Krosmaster Arena Anime Miniatures Board Game

by Japanime Games

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    1. thearkhammonk

      Hopefully this cuts down on the drama!!!

      Thanks @JAG

    2. thearkhammonk

      And the dice look great.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shawn Gierlinger on

      Is there a limit on how many sets we can add.

    4. Maxime Oracle of the Forest Walrus on

      I must say, I love the color choosen for the dices!

    5. paxton73 on

      How do you tell heads from tails on the coin?

    6. Jared Roswurm on

      Will oversized characters be available for expansion characters in the future? And are we getting 4 dice of each color then?

    7. Jared Roswurm on

      Would there be a reason to buy a second token or terrain set?

    8. Jordan York on

      Wow! That was quite an update. Thanks JAG! The dice and coin look amazing :D

    9. Jordan York on

      @Jared - some people wanted to get a second set to repaint for alternate terrain styles (for example adding snow to stick to the ice theme of the Frigost expansion)

    10. Jesse on

      @ JAG thanks! Dice look great!

    11. Leo Lalande on

      Those dice look amazing; the chosen colors are spectacular!

      Frankly, they look so good that I'd like to have some even if it means paying for them and waiting a bit longer to get my rewards.

      I there any chance you might make the upgraded dice an add-on for a nominal increase in our pledges? I would jump on such an add-on without hesitation.

    12. Brian Oz

      Fantastic update!

      Question: beyond painting terrain to match snow theme, is there a need for a second token set or a second terrain set?

    13. fred on

      JAG you're great!!!!

    14. Andrey Zashchepin on

      This is not cool!
      Now I do not know why I bid $ 300

    15. RocK_M on

      @Andrey: Break it down a bit... a 300 your getting the base game + 3 expansions. Thats the 150 level. Add the resin + tokens to the 150 and you get 275 for the 3 expansions + all the extra terrains and token... so whats the extra 25? Remember your also getting 2 more promo figures.

      Still worth it IMHO :D

    16. Missing avatar

      Adrien Martinot on

      No no no no, you sure have listened and I'd be ready to take 3 options listed above. But how could you tie this to a pledge level ? All add on should be available for all minimun pledge backers...

    17. carcharodon carcharias on

      Darn it! You got me, I've banged on long and hard about this, and you've gone and done what I was hoping you would. Like Adrien below, I'd prefer the option of just picking up the add-ons without the game, but even I realise that's nit picking.

      Great listening JAG, great response, and count me in for a set of trees and tokens!

      Have a good one

    18. Dagda

      Okay, those dice really look neat. The other stuff didn't hit my wavelength, but well, I guess there are enough people around to be excited about those.

      But I do have two questions:
      1. Will you print oversized cards for the expansion and promo figures as well? It doesn't make much sense to have oversized cards for the 8 base characters while all your other characters come only with the small card. Since every backer with a pledge of at least 75$ gets a promo figure, there is no one who could play all his characters with big cards.
      2. If I remember correctly, the 500$ pledge levels get all announced (non add-on) stretch goals, no matter if the stretch goal is reached. Is guess that means the 500$ pledges definitively get the cards, the dice and the coin?

    19. Andrew P on

      Well done! I am glad JAG is thinking of the shipping implications of every strech goal and ensuring that these will not delay the distribution of the game. Which is very important to all backers. Clearly there have been a good learning curve since their origional Kanzume Goddess by JapAnime Games. I personally would rather have no more strech goals than delay shipment of the game.

    20. Justin Robben on

      What an update! I'm excited for what the rest of this campaign holds in store...

    21. Missing avatar

      Dafe on

      4x6 for the xl card seem to be a good size also can the 500$ lvl pledge get one for every fig include in the package? The xl card won't look as awesome if they are next to normal one

    22. Artem Sizyakin on

      @JAG, Maybe you can make oversized cards for all figures as an addon?

      I think most backers would love to have them either they have all 8 expansions or just 3. And those with 3 will more likely want to buy other 5 expansions when they'll come out.
      As for the size - the bigger the better! So go with 5x7.

      And special thanks for the work on this big update!

    23. Ghool on

      This is all excellent news. I expect to see some major growth in the pledges now that the terrain and tokens are available as add-ons.

    24. Tyrandil on

      @JAG for the oversized cards, maybe keep them to 3x5 instead? That way they can still fit within sleeves that are currently available on the market. Otherwise we may need some custom sleeves to let the cards last longer *hint hint*.

      @Artem Having oversized cards for all of the expansions and not just the base game would indeed be great :)

    25. Artem Sizyakin on

      @Tyrandil, 3x5 is not big enough to be cool. It's almost the same as current 2.5x3.5. You can laminate these cards in photolab for cheap instead of buying sleeves.

    26. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Thanks for the update.
      The news are all good but I like very much those dice.
      They would make for playing with style.
      If we don't reach the stretch goal, I wouldn't mind buying them

    27. Missing avatar

      draoi on

      @JAG: Can I add the add-ons twice to a 100$ pledge?

    28. Japanime Games 13-time creator on

      Regarding the oversized cards - I like 5x7, although it is an odd size, but I am getting a price quote on that right now. Good points regarding the other cards....and we may be looking at another set of stretch goals down the road...if we do go with this size I can get sleeves made in the size. We do own a sleeve company too...

    29. Japanime Games 13-time creator on

      Regarding the add ons - we are only allowing one add on of each type per pledge. For instance, if you have a $100 pledge, you could add on one of each type of add on if you like. Additionally, If you have a $300 pledge, you can add on one additional token set for a pledge of $375.

    30. Jerahmeel Godinez on

      Just wondering. Does the $500 pledge already get their own Resin Terrain set and Token Upgrades?

    31. Dagda

      Okay, I am sooo into sleeves! Great idea!

    32. Jared Roswurm on

      If sleeves don't fit, you can always laminate.

    33. Leo Lalande on

      @Jared - Laminating would ruin the oversize cards' value as a collectible. I'd far sooner DIY some custom sleeves with page protectors, or better yet, Ultra-Pro card/pocket sheets. Some careful work with an iron or similar hot tool could easily create suitable oversize card sleeves.

    34. Yoki Erdtman on

      What's the purpose of the collector's coin?