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Krosmaster Arena is a miniatures board game that is designed around using cute anime warriors to take on your opponents!
Krosmaster Arena is a miniatures board game that is designed around using cute anime warriors to take on your opponents!
1,299 backers pledged $366,562 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Phillip Wiley on

      This was a nightmare Kickstarter received broken items .. Did not receive carry case .. been over 2 years and continue to get the run around .. Beware this group.

    2. Ricard Fortun on

      Same question here. Anybody has any news? I also got the promos, but nothing else.

    3. Nathan Bryan on

      Um...did quest ever ship? I never saw it got the promos but no game.

    4. Darryl Jam

      Hi Krosmasters! Mega Man the board game kickstarter just lowered the coloured mini stretch goal - check it out!

    5. Jason Elliott

      Where is my order?

    6. Thomas Veilleux on

      It's a finale too for me, I just received my Goultard not the barbarian. So everything is there. It was fun to talk with everyone, but it end the krosmaster story for me since i'm not backing frigost.

      Good luck everyone.

    7. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Well everyone finally a finale for me. Kinda like an early Christmas present for me really. Yesterday the rest of my items and replacement items finally showed up. So that's it for this particular adventure for me. I hope that everyone who is still waiting for items gets it resolved soon! It was really great getting to chat with you all. I will always remember the good times on this my very first kickstarter! So have a candwich and flip a table for me! Happy holidays!

    8. Missing avatar

      Shawn Gierlinger on

      cool update seeing all the rewards. How about an update to the actually items in this campaign for backers?

    9. Chua Chee Yong on

      Yanik, try comment on the Frigost update page. They have a new update now, maybe they will notice ur post and get the thing done. Hope u can get ur item soon.

    10. Yanik D'Aigle

      Well it has now been 3 emails and 2 weeks with a couple of postings and as usual, nothing from JAG. If someone out there from the company could help me get my missing items, that would be great. I hope by now, you aren't still being inundated with complaints and able to get things fixed in a timely maner. I have been patient and I am even supporting Frigost. Please, someone, help. Thanks.

    11. Thomas Veilleux on

      Yanik, Keep emailing them. It really suck. I just can't buy frigost. Never again. Yes kids like the game and the mini but no I will not pass that kind of thing again. I prefer to help other kickstarter and to have more versatile mini.

    12. kris kline on

      What are the email addresses for Amanda and Megan?

    13. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Yanik, email them again! Straight away! Posting here helps to warn others but will do little to solve the problem. Email them and ask nicely and they will respond. It worked for me. Oh and no Frigost for me couldn't do it. Just couldn't.

    14. Yanik D'Aigle

      Four score and seven years ago (at least it feels that way) I ordered a Morora XXL I want it now pledge. I even doubled up the tokens and terrain. It took 3 four week delays and a multitude of poor customer service to finally get my pledge. Well most of it. I was missing my XXL Morora, one of the expansions, a tofu and a few broken ones. I was assured to get my items replaced by end of september and even received a tracking number by late october! 7 and a half weeks later I get my parcel of replacements...or let me correct that...replacement tofu. Yep after almost another 2 months, assurances they got it right this time they still managed to screw it up....AAARGH...most frustrating company to deal with. Please, get this fixed ASAP. I have yet to hear from anyone from my emails (big surprise). Fool that I am, I still pledged for Frigost too...I must be a sucker for punishment.

    15. Tyrandil on

      And with the shipment I received today, I finally have everything that I pledged for. Phew.

    16. David Martinez Ortega on

      I'm selling the promo minis. If somebody wants them, please mail me:
      I'm accepting offers. I'm from Spain.

    17. Leo Lalande on

      Hi Amanda,

      I just forwarded you an email that I sent to Erica almost a month ago regarding missing components from my shipment of Krosmaster Arena. To date I still haven't received a response to that email, or a package in the mail resolving my problem.

      I'm hoping that you can get things resolved for me.

    18. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      @thomas, got an email from Megan today. She apologized for the mix up and has sent my remaining items today. She also thanked me for my patience. Whilst nothing could make things right, this hoes a very long way in my books. First step in fixing a problem is realizing there is one. Hope everything works out for you! Bon courage!

    19. Neoyukio on

      So I finally had an opportunity to unpack my "All the things now Nox edition". Is there a list anywhere outlining everything I was supposed to receive? There was a lot of extra stuff added at the las min like the XL cards and extra promo sets etc. I'd like to be able to verify that I received everything. (Sorry if this was posted below, this comment section has gotten huge)

    20. Mark Dalley on

      I am still awaiting a response to my 5 emails sent over the past month.

    21. Missing avatar

      Shawn Gierlinger on

      Yes Amanda Please revisit the case. I am fine with the price increase from $50 to $75 is three things happen. Number 1 get rid of the place for cards its was a waste of space and not needed. Number 2 the foam on the bottom of each try needs to be much much much heavier duty the first one is way to light almost rips from the weight of the figures. Lastly there is a ton of wasted space on each try each try could be cut down enough to add a third whole new try for tokens, terrain, karma and gallions.

    22. Thomas Veilleux on

      @Rod maybe the dogs can learn new tricks, but I will not help them in another adventure. No way.

    23. Justin on

      Anyone interested in selling Nox xxl Figure? Can pm me @ BGG username: kavaris or email - ! Thx

    24. Nils

      Have you received my email?

    25. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Sounds like a step in the right direction! Who knows maybe these dogs can learn new tricks ;-)

    26. Thomas Veilleux on

      @Rod: Happy to see you got an answer. I've got one too. They will send me my goultard. I can see some change, they asked me to fill a form for my missing piece. So I see a bit of better organisation.

    27. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Good luck for anyone getting Frigost! It looks amazing!

    28. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Erica has now emailed me and assured me they will give me a tracking number when they ship my remaining items to my current address. Fingers crossed!

    29. Princesse on

      Hi Erica,

      I haven't always had an answer to my last email.

      Thank you.

    30. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Should be out now. Search for Frigost.

    31. Glen Green on

      when is the next exp

    32. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Thomas after all you've been through I'm so happy you're almost there! Nothing but issues for unfortunately. They've shipped my first package to my old address after I gave them plenty of notice one month and received confirmation from Megan that it had been changed. I then emailed Erica to help, with my now current address and she said it was taken care of. They then shipped my case, less my missing and replacement items to my old address again (!). I then sent Erica another email which she has not responded to. Waited three weeks and sent her another one to which she has still not responded. Sigh. That's my story.

    33. Missing avatar

      draoi on

      @Erica: Are you sure the original terrain will not be produced again? Ankama said they will start selling it at the beginning of the next year. Or is that all part of one big production run that has already happened?

    34. Petr Kozub on

      waiting for frigost)) i can't decide what xxl figurine i want))

    35. Thomas Veilleux on

      Rod just keep emailing if nothing work. It could work. Let a couple of days between and email back. Now that they have also Amanda, they should answer.

      I was sure you got all your stuff. For me I received the missing part today 4 out of 5 were correct. But I received another Goultard the barbarian but needed the regular one. Fortunatly it will be the last part. Other than that, my 2 argon gass survived the trip.

    36. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      I've used the info and the marketing one. At one point Erica said they were all being directed to her so the last time I used the marketing one. I'm glad that they got back to you promptly. Sadly for me, not so much.

    37. Andrew Park on

      @Rod where did you send the email to? I have emailed them at least 10 times now and I always got response by the end of the day. mail them here:
      I got a response from Amanda yesterday about two hours after I have sent an email about my replacement.

    38. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Shawn defiinately not your fault. I was just using you as an example. I'm glad you have your stuff, I know it was a long battle for you aswell.

    39. Missing avatar

      Shawn Gierlinger on

      Rod I am sorry that JAG has treated you like crap. Also sorry I got my stuff before you I figured I would be the last one to get anything. Just goes to show Eric cant even get that right.

    40. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Erica, Sadly I still haven't had a response to my emails. I waited three weeks and sent you a copy. I saw that I had an email from Japanime and was excited to see your response and it was an add for Frigost. I have no intention of bad mouthing Jag publicly but feel I have been very patient and feel like I have been overlooked because of it. Even the Shawn who was so over the top that Eric emailed him personally got all of his stuff long before me. All I want is for you to ship my replacement and missing items to my new address (over 5 months old now). I am very upset that you are launching a new campaign before addressing the needs of your former backers and feel like the email advertising Frigost was a major slap in the face. I can't get a response to my emails but you can send me and adverstisement? Could you please respond to my email and please ensure that they ship my remaining items to my current address. Thank you.

    41. Missing avatar

      Shawn Gierlinger on

      Ghool MSG me on BGG user name sgierlinger. I would be willing to buy your XXL Figure from you.

    42. Nils

      Wow o.O 40$/60$/75$ to ship outside the US?
      This Frigost KS is clearly not for EU/INT backers :P

    43. Japanime Games 13-time creator on

      A few things:

      1) there will be add ons.
      2) The Original terrain will NOT be an add on, because we only have a few hundred sets left, and we don't want to overpromise- the original terrain is not being made again.

      4 hours to go :)

    44. Ghool on

      While I am excited for Frigost, I wonder why there isn't a pledge level that includes the terrain and tokens without an XXL?

      Honestly, I could give a crap about the oversized plastic paperweight. I want to pimp my game, and shelling out another $400 for it is excessive. Give me a pledge without an XXL, and with the other pimping goodies, and I'll be all in. Otherwise, I might save my monies for something else. :P

    45. Scott Bono on

      It could be that, but I am expecting it to be the 6 promos that were available with the $100 pledge in the first kickstarter, i.e., no Nox, no Dark Goultard

    46. Andrew Park on

      I thought the 6 promo would be the Wakfu TV series package that we saw?

    47. Scott Bono on

      @Andrew I imagine that Nox is not one of the 6 promos included at the $175 level. It looks like he is only available at the $699 level

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