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A premium, easy to use and affordable phone stabilizer that allows everyone to be a professional filmmaker.
A premium, easy to use and affordable phone stabilizer that allows everyone to be a professional filmmaker.
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Ted talks about what makes Vimble S different from other gimbals (It's not a TED talk)

Posted by DelTron Intelligence Technology Limited (Creator)

Hello guys, big thanks to all of your support to us on Kickstarter. It has been 3 great weeks full of excitement. There have been a few common questions that we get during the first few weeks of launch. Ted from our team made a video to address these commonly asked questions.

We wanted to bring Vimble S to the hands of creators everywhere in the world. We sincerely hope to offer a premium product with practical features yet with reasonable and affordable price and eventually create a community where people share the most important moments of their adventures! 

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Some of you asked about extension pole, we do support extension pole but we do NOT produce it. Here are some of the example pictures. Check this out!

Vimble S in the news 

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This is a project from Indiegogo we like a lot. Check it out if you are interested!

The World's Smallest 360 Camera - Moka360 Moka360 is the smallest panorama camera and provides 2K 360 video with amazing image quality. Film 360 video and do live streaming at the click of a button.  

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    1. DelTron Intelligence Technology Limited Creator on

      Hi David,

      Nice to e-meet you! Yep, it's Ted here.

      Gotcha, it only appears so. The iPhone we use in the videos happens to be balanced the best when it's in that position. I have an iPhone 5s so there will be a relatively obvious gap between Motor A and the lightning port. ViCam and Vimble S are connected through Bluetooth.

      Vimble Team

    2. David Allen on

      Ted, I'm guessing that it is you communicating with us. Hi.

      In all of the videos, photos and illustrations, the way that the Lightning port end of the iPhone is centered against what you identify in the illustration with parts called out as Motor A, it appeared that Motor A could be plugged into the Lightning port.

    3. DelTron Intelligence Technology Limited Creator on

      Hello Wilson,

      Thank you very much for watching the video! I have to be objective here. We won't be able to actually have time to set up a website before the campaign ends. In fact, most of these videos or GIFs are already in detail, if you would love to see more examples or tutorials that would be perfect as well.

      I think that's a great idea and we will definitely consider that in a later stage.

      Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

      Vimble Team

    4. DelTron Intelligence Technology Limited Creator on

      Hello David,

      Your comment means a lot to us! We are just trying to tell people who we are and why we will be able to make Vimble S a premium product yet with affordable price. We definitely understand what's happening with Kickstarter community.

      Unfortunately, these things sometimes do happen. Kickstarter itself is a fantastic community yet I guess there will always be people who are trying to make money out of this by lying to people. That's exactly why we are out here recording a video to communicate with our backers. I actually recorded that video right here in our university!

      Thank you very much for choosing us and I am sure you will be satisfied! :)

      I don't think Vimble S is plugged in with lightning port. Are you willing to tell me the exact time of the video clip so we can double check? It might just appear to be the situation.

      They will be connected through blue tooth for sure.

      Vimble Team

    5. DelTron Intelligence Technology Limited Creator on

      Hi Enterp1se,

      I am afraid we don't really support 360 cameras. Hope you like our recommendation! We just want to promote interesting innovations to our backers! :)

    6. Wilson on


      I just went to check out a 360 camera fund raising project and asked them a question about their sample videos.

      Yes you have shown us a few videos and it is impressive but would it be good to have a website link that you can let us see all the sample videos that you have?

      Looking through Ted's video it got me thinking too. It will be good to see the real videos of the gimbal in use in the hands, including a behind the scenes look at the usage of the product. The V Cam use will also convince more people after the kickstarter campaign. What i like to see is slow, real time changing of zoom, camera settings including shutter speed, ISO, white balance etc.

      A training website page with video tutorials will be extremely helpful to sell your product too.

      Hope I didn't demand much but I am just saying all these things from a gadget reviewer point of view. Wish you guys all the best and great success.

      Now just deliver it on time.

    7. Enterpr1se on

      Moka360 seems an interesting product, can it mount on Vimble S?
      As it have a magnet pod mount and a 1/4" adaptor mount

    8. David Allen on

      Hi Vimble S team. I am happy about your team because you have shown us your photos and given us your full names, as well as telling us about your association with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. And now Ted has given us a video!

      This is important to me because I have backed two Kickstarter campaigns where the "creators" were from Hong Kong and they just took our money. The first project was ZNAPS and they took US$2.2 million raised on Kickstarter and after two years we have never gotten a product. Then just yesterday, the creators of i-dime, who raised US$130,000.00 mostly on Kickstarter and never told us who they really are or where they are located, but seem to be associated with people in Hong Kong, told us that they have spent all of the money and they do not have a functioning product. They are blaming it on a factory in Shenzhen. They claim the factory took their money, supplied a faulty product and now refuses to make good on the contract.

      I have a question, the Vimble S in your photos and videos appears to be plugged into the iPhone by the Lightning port, is that true or does it just appear to be the situation? If is plugged into the Lightning port, why? I thought that the connection between Vimble S and the iPhone was over Bluetooth.