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State-of-art table management accessory precisely machined from brass and copper, from the original designer of the product.
Table management accessory precisely machined from brass, copper or stainless steel.
Table management accessory precisely machined from brass, copper or stainless steel.
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    1. Jonathan Phillips on

      I thought you might like to see how the raw cubes have aged over the last few months. (Please note, after conversation with Kebei, I managed to get cubes that were not coated or painted).…

      I think I made an excellent choice and that the patination enhances not detracts. Love to see how your cubes are surviving.

    2. Kebei Li Creator on

      Dear @Derek Dewees, Thanks for getting in touch. In fact all shipment have been processed around September 2016. Let me check with the fulfillment company and get back to you shortly.

    3. Derek Dewees on

      It appears that this project won't come to completion. In the interest of honesty and integrity, would you please refund my pledge?

    4. Missing avatar

      Vernon Smap on

      Raw Copper Cube arrived a couple of days ago. Big atta-boy to Kebei! The packaging is really well done. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next from you!

    5. Jonathan Phillips on

      Cubes arrived in the UK this morning -- Copper and Brass. I was given the option of the raw metal finish and I'm delighted. Now, I know they'll tarnish, they'll never look as good tomorrow as they do today, but that's part of the charm of the product.

      Great packaging too. Nice detailing. Thanks.

    6. Laura Yeh on

      I got two copper ones and I'm not happy with the finish on it. It looks anodized or painted and doesn't look like real copper at all. There's also some dust that's stuck in the paint.

    7. Missing avatar

      topspd on

      So disappointed in my stainless steel and copper. The finishing on the SS block is heavily scored and the paint looks similar to that used to cover lead weights. The Cu block is smoothly finished, but the paint is gouged on top. The box is nice but I wish there had been some quality control on the actual item.

    8. Derek Dewees on

      Looking forward to seeing mine soon. Any ETA on arrivals to the NY/NJ metropolitan area?

    9. Jonathan Phillips on

      Are international backers receiving cubes yet? I'm in the UK -- looking forward to seeing them

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan Sim on

      I'd actually be interested in tarnishing the copper cubes, anyone have a suggestion for a solvent or some sort of acid bath to strip the coating?

    11. Christine Chang on

      sad the General Trademark didn't get onto the final product but it's beautifully executed otherwise, thanks for all your hard effort in the details! <3

    12. Sophia Sakura on

      Just received my copper and brass cubic cable holders today, I like the weight of the cubes and the presentation of the boxes. I hope they hold up well

    13. Missing avatar


      Received my copper Cubic Cable Holder today! The packaging is top notch. The product itself looks great on my desk and is already doing a wonderful job of keeping my lightning cable in place. The heft is noticeable and remarkable for its size. The finish and color closely resemble an unpolished copper, and while I was one of the backers hoping for a more "raw" finish, the metallic paint will suffice and does appear to give it more protection from dents and dings. I did purchase a stacks cube on kickstarter as well (they ripped this one off imho) and the Cubic Cable Holder is better quality in every aspect.

    14. Missing avatar

      Juergen on

      Could we please get an update on all the questions related to the finish of the final product and addressing the concerns of your backers?

    15. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Hello Kebei, any comments ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Hello Kebei, I've just been reading the updates page and I'm a little concerned about what actual products/ finishes I'm going to receive. I just don't want any old cube to hand past to me. Can you please confirm what choices we now have due to the challenges you have faced, I see some people have asked for the raw finish, but I see no reply. Many thanks

    17. Missing avatar


      Any updates?

    18. Gael Terzopoulos on

      Hi there, letting you know that I am also interested in the raw metal version.

    19. Missing avatar

      Vernon Smap on

      I'm also wondering if it is possible to get the raw metal version. What made this project stand out was the raw metal. Some of us were well aware of and looking forward to the patina. That said--Keep up the good work with your vendor!

    20. Laura Yeh on

      Lindsey Addelman has a lamp with a copper finish on it.

    21. Laura Yeh on

      The finish on Blu Dot's copper chairs look good. Do you have any idea what finish they use on that? Or does it just look like it doesn't tarnish as much because it comes in contact with our clothes more than our skin?

    22. Missing avatar

      Craig Scott on

      Is it possible to request a raw metal cube? I'm ok with the tarnishing/patina that comes with brass.

    23. Kebei Li Creator on

      Note on the Surface Finish

      The biggest challenge we faced in surface finishing is unprocessed copper and brass surface can tarnish much more quickly than expected. The copper cubes can have visible finger prints in day 3 after extensive handling. It is how the materials behave naturally, however this will most likely be perceived as a quality issue than appreciated as an enjoyable aging process.
      Please see this image of early copper samples with only a few days of use:

      Passivation is the process that can theoretically be the solution. The idea is to chemically alter the surface of the metal so it is more inert to tarnish. However out of the few passivation vendors we found, they are all specialized in copper wire/ tubing passivation, and do not have good solution of passivating something that is handled by human hand constantly (rain vs human sweat). The samples we received from these vendors do not show any significant improvement.

      The only solution left for us is use some type of surface coating. We have experimented with PVD, electroplating, wax, lacquer, and metallic paint. PVD requires work piece to be chrome plated first before finish layer, so if the coating wears away, it will show the silver hue of chromium underneath. Electroplating yields really unstable results, and it is essentially plating the same material over the base metal, for example, plating brass over brass. It helps give a smoother surface, but does not help with the speed of tarnish. Wax and lacquer, when applied there will be a noticeable clear coating, and feels too altered. This is what Tom Dixon uses in many of his copper wares as protective layer.

      The final decision on the surface finish method is to use matching color metallic paints. The paints are engineered polymers designed to bond specifically to metal surfaces. First the paints are applied by airbrush, then oven cured in high temperature. The color of the paints are matched so that it is extremely close to the natural hue and texture of the base material, the intention being even if the paint eventually scratches and wears away, what shows underneath is metal of almost identical texture.

      I hope this can give you some understanding of the logic behind the decision making. Giving up raw metal finish was a tough decision for us, and I understand well by doing so it is letting go an important part of the original value proposition. However, please also do understand that most customers just want a lasting and positive experience with their purchase, if their cubes turn dark and totally lost the original texture in week 2, it will be a very disappointing experience.

      Thanks for your support,

    24. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      Thanks for the update re the quality problems - must be frustrating.

      Can you clarify re the finish. Is the Cubic still going to be finished in natural machined metals, or will it now be finished all over on all sides with metallic paint? Thanks.

    25. Kebei Li Creator on

      Dear backers,

      Thanks for getting in touch, I will be posting an update tomorrow noon.


    26. Derek Dewees on

      Could you please let us know the status of your project? We all know many challenges can present themselves, but keeping in communication with your supporters is a good thing to do.

    27. Missing avatar

      Craig Scott on

      Any progress? It's been over month since your previous comment.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dushan Roura on

      Hi Hebei Li,
      could you send us an actualization state please?
      We haven't received any news since April 13th...
      Thank you!

    29. Kebei Li Creator on

      Dear Gael and Jonathan,

      Thanks for getting in touch. In mid May right after the factory promised me the May 20th deadline, they decided to delay my order for other emergency orders from a bigger client without any notice and avoided all of my phone calls and emails for a good 2 weeks. The situation was really desperate and I was almost ready to proceed with another vendor, then the owner of the factory was back in touch and no explanation nor remedy is offered. Beside the their very questionable working ethics and obnoxious attitude, on the bright side things are more or less resolved and production had resumed after a friend of mine paying several trips to the factory to catch (literally) the owner.

      As of today the machining of the cube is near finish, injection molding tooling for rubber feet is done and ready for test shots, and the packaging is now in production as well by a different vendor located in Shenzhen. Again I sincerely apologize for the extensive delay and all the unnecessary drama. Things could've been handled better and it's definitely a good lesson for me in Chinese manufacturing.

      Thank you for your understanding,

    30. Gael Terzopoulos on

      Hi Kebei,

      Hope you are keeping good.
      Do you have any news on the delivery you were expecting on the 20th?

    31. Jonathan Phillips on

      Hi - any update you can share here?

    32. Kebei Li Creator on

      @Juergen, currently the delivery to our warehouse in NY is scheduled on 20th. Previously the factory had some issue machining Stainless Steel, they were unable to source higher quality milling tools and ended up machining everything with high speed steel end mills which was extremely slow and tool-consuming. I will give another update shortly.
      Thanks for your support.

    33. Missing avatar

      Juergen on

      Could you please provide an update?
      The last update estimated about 3 weeks delay. Thanks

    34. Kebei Li Creator on

      Hi @Taylor, the decision was to go with PVD, thank you for your support! :)

    35. Kebei Li Creator on

      Hi @Stuart, sorry for the delayed response. The promised delivery is mid March-mid April. I was experiencing a little bit of difficulty and delay on the manufacturing side, but it seems like I can still make the mid April schedule. The cubes are scheduled to arrive at my warehouse in New York around April 7, after inspection it should be ready to ship! Thanks again for supporting the project! :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Hello again Kebei, just wondering how things are progressing, I assume you are not going to hit your projected delivery month of March. Could you give us all an update as to how things are going and if you have any foreseeable issues ahead.
      Many Thanks

    37. Missing avatar


      Any updates on passivation vs. PVD?

    38. Kebei Li Creator on

      Hi @Alicia Kang,

      When things are ready for fulfillment, I will request all backers to offer me any change of logistics. You can offer me the new shipping address by that time.

      Thank you!

    39. Missing avatar

      Alicia Kang on

      Hi Kebei! I'm really excited to see your product in live form - thanks so much for the updates, it's intriguing to get an inside scoop on the many steps of production.
      I have more of an admin question regarding the shipment of your product(s). I recently moved so the address that I input is now incorrect. How would I go about updating my new shipping address? Thank you!
      *Wishing you the best of luck in the final stages!*

    40. Kebei Li Creator on

      Hi @Stuart,

      Thanks for getting in touch. There will be a full update later this week. Currently I am working with my vendors to fine-tune the packaging production. The CNC machining part is relatively well-adjusted, but we are still trying different methods of surface finishing.


    41. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Hello Kebei. You've not posted for some time. I was just wondering how your project is progressing. Any updates / pictures, are you happy with the project so far, is the expected delivery date still achievable?
      Please let's you know how you are getting on.

    42. denise capuozzo on

      Congratulations on being fully funded!!! We are very happy for you and look forward to seeing the Cubic Cable Holder in person.

    43. Alec Babala on


    44. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ostergren

      Reached the goal- congratulations!!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Shanna on

      Yessssss!! Congratulations on reaching your pledge goal!! Can't wait for this product!

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ostergren

      Just upped my pledge to 4- great gifts!

    47. Simone Laganà on

      I got two! One for me and one for my Gf! Can´t wait :D

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ostergren

      Looking forward to the bronze- looks great.

    49. Michel on

      Love this product so much, I can't wait to receive mine and to hopefully see these in stores someday! :D

    50. Kebei Li Creator on

      @ Stephanie Jones, Hi the dimension is 0.9 inch now, but I am still fine tuning the dimension.
      Thanks for your support.

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