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And another year passes ...

Posted by Jim Downey (Creator)
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Happy November!

Yes, it's been another year. And St Cybi's Well isn't yet finished. Which I find honestly surprising, since I am still very much wrapped up in the writing of it and it feels like it is going well.

Regardless, as I said a year ago: "But progress isn't completion. So this is my mea culpa, and an offer: if you backed this Kickstarter in good faith, and want a refund, just drop me a note to and we'll work things out. Now, I hope that you won't. But I will understand if you do. We had a contract, and I have not fulfilled my obligations."

So, how much longer until it is done? I wish I could say for sure. My gut says before the next year is over. But as several of you told me last year: it will take as long as it takes. The writing *is* going well, and I am currently wrapping up work on Chapter 11: Y Gaer. At present I have about 70,000 words written of the actual book (I estimate the final version will be similar to Communion of Dreams, and come in at about 120,000), with another 50,000 words of notes/research/descriptions/scene drafts. I will often post brief excerpts on the Facebook page, and longer material on the blog. 

I am excited about how it is going, though sometimes the similarities to what I am writing in the book and what is happening in the real world (such as with the Ebola epidemic and people's reaction to it) is downright eerie. The feedback I have had from my guinea-pig readers on the material so far has been very positive -- and if you would like to read some or all of it and give me your feedback, I would be happy to make those arrangements. 

So that's where things stand, and about as honest an assessment as I can give. I typically spend a couple hours a day working on the book, and it feels like progress, but it also takes more time than I expect to finish each chapter. 

Please feel free to contact me through Kickstarter or directly at if you have any other questions or I may be of other service.

Cheers, and thanks for your continued patience and support!

Jim Downey

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    1. Karen Williams on

      As I'm currently trying to finish out my own book project I totally understand and sympathize. It sounds like you're still excited by the project, so in my opinion all is well.