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Record your progress and track changes on a day to day basis. Specifically designed for people with movement disorders.
Record your progress and track changes on a day to day basis. Specifically designed for people with movement disorders.
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Diagnosed with a movement disorder? Parkinson’s, Ataxia, Dystonia, Essential Tremor, Huntington's, Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), Myoclonus, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), Rett Syndrome, Secondary Parkinsonism, Spasticity, Tardive Dyskinesia (TD), Tourette Syndrome or Wilson's Disease.

You have good days and bad days … good weeks and bad weeks. Supplements, diet, medication, exercise regime, sleep patterns and stress levels all change on a day to day basis - with no way of recording or tracking your progress.

My solution is to create an app that records quantitative data based on hand coordination. You can record your progress by drawing a spiral using either your finger or a stylus, trying your best to stay within the spiral and maintain a smooth, consistent movement. You then have the option to add notes - anything you feel relevant to your current symptoms - diet, medication, sleep and so on. Your accuracy(%) is then measured and graphed to visualize your progress. There is a gallery view where you can analyze the drawings on a day to day and week to week basis - this represents patterns where you can identify possible reasons for the fluctuation of symptoms. This information can then be shared with your specialist.

The dream is to create the app professionally and gain user feedback from both patients and specialists along the way. The app will strive to have the quality of ‘Angry birds’ and the analytical intelligence of ‘Fitbit’. Depending on funding, I wish to create a portal for specialists where they can compare their patients and put together more constructive treatment plans, tailored to their patient's needs.

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Risks and challenges

With both my education and experience I am more than capable of overcoming any risks or challenges. I have a Masters Degree in Art and Design with a focus on Brain Gene Ontology Visualisation ( I have been working with: UI/UX, websites, email marketing, branding/identity, 3D animation, motion graphics and print for over 10 years. I have experience working for award winning agencies such as Switch.I.T and Folk, where I had the privilege to work on high-end clients including all the major car manufacturers, several government agencies and various banking and mining institutions.

I aim to create compelling digital solutions that attract and resonate across an ever-evolving landscape. Over the years I have fuelled an addiction for new trends and techniques. My focus is to tell a story while meeting all objectives in a user-centric manner.

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