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$107,766 pledged of $400,000 goal
By Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun
$107,766 pledged of $400,000 goal

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    1. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Thanks all, will probably just work on it in spare time, create a small community, show different art styles, and have it donation-based for now. Looking into other options.

      Like our page:

      And go to for donating for future efforts or to keep tabs on the project. In the short term, there won't be lots of updates, but once things get more settled, can get back in the groove. May do some smaller titles in the meantime.

      Thanks for all your support!

    2. Santiago Romero on

      I'm sorry, Tom.

      A smaller target (100K) seems to be possible, so maybe you could try again with it, and work in the project anyway...

    3. ET3D on

      I'm sorry it didn't work out.

    4. Michelle Hinn on

      Awww...I'm so sorry Tom! I tried posting this as much as I could and friends of mine did as well. We really wanted to see this get funded and we do hope that this will somehow happen. Keep us in the loop, especially if you do another fundraiser -- we'll be back again!! :) *hugs*

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron Light on

      Good luck, Tom! I'll keep an eye on your page.

    6. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      That's it folks, thanks for making the end so fun, and we'll keep a-working on it! Like us on Facebook, and will change the PayPal donations to pledges for future work on this project. Thanks everyone!

    7. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      I thiiiink so, but Like Pieces of Fun on Facebook if you want to keep in touch for SURE.

      Thanks for all your support, advice, and kind words folks -- you have been awesome.

    8. Andrew McDermott on

      If (hopefully when) you relaunch please post an update here so we know to back again. Assuming you can post on a unfunded project? If so, I'll be interested in going for this again as it deserves to be funded.

    9. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Jason: awesome, srsly the most bad-a$$ Keen has ever looked. :)

      Randall: haha, you gave me the idea for the last hour megabids for fun, Randall, so hat's off to you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Randall Rotunda on

      It's 4th down, and 75 yards... Time for a 60 yard pass! Then punt, and score!

    11. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      And Antony no biggie, ya try your best, we'll work on it, and come back swingin'! :)

    12. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Well, ya know, we tried, and we'll keep a doin' it ourselves. It would be funny to fill up the top slots, even though it won't make it -- just got a $10K donation, let's fill ALL those top slots since it won't make it anyway! :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Randall Rotunda on

      Make this thing happen Tom!

      First you kick, then you get kicked.

    14. Missing avatar

      Antony Delaney on

      I don't understand what went wrong. Very sad here.

    15. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Jason: Yep!

      Edward: Yeah, we'll maybe they'll be some wildly generous donors in the last day! :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Edward Dalton-Morris on

      I have no idea how this fell so short!

    17. Jason Wright on

      My childhood was made mostly of Keen and ZZT. This seems like a great blend!

    18. Andrew Smith on

      As a computer science major, I have to write a lot of code that is not fun. I was looking forward to playing with this unique SDK and learning your scripting language. Please keep us informed on what course of action you will do going forward. Here's to the future of worlds of wander!

    19. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Thanks all! We will try to work on this no matter what.

    20. Nicholas Hoffnagle on

      well this is sad. Best of luck in whatever you do next Tom. I will continue to support you as I know many will. I looks like nostalgia is not as high a commodity as I thought.

    21. JP LeBreton on

      Sad to see this isn't getting funded, but I hope you guys can figure out some way to get it made... Keen was a true classic and more ways for people to get into making games are a beautiful thing!

    22. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Ryan: it was announced on over 25 game-related outlets around the world and messages/tweeted by folks like WIl Wheaton.

      CMB: Thanks much!

      Petrar: I would have made Keen if I could have -- Zenimax was not interested. :/ Could redo with just the game, but was quite excited about the creator....

      TCK: Yeah, everyone like out Facebook page to see what we do next...

    23. The Creature Keeper on

      Well, blast. It's always sad to see a project you like end up so far from the finish line. After waiting nearly two decades for a great Sonic game, I finally found one in Freedom Planet. Now I'm interested in seeing a great Keen game again too.

      It looks like it's gonna be slow going toward that goal, but I hope this Kickstarter has provided information and insight that you can use on the way there. You've at least gathered your first band of supporters here who will want to follow you wherever you go next.

    24. Petar Petrov on

      Sorry to see, that the project won't make it, Tom :( Are you capable of remaking the good "old" (heh) Keen with updated graphics, more than 16 colors and a nice soundtrack? Actually can you use the franchise or there's got to be permission from id? And one last thing, if all of the above is possible, why don't you set a lower goal /like 50-100k/ and then stretch goals /like original floppy disk with CK if you have some, etc./?!
      Anyway, I hope that the current project did catch some attention and good luck on your next one :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Cleveland Mark Blakemore on

      This looked really good. I wanted it to succeed. I hope Tom will still find a way to fund this. Don't get discouraged by a few setbacks, Tom, I never do. Unlike me you have a long history of success at things like this and I am certain you could get funded with a different approach or a renewed campaign. I intend to contribute when you do.

    26. Ryan Allen on

      Hi Tom. I LOVED Keen and all those platforms from days of yore! I wanted to show my support for this project.

      I think the reason why it may not fund might be because not many know about it. It would probably be helpful to get the media really excited about the project so that they can plug it on their websites and publications.

    27. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      TJ: All good points... if we re-launch, will do that! I almost did put Keen in the title. Will try to create the portal no matter what!

      Tim: thanks! Yeah, it's too bad, but we'll keep the flame alive. We want to see this thing happen!

    28. Tim Foster on

      Hey Tom, so sad to see this project is not succeeding!

      I thought your pitch video was ace, and can't understand why it hasn't brought in "the crowd"!

      I hope you're able to try again at some point...

    29. T.J. Brumfield on

      One last thing, perhaps start your next pitch video with:

      From Tom Hall who helped bring you:

      And then put together a sizzle reel of your amazing resume of games.

    30. T.J. Brumfield on

      I'm hoping you can re-launch another KS in the future. Days of Dawn failed in their first KS and succeeded in their second. Here are some suggestions:

      1. Start a community portal. You have about 1,000 potential backers here. Perhaps some of them would be willing to pay for alpha/beta access now. They can start working on new art assets, new games, etc. Being able to show off how much the editor is capable of (and varying visual styles) will help you.
      2. Put Keen in the title of the KS campaign. The published video game can't have Keen in the title, but there is nothing stopping you from describing this as a spiritual successor. Play that up more.
      3. See if you can reach out to gaming press to help arrange for coverage from the beginning when you re-launch.
      4. This appears to be a bit of a dead period for KS games. I think a lot of backers have just pledged too much too recently to other projects. After a few other projects ship, I think more people will be willing to pledge again.

      I loved Keen. I hope this sees release some day. I look forward to being able to create something together with my daughter. And if you do put together a community portal, I hope to work with others to contribute to the future of this project.

      Best of luck to you!

    31. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Yeah, if it doesn't, just like Pieces of Fun on Facebook... and we'll work on it in the background.....

      Thanks for all the generous support!

    32. Nine

      Yeah. It's sad to see this project not getting funded. I had so many good hours of commander keen in the days then. That was some awesome piece of shareware.

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    34. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Andrew: yeah, concur, but that's what keeps people excited. Wish I knew too!

      EMC: Thanks!

      Protected: Haha, yeah we put in a lot of 'em!

      MH: No idea. We believe in it, though. We'll try to do it in our spare time if it doesn't get funded.

    35. Michelle Hinn on

      What's happening...why isn't this getting funded? :(

    36. Missing avatar

      Protected on

      I just coincidentally learned you were the lead designer behind Rise of the Triad, Tom. I had missed it in the project page before. I played the shit out of that game when I was young! More than Commander Keen in fact. And I still remember all the cheat codes...

    37. Emanuel Mineda Carneiro

      Oh! The Update Video did a really good job showcasing the possibilities! I was talking about some eye candy (i.e. bait).
      Love how you answer every comment. :)

    38. Andrew McDermott on

      I think this project needed more updates. That way it looks more active, if you get what I'm saying. I don't know why some projects get funded in the first day and others struggle to get off the mark.

    39. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      We did show wall slides, wall jumps, and firing at creatures in the Update Video.....

      We've gotten a lot of exposure on various websites, famous tweeters, and more....

      Thanks for all the nice words.... either way, we're gonna get this thing done....

    40. Emanuel Mineda Carneiro

      Maybe this project could get more attention with a video showing off different possibilities. Like something that could appeal to fans of other plataformers (short examples showing some key features implementations of plataformers like SMB, Megaman, etc). This is an awesome project and needs more exposure.

    41. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      And some brownies.

      But thanks to all of you for your support!

    42. Missing avatar

      Protected on

      Tom Hall needs a marketing expert...

    43. Rambutaan on

      I'm surprised this game hasn't got more backing - this is TOM HALL we're talking about people! :P. I'll be sure to post this on my blog and distribute to relevant forums.

    44. Alex on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    45. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Aaron: yeah, who knows....? Me too....

      Thanks, Kineticmedic.... yeah, looked at that one.... such a high budget for it....

    46. Kineticmedic on

      I've been pledged since the beginning and rooting for this to just take off on us. I remember the old commander keen games so want something like this. I'd also love to see something for Anacronox... but well... one pipe dream at a time right?

    47. Missing avatar

      Aaron Light on

      Yeah, perhaps the title just isn't catchy enough, too many words. ;-)

      Also, I still have hopes for Anachronox 2 one day. :P

    48. Tom Hall's Pieces of Fun Creator on

      Yeah either way, but the "in spare time" method will take a LOT longer...

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