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In this pocket-sized civilization game for 1 to 4 players, you may build your unique empire with numerous possibilities!
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1st Expansion: Innovation

Posted by Ice Makes (Creator)

Dear Backers, 

Welcome to our 1st Expansion: Innovation, featuring special technology cards! 

The Expansion is usable with normal mode, drafting variant and solo variant. When using the expansion, shuffle all special technology cards while setup and reveal as many of them as “1 + number of players” to form the technology market.

Each special technology card is a variant to a specific column(left, middle or right) of the basic technology card. Players could buy these cards in their turn with 1 coin, and place them on their basic technology card, covering the specific column. This provides two unique and powerful technologies for the player to research! (note: The top tech. always remain the same)

Special technology may bring new paths to your victory! But once it is taken, two of the basic technologies will be no longer accessible, so think twice before innovating them!

* This is a unlocked Stretch Goal! At this point, every backer pledged for rewards will receive 9 special technology cards in their game, and the detail rules for expansion will be printed in the rulebook.

See you in the next update! :)

Ice Makes Team

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    1. METADNA

      Of course +1 for double sided card !
      @MNeMic there are still several months left, it should make it possible to test & add few more technology for the other side, otherwise it would be a real waste of profitable space.

    2. Ice Makes 3-time creator on

      @MNeMiC, cool idea, but we have no plan doing that at the moment. XD

      @PK Levine, there is a limit to one special technology card for each player.

      @qetuol, players could only place special technology card onto an empty column.

      Note: Detail rules for expansion will be printed in the rulebook. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      qetuol on

      Can we put them only on empty technology panel? Or what happens if there already is a completed technology?

    4. PK Levine

      Is there a limit to how many cards someone could buy on their turn? Could they buy three for example, replacing their entire card? Or buy two of the same type (immediately covering the first with the second) just so another player can't get it?

    5. Raoul A. on

      Good news, More variations for the game.

      Continue like this

    6. MNeMiC

      Can we get them double-sided for more techs?!