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Battle Bosses is a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game for 2-6 players where each player controls an epic Boss and their minions.
Battle Bosses is a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game for 2-6 players where each player controls an epic Boss and their minions.
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Boss Breakdown: Cthulhu

Posted by KessCo (Creator)

Character Intro


Cthulhu has been plotting for millennia from the Void, awaiting an opportunity to escape to the corporeal world and conquer the minds of those who dare to oppose him, feeding the rest to his zombie army. Cthulhu plays the long game, using effects to control the early game while building resources towards an insurmountable late-game engine.

Play Style

Cthulhu is all about playing Effects. The few upgrades that Cthulhu has power up his upgrades, make them cheaper, or otherwise interact with them. Cthulhu’s game plan is to prolong the game by using effects to slow his opponents down while playing upgrades to generate more and more advantage until his opponents are ground to dust beneath his might.


Base Abilities

Cthulhu’s Scheme ability allows him to discard a card to draw a new card. With the high density of powerful effects in Cthulhu’s deck, it doesn’t take too much scheming to find the perfect card for any situation. Cthulhu’s ultimate, Omniscience, allows him to search his deck or discard pile for any effect and play it for free, giving Cthulhu full access to his vast arsenal of Effects.


Deck Breakdown - Key Cards

Cthulhu’s signature card is Forbidden Tomb. Forbidden Tomb makes a zombie any time you play an effect, which adds up to a lot of free zombies for Cthulhu if it goes unchecked.

The Depths is one of Cthulhu’s most important effects. It allows him to get back an Effect from his discard pile, which means rebuying Effects important to a particular matchup, or getting back expensive effects discarded to Scheme.

Zap is the main enabler of many of Cthulhu’s awesome plays. It is a zero cost effect that destroys a minion. Since it costs zero, it will trigger your Forbidden Tomb or any other Upgrades that want you to play effects, as well as being easy to get back and replay with cards like The Depths.

Cthulhu is all about playing effects and slowing down opponents and the effect that is most effective at making sure your opponent doesn’t overwhelm you is Madness. It makes your opponent roll 2 less dice on their next turn, giving you the time you need to set up your defenses.

In order to keep playing effects while also deploying upgrades necessary to scale into the late game, Cthulhu needs lots of crystals. That’s where Dark Ritual comes in. It is an upgrade that gives Cthulhu a crystal every turn, maintains a steady income.

Arena Mode Role

In Arena mode, Cthulhu plays as a support in the early game, slowing down opponents by destroying minions and manipulating their movement and dice. Later in the game, once Cthulhu gets his upgrades online, he can start to generate enough resources to become a team’s major damage dealer.


Captain Boat finds his Bounty

We have some great news! As early as our development and playtesting stages, retailers and local distributors who we met at tradeshows and conventions were interested in carrying Battle Bosses. After showing these distributors and retailers how much Battle Bosses has evolved, many of them have asked if they could carry Battle Bosses on their shelves. In order to ensure our backers also benefit from their interest in our game, we are introducing our Captain's Bounty tier. This tier includes 6 Case Packs of individually boxed bosses, equivalent set of each add-on, and unlocked stretch goals.

Building a Battle Bosses community is very important to us at Kess and making sure that local game stores everywhere have an easy way to keep ordering Battle Bosses while supporting us is a great way to ensure the longevity of the community. And of course, with their help we can head towards unlocking some awesome stretch goals!

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