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In this pocket-sized civilization game for 1 to 4 players, you may build your unique empire with numerous possibilities!
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Age of Civilization in other languages?

Posted by Ice Makes (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Good news! 

As there are tons of comment requesting the game in other languages ​​besides English, our team had a long internal discussion, and hence try to bargain with our manufacturer for this issue. We do figure out a way to make this dream come true, but there is a matter about MOQ of production.

So this is our plan: 

If there are more than 500 backers coming from the same country, we will accept their request to produce the specify language version for those backers! Hence, backers will need to select their language version with the pledge manager after the campaign.

To carry out this plan, we will examine the origins of backers through the Community page, and to know if a language version is good to go.

The specify language version will have all the cards and printed rulebook translated, BUT the game box will still be in English.

Please help us to share this news, and hope there could be more languages for Age of Civilization!

Link of the Age of Civilization the Community page:


Ice Makes Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Pierre Martel on

      Don't forget that in Canada, it's english and french. I'm from Quebec and I would love to be able to get a french copy of the game. Thanks! ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Alan Richmon on

      @Ice Makes @Jeffrey thank you. I didn´t know this elemente
      Too bad the less spanish speakers that contribute

    3. Missing avatar

      Alan Richmon on

      Sorry if anything ask early but Will you show anything where we can see how many backers have for our country?
      I understand you count the oficial language for each country (spanish in Mexico or french in Mali for example) didn't i?

    4. N.C. on

      En tout cas, pour le moment, avec la règle des 500 contributeurs par pays pour une localisation en langue étrangère, y a pas un seul pays (même les États-Unis) qui atteigne ce seuil !

    5. N.C. on

      @Damien :
      114 contributeurs de métropole, un tiers (je suppose) des 92 Canadiens, plus quelques francophones d'ici et là... Çà nous fait une fourchette de 140 - 160 francophones pour le moment. Faudrait voir à communiquer (moi, je le fais sur les groupes FB ; si quelqu'un peut aller faire un tour sur Vin d'Jeu ou Tric-Trac, ça serait pas du luxe).

    6. Missing avatar

      Damien Lagauzère on

      Bon alors, on est combien de francophones pour l'instant? avec moi, à ma connaissance, ça fait au moins 1 ^^

    7. N.C. on

      Just to remember, if we except English speakers :

      French speakers (+350 millions people): France, Canada, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Guyana, Haïti, Antilles, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Congo, Madagascar, Polynesia, New Caledonia, etc.

      German speakers (+100 millions people): Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, etc.

      Spanish speakers (+500 millions people): Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Paraguay, Guatemala, Mexico, Chili, Honduras, Equador, Panama, Salvador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, etc.


    8. Ice Makes 3-time creator on

      Dear Backers,

      We are finding ways to improve the plan for different languages.

      1. We are still bargaining with our manufacturer, trying to lower the MOQ.
      2. We clearly know that "count by country" is not perfectly accurate about language preference. So we are finding a better way now.

      The above actions take time. But I can ensure that we are making progress. :)


    9. Ice Makes 3-time creator on

      I would like to share our reason for only $2200 goal for the English version.

      1. There are no cards unlocked from SG if the campaign is just funded at $2200. Therefore the cost is not the same.
      2. We also have MOQ for production of the English version. If the campaign is just funded at $2200, we will also have to produce a lot more copies than our backers need. However we have ways to sell the game after the campaign, so the extra copies will not be a waste.

      But for the versions in different languages we are discussing, the situation is totally different. The game has already upgraded with number of cards more than a double now. And we don't have ways to sell the extra copies yet.

      Hope this is useful information for you. : )


    10. Rackar

      It's the minimal amount of copy that's financially worth to be produced?
      So why the goal is only 2200$ for the english version?

    11. Missing avatar

      Monty on

      I was suggesting in the survey thet making this game language/text independent seems possible and would be really great and have some place we can place translated rules and it is perfect solution in the end and you might reach local distributors more easily this way as well.

    12. Gonzalo Vega on

      your condition doesn't make much sense to me. I'm from Chile, and probably we are going to be very few. However we speak Spanish, and so is all Latin America and Spain, so, shouldn't be not by country but by language? I mean, you need to categorize in some way the countries by its language to check if you reach the 500 backers.
      Which lead me to my original question, are you going to ship to Latin America?

      p.s.: Count with my help for the Spanish translation

    13. METADNA

      @Rackar i understand your feeling but 500 it's not a translation issue, it's the minimal amount of copy that'sfinancially worth to be produced. The main issue here is that rarely 500 backers from a specific country will be reach. That's why i suggest multilangage pack in order to reach for sure the 500 units for a production...

    14. Rackar

      Sorry, 2200$
      So 15800$ for the translation...

    15. Rackar

      36$ to reach the goal of 1459$ = 41 Backers for the English version.
      500 Backers for the French version = 500x36$ = 18000$.
      18000$ - 1459$ = 16541$ for the French translation.
      Why this amount?
      For 1 game with shipping cost I do the French translation for you...

    16. METADNA

      this game could be langage leastf mostly and inn this case make an multilangage pack for the few cards that need be translated. So just 500 non english folks would be necessary...

    17. Senefelder on

      If a language doesn't achieve 500 backers, could you release a translated Print&Paly version or, at least, and English P&P version we could edit, translate and print?

    18. Missing avatar

      Etienne BEUREUX

      Great news! Language is not a deal-breaker for me, but having a French version would mean I'd be able to bring it to the table more often.

    19. Serge Darveau

      French Canadian won't have 500 backers on this project, even if Canada is officially bilingual...

    20. Rackar

      500 ? I hope. if not, a French Backer less...