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Sherlock Holmes vs. Captain Nemo in an enhanced, interactive iPad adventure book set in a steampunk universe.
Sherlock Holmes vs. Captain Nemo in an enhanced, interactive iPad adventure book set in a steampunk universe.
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Cyber-Monday: Enhanced Book Gift Certificates!

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Hi Everyone,

We've had a number of requests from contributors about gifting enhanced books to friends and family for the Holidays and we think its a great idea! To support this we are announcing our new Gifting program.


Any contributor to our latest Kickstarter project ( Noble Beast Classics ) at $25.00 or more can give one or more copies of their enhanced Noble Beast Classics to anyone they please as a Gift! PLUS, if you Gift a Noble Beast Classic we'll extend the receiver an invitation to download Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus for FREE this holiday season! Here is a brief description of how it works (a more detailed description follows)

1. Contribute $25.00 or more out our Noble Beast Classics Kickstarter campaign.

2. Tell us how many of your enhanced Noble Beast Classics you want each recipient to receive.

3. Print off the Gift Certificate to present at a time of your choosing (e.g. Christmas Day!)

4. Stand by for lots of love and appreciation!!

5. Recipients download Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus for free!

Of course all this is contingent on the success of this Noble Beast Classics kickstarter campaign.  We have a ways to go but we are picking up momentum fast and we are very excited about completing the Kickstarter and getting started on the 13 New Noble Beast Classics!

Here is a more detailed explanation of how the Noble Beast Classics Kickstarter Gifting system works:

1. Contribute at $25.00 level or more to our Noble Beast Classics kickstarter campaign. If you have already contributed at this level or above you automatically qualify for Gifting.

2. Right after the end of the successful campaign (December 12th), we'll email you to ask if you want to Gift any of your enhanced Noble Beast Classic books and how many to whom.

3. By December 16th, we will send you a printable Gift Certificate from Noble Beast for each recipient. This will include the invitation to download Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus for FREE between December 29th 2013 and January 5th 2014 in any one of the following formats: iPad, ePub, MOBI (for Kindle), PDF, or audiobook.


John contributes at the $25.00 Level to the Noble Beast Classics kickstarter campaign. After the campaign is successfully completed, John gets an email asking him if he would like to Gift any of his 7 Noble Beast Classic choices to a friend or family.

John chooses to Gift one copy each to his sister, brother, mother, and best friend. John receives Gift certificates for each person (with their name) telling them how many Noble Beast Classics they have received and providing a list of choices. PLUS, the gift certificate will include an invitation to each recipient to download Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus absolutely free between December 29th 2013 and January 5th 2014.

On Christmas day John presents his family members and best friend with the Gift certificates. He is immediately showered with love for his totally unique holiday gift. Between December 29th 2013 and January 5th 2014, John and everyone he has sent a Gift to, can download Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus for free!


When you gift a Noble Beast Classic choice to someone, we will automatically set that person up with a Noble Beast account and move the number of choices you indicate from your FREE subscription to theirs. So, if you sign up at $25.00 to receive your choice of 7 Noble Beast classics, but you Gift 3 of them, than each person will get an automatic subscription with the number of choices you Gifted and your personal subscription will be reduced from 7 choices to 4 choices. Noble Beast Classic Gifts cannot be sold to other people.

Statisticity : Dystopian Sci-Fi!


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that author, Yaron Glazer, has just signed on with Noble Beast to publish the enhanced edition of his epic book, Statisticity.  

The world that Yaron has created is incredibly detailed and it was designed from the ground up to be enhanced in the exact way we enhance books with pop-up character profiles, device diagrams, intricate maps, and much, much more.  If you liked Steampunk Holmes you are going to love the Enhanced Edition of Statisticity 

I've been reading the book and its fantastic. I personally think its going to win some coveted awards for Science Fiction writing its so good. Nebula? Hugo?  Statisticity is one of those rare, debut novels that takes the Sci-Fi community by storm.

We can't wait to get started on the project and right now you can help. Yaron is raising money to pay for all the fantastic art work for the enhanced edition of Statisticity. Check out his own kickstarter project and decide for yourself - its really a compelling vision. I'm glad we will be working with Yaron on Statisticity its a perfect fit for Noble Beast. People are going to love the enhance book!

Support Yaron now at his kickstarter project page. He only has a few days go to and he needs your help and if we want to make it into an enhanced edition!

What about the Noble Beast Classics?

We are, of course, very excited about the 13 Noble Beast Classics I mentioned in the last update!  You folks have really started something here. By funding Steampunk Holmes you have effectively created a whole new way to tell Sci-Fi and Fanstasy stories - through Enhanced editions!

With more than a dozen people on staff now and over 100 artists at our disposal we are ready to take Noble Beast from a single book to a Sci-Fi / Fantasy force to be reckoned with.  

If you haven't supported our Noble Beast Classics kickstarter yet, please do and for those who already have (50% of our contributors also contributed to Steampunk Holmes) THANK YOU!  You people Rule!!

13 New Enhanced Books!


Hi Everyone,

I'm really excited to bring you news about Steampunk Homes: Frankenstein and 13 NEW Enhanced books we are funding through a new Kickstarter campaign.

13 New Enhanced Books!

Now that we have developed the software and distributed all the awards for the Steampunk Holmes kickstarter we are ready to pump-up the volume on our small publishing house and start creating more books.  We just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of 13 New Enhanced Books!

Each book is a twist on a classic you'll probably recognize.  Imagine speculative fiction adaptations of classics like Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Moby Dick and seven other classics!  We are going to apply the same hard work and quality to these new works that we did with Steampunk Holmes, so if you like Steampunk Holmes please consider supporting our new project, Noble Beast Classics!

Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein

After a long break to take care of family business, author P.C. Martin is off and running with Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein. We just received the 4th chapter of the new book and its even better than the first (is that possible?). We will send this book to all of the Steampunk Holmes contributors as soon as its finished. We'll probably have the eBook and web book ready first and then the iPad version shortly there after.  

We have a new artist working on the project, Levi Hoffmeier. To give you a fast of what is coming here is the first work of art Levi did for the book this week.

Frankenstein's Monster by Levi Hoffmeier
Frankenstein's Monster by Levi Hoffmeier

 It's going to be hard to fill Daniel Cortes' shoes with book 2, but I think Levi has the perfect style and quality to take this challenge head on!

Steampunk Holmes is the flagship product for our new line of books, Noble Beast Classics. We can't wait to add Steampunk Holmes: Frankenstein as well as 13 other Noble Beast Classics to the line.  Come check us out on Kickstarter and if you believe in what we are doing, contribute to help make this dream a reality for everyone!

Thank you!


We're Hiring!


Hi Everyone, 

Noble Beast, the publisher of Steampunk Holmes, is looking to add more people to our team. Specifically we are looking for folks with experience or strong interest in the following: 

  • Director of Social Marketing - 1 Position. Best candidate has experience managing social media campaigns and people - but passion is the most important quality. At Noble Beast, social marketing is strategic to the success of our company.
  • Social Marketers - 7 Positions. Best candidates are friendly and passionate. Professional experience is not necessary. At Noble Beast, social marketing is strategic to the success of our company.
  • Book Keeping - 1 Position. Best candidates have at least an associated degree in book keeping
  • Developers - 3 Positions. Strong interest or experience in developing iOS applications. If you are an experience OO developer and want to get into iOS and just need a chance, this is it. If you are experience in iOS already, than come do something cool for a change: help develop our enhanced book platform.
  • e-Office Manager - 1 Position. Best candidates are Über-organized. We can't keep track of all the information, meetings, and so on without an e-Office Manager. Work from home and help us run as efficiently as possible.
  • Graphic Designer – 2 Positions. Best candidates have professional experience creating graphics for web sites and/or mobile applications. Even better if candidate has experience designing entire web sites. •

The first thought on people mind usually is .... "what's it pay?". Well nothing for now. We are all working for sweat equity. But this is not your normal "option-after-4-years-deal". Noble Beast offers real equity in exchange for hours worked. We are a LLC partnership so all employees who earn equity become limited partners and own equity permanently - regardless of their work status. 

Why such an unusual and generous equity system? We believe that everyone who helps us grow deserves to benefit from the long-term success of the company. You cannot become a first rate company without the efforts of the people who were their from the beginning. 

Case Study: Ellie Anne a published author and stay-at-home Mom. She joined Noble Beast about a year ago as a Social Marketer. She quickly demonstrated skill well beyond that post and has since been promoted twice and now holds the role of Director of Publishing. Ellie has worked hard and after a year has earned a significant equity stake in the company that she will keep for as long as she lives - or until the company is acquired or otherwise exits. 

Case Study: Ari is a professional software developer. He helped develop the Steampunk Holmes app in his spare time over the course of several months. He has now earned a significant equity stake and has decided to take a break to work on another start-up. Ari will always own his equity stake in Noble Beast and is welcome back whenever he chooses. 

We cannot pay you ... yet. But that's going to change and in the mean time you can help us grown while earning real ownership in a company that loves Science Fiction & Fantasy and enhanced books. Eventually, we want everyone to be paid at full time but its going to take time to get to that point. The harder we all work the sooner that moment comes!

Our working conditions are the best: Everyone works from home! Yup, we are total eCompany. In addition, we always place family and your "day job" first. The expectations are that everyone works about 10 hours a week or more depending on their circumstances and desires.  And the people are wonderful, talented, and hard working. We are all Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans and believe in what noble beast is doing.

Come join us and be a part of a revolution in publishing while working on very cool Science Fiction and Fantasy books fully illustrated and totally enhanced!  If you have a friend who is looking for this kind of opportunity, please pass this along to them.

Thank you!


Richard Monson-Haefel 

Founder Noble Beast, LLC 

Noble Beast

Twitter: @NobleBeastBooks 

Steampunk Holmes

Twitter: @SteamHolmes
Facebook: SteamHolmes

Web Book Now Available!!

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