Casu on

      Hello, since the cards seems still to be on a boat, could we at least have the name of the boat so that we can follow the route and have an idea?

      To me it seems clear the container with the game is still around the world gallivating.

    7. alexander tolstrup on

      hey heather. sorry if i vented my stress a little harshly yesterday. i would like to believe that you do what you can to make sure things go to plan. and i know that at this point you can only wait for the shipment to arrive here. maybe we can push together, i own a pair of flippers we could use :P
      but yeah, im happy that the sipment is atleast under way. do you know anything about love formula, or is that controlled by another team?
      sorry if i caused any grief. cause like if the supermarket raises the price on something i know it isnt the cashiers fault, and in the same vain this isnt your fault.

    8. Patrick Kamminga on

      I´m from germany and very frustrated too. At the "Spiel" fair in octobre, anyone could buy Winter Romance. Now in decembre - as a backer - i´, still waiting for my game to arrive. Very sad...

    9. Roland Hinz on

      I'm frustating to. I have a 300 Dollar Pledge with a Calendar. I don't can use it in Januar......
      Here in Germany.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Drieling on

      I had just gotten the chance to go through the box and add in the new set with the rest of the expansions and was a little concerned since I didn't see the randomizer deck cards for the new set. I'm glad I saw this before sending out an email asking about it.

    11. Japanime Games 14-time creator on

      Hi Alexander,

      Game stores receive only games. They do not receive promo cards or any other add-ons. So even a small pledge 'without items' needs the additional stock to arrive at the fulfillment center for the project to begin. That's a logistical thing that any campaign would face. Each project has its own challenges (one of the reasons we like our jobs, actually!) and we know we let you down on the timing. We apologize for that, and short of swimming behind the boat and pushing, right now the delay is out of our hands. If I was a better swimmer, I'd be trying that, believe me!

      I'm really bummed you feel we prioritize the stores over our backers. We know that our backers continue to come back because you love our stuff, and we love you for it! We've discussed logistics for future projects, and some day we'd love to be big enough to offer fulfillment from multiple locations internationally, or even in-store pickups. But for now, we have to keep trying to learn from our mistakes and do better the next time.


    12. alexander tolstrup on

      i just find it odd that you could get dynamite nurse (a relatively similar) game out on time, it got here 2 months late but thats small stuff on here, but this one is facing this many problems. i know that there are alot more backers on this project, but wouldnt that just be more printing/packing time? or am i looking at this from the wrong angle.
      i do love your games but i dont think ill be with you on KS after i recieve this pledge and the equally delayed and update-less Love Formula. i am a fan of your work but not your priorities that put stores over the early backer. and if its just because of the extras does that mean that backers at the "game only" tier has recieved their items here in EU? cause ive only seen "EU backer without items" comments, none that mention that their games arrived here.

    13. Japanime Games 14-time creator on

      Hi Alexander,

      We understand the frustration and if we could make our shipment to the fulfillment center go faster, we would. Unfortunately, game stores do not need to wait for the extras that are included in pledges, which means that they were not affected by the delay.

      We appreciate your support and patience.

    14. alexander tolstrup on

      so let me get this straight... what you are saying is... that the backers, that are supposed to get the games before stores hold stock, havent even had their pledges SENT OUT YET?? what bullshit is that? i could go to my local gamestore and buy a copy but instead i have to wait for your uncoordinated asses to, send it, wait for distributor, wait for import scans, and wait for delivery?? that is just really un-cool, letting the early adopters down by sending to stores first. not. cool...