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The Doris Encyclopedia! Boating down the Mississippi! Coming Out! Farming! Death! Girl Gangs! Overcoming Shyness! Survival! Love!

I started writing Doris zine in 1994, giving it mostly to strangers on buses. I wanted to break down barriers and break open secrets - the serious secrets and the simple ones. I have published the zine once or twice a year now, and it is distributed internationally. The Doris Encyclopedia is a book of the past 9 years of Doris, plus plus stories and articles that appeared in Maximum Rock and Roll, Slug and Lettuce, and other zines, including top secret zines I put out under a pseudonym. Subjects include: boating down the mississippi, coming out, farming, punk, girl gangs, overcoming shyness, survival, love, history, family, travel, ecological politics, building things, creating things, and way, way more.

Printing costs for the book are 14,000. I have 6,000 saved up, and have borrowed 4,000. I'm hoping I can raise the rest here on Kickstarter. The book is scheduled to be printed in the end of July!


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