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Battle Bosses is a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game for 2-6 players where each player controls an epic Boss and their minions.
Battle Bosses is a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game for 2-6 players where each player controls an epic Boss and their minions.
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Boss Breakdown: Captain Boat

Posted by KessCo (Creator)
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Character Intro

The Scourge of the 13 depths. Part Captain! Part Boat! With a cannon for an arm and an eye patch for a sail, no one is safe while the Captain is out at sea. Captain Boat loves nothing more than treasure. He hoards crystals to pay off his mercenary crew while traversing the board to uncover Chest tokens buried by his opponents.

Play Style

Captain Boat is a very mobile boss, and that mobility is best used finding and cashing in chest tokens. Captain Boat has the ability to spend an energy to have his opponent place a chest on the board in an empty space of their choice. Captain Boat then has Treasure cards that allow him or a pirate to cash in chests for rewards.


Base Abilities

Captain Boat’s basic abilities are Bounty, which allows him to discard a card to get a crystal, and his ultimate Treasure Trove, which lets him get 8 crystals! Captain Boat also has a 3rd unique ability, which is the one that forces opponents to place chests.

Deck Breakdown - Key Cards

Captain Boat’s key card is Treasure Map. It allows you to search your deck for a treasure card and put it into your hand. Getting a Treasure card ASAP is important for Captain Boat and being able to choose which one you get is even better.

Mutiny is another of Captain Boat’s important cards. At the beginning of each of his turns, Mutiny deals a damage to whichever boss has the least crystals. Luckily, Captain Boat has the tools to make sure he stays on top of the crystal race.

The most efficient way Captain Boat can stay ahead in crystals is Steal. It’s a zero-cost effect that allows Captain Boat to steal a crystal from an opponent.

In order to pick up all these treasures lying about, Captain Boat has got to move round. The card that does that most efficiently is Silk Sails. It costs 1 crystal, and lets you move a unit 1 space for free every turn as long as you have more crystals than each opponent.

Arena Mode Role

In Arena mode, Captain Boat takes on a supporting role since his allies can open the Chests as well, Captain Boat places them around for his teammates to grab, while hoarding crystals to set up his payoff cards in the late game.

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