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It's the Art All Night-Trenton Iron Pour! You remember the spectacle in 2010... Now be one of the fans who help bring it back in 2012! Read more

Trenton, NJ Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on May 20, 2012.

It's the Art All Night-Trenton Iron Pour! You remember the spectacle in 2010... Now be one of the fans who help bring it back in 2012!

Trenton, NJ Public Art
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The Art All Night-Trenton 2012 Iron Pour once again reunites the forces of Art All Night - Trenton with the AbOmInOg Intl. Arts Collective, who first worked with Art All Night in 2010. That year, the crew from AbOmInOg Intl. amazed spectators by forging steel live throughout the night,  as one-story-high orange flames enveloped Trenton's urban backdrop. This year’s Art All Night-Trenton festival marks the second historic collaboration between these two dynamic art  forces as they once again bring the mesmerizing art of a live iron pour to inner-city Trenton.

Your donation to this Kickstarter campaign will ensure AbOmInOg Intl. can once again thrill onlookers with their unique craft at Art All Night-Trenton 2012. Those who pledge, will walk away with an incredible, newly-forged and fresh-from-the-flames commemorative medallion that will actually be created at Art All Night - Trenton as you, and thousands of onlookers, watch it all happen right before your eyes.

The Art All Night - Trenton 2012 Commemorative Limited Edition Medallion (limited to 50 pieces)


What is Art All Night - Trenton?

Art All Night-Trenton is a 24-hour long arts extravaganza occurring annually on the 3rd weekend in June. AAN encourages any artist of any age, medium or skill level to submit one piece of art of their own creation for display in a gallery-like setting. It is free to submit art and free to attend. At Art All Night-Trenton 2011, nearly 900 artists of all ages, skill levels and mediums submitted work and more than 13,000 people attended!

Art All Night-Trenton is a catalyst for community development, shining a spotlight on our region’s artistic talent. The show includes and attracts artists of all ages and skill levels and particularly encourages children and amateur artists to be actively involved by contributing artwork and engaging in on-site activities.

Art All Night-Trenton has 5 major goals:

  1. Empower artists who would normally not have an opportunity to showcase their artwork in public with a venue to do so
  2. Build community by encouraging people of all different lifestyles, races and incomes to interact
  3. Foster social networking between creative people who have an interest in improving Trenton
  4. Showcase Trenton’s great architecture and development-ripe buildings
  5. Market Artworks’ classes, exhibitions, events, and volunteer opportunities.
Artworks and Art All Night - Trenton

Art All Night-Trenton is presented by ArtWorks, Trenton's downtown visual arts center. ArtWorks promotes artistic diversity by fostering creativity, learning, and appreciation of the arts. Our classes, exhibitions, and events make art an accessible experience for all. ArtWorks is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving the Trenton community for 27 years. The City of Trenton provides use of its Everett Alley facility to Artworks under the auspices of the department of Public Property and Recreation, Natural Resources and Culture in order to foster a thriving and diverse arts community.

Hundreds of Art All Night-Trenton volunteers help to recruit artists, attract patrons, prepare the venue, assist with the registration and hanging of artwork, provide refreshments, direct traffic, clean-up, and much, much more. Live music throughout the event is also donated by some of the area's finest performers!

The work of community volunteers is generously supported by a range of supporters and donors. Art All Night-Trenton is also sustained through the strictly voluntary donations of guests, whose support is critical to the success of this event.


Due to the extended cooling process required for these unique medallions, pickup will occur on Sunday, June 17 at Art All Night (675 South Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ) anytime between 10am - 3pm. If you are unable to pick up your medallion during those hours, we will relocate it to Artworks (19 Everett Alley, Trenton, NJ) for you to pick up at a later date.


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    You prefer to keep things simple. You don't need no stinkin' medallion. Pledge your $25 and get your name listed on a large banner, at Art All Night - Trenton, listing you as an official supporter and one of the fine few who have helped bring the art of the live iron pour back to AAN and the City of Trenton.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    You remember the Iron Pour at Art All Night 2010. You got your hands on a commemorative medallion but now you can't wait to get your paws on the 2012 Limited Edition. Luckily for you, this is the ONLY way to get one! Secure your very own, newly-forged and fresh-from-the-flames Art All Night 2012 Iron Pour commemorative medallion PLUS you'll be listed as an official supporter of the Art All Night 2012 Iron Pour on a large banner at Art All Night. Your name in lights (well, print). You've finally made it, kid. Job well done.

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    Get up close and personal with the molten steel and one-story-high flames by showing your support and gaining a coveted pass to the very limited VIP Viewing Area for the Art All Night 2012 Iron pour. Not only do you walk away with everything covered in the $50 level but you'll actually bask in the soft, orange glow of the Art All Night 2012 Iron Pour while everyone looks on wondering who it is you knew to get you that close to the action. Bragging right just kicked in.

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    This here is what we refer to as "bragging rights taken to the next level". You seriously think you're getting out of here with the VIP Viewing pass to the Iron Pour, the limited edition Art All Night t-shirt, the AAN 2012 Iron Pour commemorative medallion PLUS an exclusive, limited edition 11" x 14" Art All Night photo print of this year’s Iron Pour and a banner-sized "Thank You"? Why, yes. I do believe you are. Well played, sir/madam. Well played, indeed.

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    Pledge $200 or more

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    Well you've gone and done it now, haven't you? This is what's up. You're going to receive everything from the $125 level but now you get yourself two VIP Viewing passes for you and a friend PLUS... wait for it... an extremely limited edition, hand numbered, 12" x 18", silkscreened Art All Night 2012 Iron Pour commemorative poster. That's right. That just happened.

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    YOU. ARE. IRON. WO/MAN. You are now the official sponsor of the Art All Night-Trenton 2012 Iron Pour. You'll receive everything the $200 level receives, multiplied by four. That's right. Four VIP Viewing passes, four commemorative medallions, four limited edition t-shirts, four limited posters and four exclusive photo prints. You'll receive signage at this year’s event thanking you for your incredible donation, your personal/company logo on our website and event signage, numerous social media plugs and the knowledge that you helped lightning strike twice in Trenton. Welcome aboard, Official Sponsor of the Art All Night-Trenton 2012 Iron Pour. We're proud to know ya!

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