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Battle Bosses is a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game for 2-6 players where each player controls an epic Boss and their minions.
Battle Bosses is a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game for 2-6 players where each player controls an epic Boss and their minions.
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Battle Arena Mode!

Posted by KessCo (Creator)

Battle Arena Mode is a 3v3 way to play battle Bosses that is inspired by popular MOBA video games. There are a few concepts that are new to Arena Mode compared to standard Battle Bosses. We recommend you read the rules for standard play before reading these rules.


Bases: Each team has a base, with the three adjacent spaces being the starting spaces for the team’s three bosses. Bosses cannot move into bases, but minions can. Special tokens, such as treasures or land mines cannot be placed in bases. Each base has 20 health. If a team’s base takes 20 damage, they are eliminated and the other team wins.

Bosses: Bosses in Arena mode have reduced health, as reflected on their Arena mode dashboards. Some of them also have modified abilities, to better suit a team-focused environment, so be sure to check out your Boss to see if their abilities have changed before playing. When a boss is eliminated in Arena mode, they re-spawn at their starting space next to their base and deal 3 damage to their base.

Fog of War: There are 5 Fog of War zones on the Arena map. Each team’s base and starting spaces are each one zone, the area between their starting spaces and the center area is each another zone, and the center is the fifth zone.

A Boss’s abilities and cards can’t effect bosses, minions, or spaces other than the zone they are in and any adjacent zone.

Neutral Monsters and Pets: In the center of the map, place 4 face up neutral monsters in the neutral monster camps as indicated on the board from the neutral monster tile deck. They are wild creatures, monsters, and characters that can be defeated for rewards. In combat, they function similar to bosses. Any cards or abilities you have that damage a boss can be used to damage neutral monsters as well.

Combat involving monsters happens in this order: 

  • If you have minions in a monster’s space at the end of your turn, they deal 1 damage to the monster and are destroyed. 
  • If your boss or any pet monsters you control are in the monster’s space at the end of your turn, they brawl it. The monster deals 1 damage to each boss in its space. 
  • If the monster is already dead from damage dealt by minions or bosses, it doesn’t deal its damage.

If you destroy a neutral monster, you get whatever the reward is. If you and a teammate are damaging the boss at the same time, your team may choose which one of you gets the reward. After your team gets the reward, a new monster is placed face down in the empty space next to the camp where the monster was with 3 time markers on it. Remove a time marker at the beginning of each team’s turn, and when the last marker is removed, flip the facedown monster face up and put it onto the camp.

Sometimes the reward for defeating a monster is you get to gain it as a pet. When this happens, you put the minion’s pet tile into the space where it was defeated and the player who defeated it gets the monster’s dashboard and puts it with their other dashboards. The monster has abilities which cost energy, just like a boss or minion, it brawls like a boss, and all cards, abilities and combat treat it like another boss. If it is eliminated by taking damage equal to its max health, it is removed from the board and its dashboard is removed from its controller’s play area.

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