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THINK OF THE CHILDREN is a handmade, satirical horror comic about the events leading to the original Comics Code Authority.
40 backers pledged $3,560 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator aSmarterU on May 23, 2011

      Good luck with this project, I know its going to be fantastic!

    2. Creator Matt Mowrer on May 21, 2011

      I was immediately intrigued bv this project. I don't know why, but I was. I investigated further, and the video pitch was great. At that point I was sold and I wanted to see the product. Honestly, I thought my interest would fade, but next thing I knew I was checking in every two or 3 days to see how the fundraising was going. That's when I realized, I want this to suceed, and honestly not for them, but for me. Yes, me. Why? Because their awards are great. I want to read this book. I want to experience this story. Badly. I want to see how dark this can go. I want to see how deep these guys can take me. Aside from that., to have a copy of the book that was so personally crafted? Astounding. To me this doesn't seem like a reward as much as a purchase.

    3. Creator S. Connor on April 22, 2011

      Wishing you all the best guys, @HayBudden