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The Red Masque will be heading into the studio in late April to begin recording their new album, tentatively titled "Mythalogue".
The Red Masque will be heading into the studio in late April to begin recording their new album, tentatively titled "Mythalogue".
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Cds are being shipped out today!

Hi Everyone

I finally got a big box of Mythalogue CDs in the mail from Beta-lactam. They are being shipped out later today to those who pledged 50 dollars or over on Kickstarter.

Thanks again everyone and if anybody should have any issues, please email

I will not be sending further updates through Kickstarter. So please join our mailing list if you have not done so already (Go to )and friend The Red Masque on facebook ( ) to keep on top of our latest news and happenings. Thank you for all your help!

And if you missed it when it originally aired, you can listen to a radio interview with TRM's Brandon Lord Ross and myself discussing the new album. The interview aired May 6, 2013 on the Prog Rock Diner with DJ Debbie Sears. Click this link to download and listen to the interview:



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Radio Interview Monday May 6th

DJ Debbie Sears from the Prog Rock Diner has interviewed TRM's Lynnette Shelley and Brandon Ross. Interview will air this Monday, May 6th, along with music from the album. The program runs from 5 to 7 PM with the interview portion running sometime in the first hour. Info on how to listen in online: go to



The Red Masque's new album Mythalogue Is now available in both the regular and art editions. CDs are available on label Beta-lactam Ring Records website now. You may also stream whole songs off the album via the preceeding link. CDs will also be available shortly through TRM's website direct from the band, and also worldwide through various distributors both digital and brick and mortar. Further details shortly....  

For those of you who will be getting CDs from us as part of your rewards package, they are being shipped to us from the label and should arrive in a few days. We will then ship them out to you! Please make sure your shipping address is up to date and correct in the kickstarter backer profile.

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Everyone who donated has their name listed in the CD booklet. You are famous! You are awesome!

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KEEP IN TOUCH! If you have not done so already, please keep in touch with the band by joining our email list and also friending us on Facebook. After today we won't be using Kickstarter to stay in touch. Or you can always email if you want to say hello or have any questions.

Mythalogue is in the States!

Above: The Red Masque at Orion Sound Studios in Baltimore on March 23 2013

The Red Masque's new cd, Mythalogue, has just arrived in Seattle's port and is currently being unloaded and going into customs before shipping to the Beta-lactam Ring Records HQ in Portland. BLRR will be posting the albums on the site this week to get pre orders going. Physical album should be available before the end of the month. 

Press Release from BLRR: The Red Masque-Mythalogue 

With the first studio outing in five years from Philly's native avant prog wunderkind, The Red Masque let loose a clarion call of avant prog gravitas to all comers here. Scions to a subterranean continuum of stormy entanglements, the tendrils that entwine on these tenebrous tunes snake out from some very auspicious pods. On Mythalogue, they take a page from Red-era King Crimson and another from those that rode the more riff-centric faultlines of the 90's avant prog revival (Present, Happy Family, Thinking Plague, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) and fire the shredded results out of confetti cannons. Riffs crunch out fevered labyrinths, time signatures create airborne origami and vocalist Lynnette Shelley's supple, full-throated attack seals it with a kiss. This crew have been hoisted on the shoulders of some of Rock In Oppostion's most formidable figures, from their previous studio affair gaining release on Chris Cutler's ReR USA imprint to Mythalogue being mixed by 5uu's/Science Group member and avant prog magi Bob Drake. Little wonder, as the interzone of turbulent energies and high wire conniptions on hand here make plain The Red Masque's heir apparent status to this trajectory.