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Battle Bosses is a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game for 2-6 players where each player controls an epic Boss and their minions.
Battle Bosses is a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game for 2-6 players where each player controls an epic Boss and their minions.
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Boss Breakdown: Grakthar

Posted by KessCo (Creator)

Grakthar is the bully of Battle Bosses. He stomps around the battlefield, taking whatever he pleases, and smashing everything and everyone in his way with his greedy goblin cohort following in his wake, looting the wreckage of his conquests.

Play Style

Grakthar wants to get in the opponent’s face and beat them in direct melee combat before they know what hit them.


Base Abilities

One of the ways Grakthar is able to excel at close range is with his base ability to spend energy to damage an opposing boss in his space. This allows Grakthar to keep up pressure on his enemies health even when low on crystals. Your opponent will be the one low on crystals when you unleash Grakthar’s ultimate ability, Rampage, which destroys all of an enemy’s crystals and deals damage to them for each one!

Deck Breakdown - Key Cards

Grakthar’s signature card is Big Machete. When brawling enemy bosses, it allows him to deal an extra damage, which is an important part of Grakthar’s strategy of directly fighting enemy bosses.

All this fighting with enemy bosses is bound to get Grakthar damaged. To make sure there’s no way the enemy can take out Grakthar first, Grakthar always wants to have some Meat handy to heal back up.

Bully is one of Grakthar’s main sources of crystals. You get a crystal each time you move into your opponent’s space, which should happen all time time once your opponent is on the run!

Grakthar doesn’t have any time to wait for his goblins to catch up when he’s rushing into battle, but fortunately, he’s got the Backpack card, so he can carry his diminutive friends with him into battle with ease. When Grakthar has Backpack, he gets to move any goblins in his space for free whenever he moves!

If there’s anything Grakthar lives other than crushing his enemies, it’s hearing the adoration of his fans. When he has the cheering squad upgrade, he can move 1 space for each of his goblins in play.

Arena Mode Role

In Arena mode, Grakthar’s in-your-face playstyle allows him to act as a team’s main damage dealer. Grakthar will typically be on the front lines of battle, taking out enemy bosses or neutral minions while his team uses their resources to finish off Grakthar’s prey or keep enemy bosses from teaming up on him.

If aggressive gameplay is how you get things done, Grakthar is the Boss that helps you get in your opponent's face, then hit them hard.

Check out more of our bosses on our website ( and stay tuned for more Boss Breakdowns!

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