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Winter Romance introduces Butlers, romance & new game mechanics to Tanto Cuore! Ignite the fires of love to escape the cold of winter!
Winter Romance introduces Butlers, romance & new game mechanics to Tanto Cuore! Ignite the fires of love to escape the cold of winter!
1,210 backers pledged $167,226 to help bring this project to life.

New Add-On! Tanto Cuore: Doki Doki Beach Volley Ball Mini Game!

Posted by Japanime Games (Creator)

Hello everyone! We are ready heat up your Winter Romance with a SUPER exciting new add-on for you..... A WHOLE NEW GAME! We are thrilled to announce Tanto Cuore: Doki Doki Beach Volley Ball! 

The Mimoza Promo will be sent in every pledge for Doki Doki Beach Volleyball! This card is not going to be packaged with the game itself, this is just a special offer for our fans who pledge via Kickstarter and Pledge Manager. Mimoza is a special rare promo from the Romantic Vacation set, meant to be played as a Private Maid in Tanto Cuore (not Doki Doki).

*No Additional Shipping

Tanto Cuore: Doki Doki Beach Volleyball is a quick fifteen minute two-player spin off game to the Tanto Cuore series. Featuring new art from our favorite Tanto Cuore artists, Doki Doki Beach Volleyball takes a few of our favorite maids from Romantic Vacation on another adventure! Laura, Adorianna, Fea and Valencia have taken a day off and hit the beach to play a quick and easy combat beach volleyball game.

Two players will battle their teams against one another to become queens of the net! Each player is dealt character cards, action cards and attack/spike cards. Taking turns, the players will play special actions and make attacks against the opposing team trying to score points. Whoever wins the most of 3 rounds wins the game! Play Tanto Mini while you wait for your friends to arrive at Game Night or play between tournament rounds! Grab this unique addition to the Tanto Cuore series and complete your collection!

The original Romantic Vacation Maids Fea, Laura, Adorianna and Valencia! *These cards are NOT in Doki Doki Beach Volley Ball, we just wanted to show you the original characters for reference. There will be new character cards featuring new art of our favorite ladies in Doki Doki Beach Volley Ball!

* This is a promo image of some of the art in Doki Doki Beach Volleyball, it is not the final packaging. We will post the final packaging with an English logo as soon as we receive it :)


Total cards: 68 

●Character cards(4)

 ●Attack/Spike cards(52, each character gets 13) 

●Action cards(12, each character gets 3)

Age:12+ Time: 15 Min Players: 2

The rules for Doki Doki Beach Volleyball are still being playtested and finalized. We have received a near final draft of the rules, a full card list and the card art. We are SO excited about this unique Tanto Cuore spin off game! We will post progress pictures as we get them and a full rulebook, final English logo and packaging once it is complete. For now, please feel free to ask questions and enjoy some of the awesome art we have shared. As a special bonus, we are going to be giving the rare Mimoza promo card to all of you that add this game to your Kickstarter Pledge!

Also, we have two awesome new playmats for you in honor of our vacationing volleyball-loving maids!

You may recognize Adorianna from the Hidden Hot Springs Card in Romantic Vacation. Laura was also a card in Romantic Vacation!

Doki Doki Beach Volley Ball will ship along with Tanto Cuore: Winter Vacation. 

Thank you for your amazing support everyone! We only have 48 hours left and a few more stretch goals to go! 

REMINDER! Tonight at 9pm EST Robert Derouin will be streaming live on Twitch playing Winter Romance! Please tune in to learn more and ask questions! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      J and V on

      @Japanime Games - Thank you for the replying again! I greatly appreciate it! It's not about the Leoplod playmat. It's about having some ability to choose butler character playmats as there are plenty of choices for maid character playmats without having to pay the maximum pledge. Yes, I was aware of the fan choice vote for playmats, and even participated. However, the vote pitted all playmats against each other, rather than having a separate vote for the maid characters and a separate vote for the butler characters. As seen from the votes themselves, at least 1/3 of the commenters in that voting thread had at least one butler playmat as one of their top three choices. As you can see, at least 33% of those backers voted in hopes of seeing a butler character and are now being ignored. Finally, other than the fan choice vote, additional maid character playmats have been added without any prodding from backers. However, an additional playmat, the Menou playmat, was added because 'a few [backers] have been asking about it, we have decided to offer you the Menou playmat as an add-on as well :) ' despite having only been available to certain pledges prior to that. All I am asking is that there is some offering of butler character items since there are many for maid characters. At least 33% of commenters (during the fan choice vote) were eager for the chance of a butler playmat add-on.

    2. Missing avatar

      howdyhamster on

      @as12 - I have extra copies of Lapis Aurora and am willing to trade one for a Mimoza. Send me a message on Boardgamegeek (I'm howdyhamster on there as well) if you're interested.

    3. as12 on

      A game that comes with extra game, that's nice. But would it be possible to swap Mimoza (I already have two) for Lapis Aurora as, unfortunately, calendar she comes with is not really useful for me.

    4. Japanime Games 14-time creator on

      @J and V - We did have the fan choice vote for different playmats with three of the butlers and some fun scenes, but Banquet and Shopping won. So for now, the Butler Blizzard pledge is the only way to get the lovely Leo.


    5. Jeffry Welfare on

      @Hakan. Just say they are for the new game. Different game, you need different playmats. After all Adorianna is holding a volleyball.

    6. Juge Richard on

      Butler playmat? Great idea! I hope young and cute Butler on the cards (cause many maid are young and cut too).

    7. Håkan König on

      Love the new playmats. However, my wife will probably kill me if I buy them though...

    8. Missing avatar

      J and V on

      @Japanime Games - Thank you for the reply! I saw that that playmat is available in the Butler pledge. However, I am wondering if any of the butler characters would be available as separate add-ons. It seems rather unfair that a game with both female characters and male characters only gets add-ons for the female characters, and, the only pledge that offers any male character playmats happens to be one of two of the most expensive pledges. It would be greatly appreciated if there were equivalent add-ons for the male characters as there are for the female characters. I would be more than happy to pledge more for those kinds of add-ons if they existed.

    9. Missing avatar


      Awesome, Mimoza is the last promo card I'm looking for!!!!

    10. Japanime Games 14-time creator on

      @Ian- thanks! we do love our playmats ...... ;)
      @J and V- you can get Leo oversized playmat in the $300 Butler pledge!

    11. Ian P. Dwyer on

      "Another new add-on? Ha! There's no way they're getting another penny from m..."

      "Okay. You got me. Pledge increased."

      Keep up the awesome.

    12. Missing avatar

      J and V on

      Would love to see some or at least one of the butler character playmats as add-ons (such as Leopold or Jimmy). : )