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In this pocket-sized civilization game for 1 to 4 players, you may build your unique empire with numerous possibilities!
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New plan for other languages!

Posted by Ice Makes (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Good news again! 

For the past 24 hours, we are finding ways to improve the plan for fully translated game in different languages.

1. We were bargaining with our manufacturer, trying to lower the MOQ for production.
2. We clearly know that "count by country" is not perfectly accurate, so we were finding better methods to examine language preference.

As a result, this is our NEW plan:  

We will send a survey to each backer around 7-10 days before the end of the campaign, asking for backers' language preference. And hence we will announce (before the end of the campaign) what languages will be fully translated as a version, that backers could choose from.

We failed to convince our manufacturer to lower the MOQ, BUT as to express our sincere thanks to all your great support, we finally decided to lower the requirement for number of backers requesting a language! If there are more than 300 backers requesting the same language, via the survey as I have mentioned above, that language is ready to go. We will have all the cards and printed rulebook translated for them!

Please help us to share this news, and hope there could be more languages for Age of Civilization! 


Ice Makes Team

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    1. Telgar

      Much more clever than checking the French backers only for instance, or Spain as we could see on other games. Let's challenge

    2. grischo on

      Did i get it right?:
      If there are 700 people requesting french, 500 people requesting spanish and 333 people requesting german, you will make a french, a spanish and a german language version?

    3. Philippe Gaboury on

      Français! Français!

    4. Missing avatar

      remi.pallier on

      Nice !
      Sometimes, in civilizations conflicts, 300 can be equivalent to 1,000,000.
      Let's have the French translation x).

    5. Missing avatar

      Savidan on

      The game seems to have an heavy icone-based card gameplay.
      Is it really necessary to translate game component to others language ?

      I've got the idea that with more symbol for each keyword, only the rulebook and a really polished FAQ should do the trick.

      I'm really interested to get a french copy of the game tho'.
      Le jeu semble beaucoup se baser sur des symboles pour indiquer l'effet des cartes.
      Est-ce vraiment nécessaire de traduire chaque composant du jeu ?

      J'ai l'impression qu'avoir un symbole pour chaque mot clef permettrait de ne traduire que les regles et une faq exhaustive pour faire le changement de langue.

      Je reste très intéressé par obtenir une version francophone du jeu.

    6. Anthony Ragonnet on

      Thanks for the effort ! :)

    7. Raoul A. on

      Thank! good news for choosing language selection :)

    8. Anton Hemlin on

      Will we be able to vote for sevaral languages? As first choice I want Swedish but that will probably not be 300 and then I want to vote for German as an alternative.


      That sounds great!

    10. Missing avatar

      Sheridan on

      Hi, good idea this proposal. Everyone can find it there.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alan Richmon on

      Only there can say one thing: thank you very much. I wait the Project continue growing at the same rate, you are winning

    12. N.C. on

      Less than 300? Cool, we've already reached the American-English language level.
      Fingers crossed for Finnish. ;-)