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110 page graphic novel by Christian Sager & Kelly Williams. Historical fiction/horror about politics, assassination & the arctic.
110 page graphic novel by Christian Sager & Kelly Williams. Historical fiction/horror about politics, assassination & the arctic.
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Summer Holidays Vs. Punk Routine

A few bits of business and then I'll share some behind-the-scenes content with you since we broke the $4,000 mark last night! We're over 70% of the way toward our goal, with 4 days left to go. Our target is in sight and I know we can reach it together. 

Someone suggested to me yesterday that I remind our supporters about the upgrade we've made to the hardcover rewards. All hardcovers now include an interior sketch by artist Kelly Williams. Our most popular tier so far is the $25 softcover, with over 20 people at that level. This is just a friendly reminder that if those of you at $25 upgraded to the hardcover tier, we'd be a lot closer to our goal. Remember you'll get both a 110 page hardcover graphic novel AND an original sketch by Kelly.

One thing that Kelly Williams and I have in common is that we're both in our late thirties and came up in the punk/hardcore scene in the 1990s. While this means we have a lot of points of reference in common, it's also important to THE CABINET because of the larger themes this comic will be about. 

Last night I saw Swedish punk band The Refused play their first show in America in 14 years. Kelly and I are both fans. During their song "Summer Holidays vs. Punk Routine" I realized that this music had influenced my approach to writing THE CABINET. Furthermore its own punk origins stretch back to the turbulent times this story is set in.

THE CABINET's characters are mainly outcasts from American society and include a strident anarchist and a silverite socialist. The larger themes of the story involve American identity and the power of presidential rhetoric over what that means. These were chaotic times, when things were rapidly changing. In many ways, the zeitgeist of 1901 mirrors America's own struggles today. Plenty of fodder for horror and madness there!

The Refused are a band with a lot of anarchist and anti-capitalist lyrics. I don't necessarily agree with all of their rhetoric, but it's definitely something that opened my mind to researching people like Leon Czolgosz and Emma Goldman. Their effect on American history is part of the story we're going to tell here. But it was also influential to counter culture, both then and now.

The lyrics to "Summer Holidays Vs. Punk Routine" go like this: Rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in. We're all tired of dying, so sick of not trying. Scared that we might fail, we'll accomplish nothing.

That's the spirit that originally motivates our characters in THE CABINET. And I think ultimately, it's what is motivating us to make this book the best it can possibly be.

Now... time for your behind-the-scenes! 

During my research for THE CABINET I was able to uncover a digitized copy of a newsletter originally published in October of 1850. Called "The Illustrated Arctic News," this newsletter was produced on board the HMS Resolute during one of its arctic missions in the Northwest Passage. In it, the crew write about the weather, their travelling parties, their interactions with the native Esquimaux and even theatrical performances they put on for themselves for entertainment. It's fascinating to read through and is over 150 pages long! You can download it from my shared Dropbox folder at the link below. Keep in mind it's a 14MB PDF.

Let's keep the ball rolling. There's only 4 days left to go and still 30% of our goal to be raised. I know we can do it together by spreading the word far and wide.


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