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Welcome to Eternal Kings — the game that combines the classic strategy of chess with the diverse combos of a card game!
Welcome to Eternal Kings — the game that combines the classic strategy of chess with the diverse combos of a card game!
Welcome to Eternal Kings — the game that combines the classic strategy of chess with the diverse combos of a card game!
355 backers pledged $26,557 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Rolando Issa Creator 6 days ago

      @Ben Fraser
      Hey Ben. I'll be getting a proof from LongPack (the manufacturing company) next week. If everything looks good, which I'm very confident that it will, I'll give them the go to make the game! I'll go ahead and write an update right now to let everyone know :)

    2. Ben Fraser on

      It's been a hot minute since an update, so just curious on the state of affairs.

    3. Rolando Issa Creator on

      You know I have stock in the glasses industry right? I did this on purpose! $$$ No, I'm joking :) But in all seriousness, I think the overall look is cleaner and more professional. I'm hoping that after a game or two, you'll have the cards memorized and will be able to play without looking. I'm telling you, this game gets so much better the more you play. After a few games, you'll be doing things that you never thought were possible. And in a very structured and non-gimmicky way.

      That's reassuring thank you :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bignall on

      QML is a great company. Following their Twitter feed is pretty entertaining. I'm glad you selected them.

    5. Missing avatar


      Have to say I preferred the writing on the card in the before shots. Had some friends over play Mega Civilisation and the update came through and the vote was 4:2 against the after shots. I would have preferred to be able to read the card while there lying down and not have to pick them up to read them. Yes I'll need glasses soon but the longer without them the better, I would prefer not to help it along, older people do play games as well.
      Other than that this game is brilliant.

    6. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Nathan Bignall
      Things are going well Nathan. We're very close to sending out all the files to the manufacturing company. I'll write an update and send it out by tomorrow. In the update, I'll talk about which manufacturing company we're using, updates on fulfillment, and what has been going on with the game itself. I'm feeling very positive about things :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bignall on

      It's been a while since we've received an update. Hope are things going?

    8. Rolando Issa Creator on

      I also find this to be high John. Trust me, I’m doing everything I can to find the cheapest shipping. I’ll be at Wondercon through the weekend, but will see to this first thing next week.

    9. Missing avatar


      Well the Pledge Manager on the first page just had a $70 shipping for an $80 game pledge to Australia, unfortunately no games worth almost dollar for dollar in shipping.

    10. Rolando Issa Creator on

      This is the "Rest of World" cost that ShipNaked gave us. Unfortunately, we don't have any control of this part. Our game was given a 3.7lbs estimated weight which puts us in the 5lbs category for shipping. I'll send you a PM and see if we can figure something out.

    11. AlmghtyMuffn on

      Lol, I'm gonna assume that the 29$ to ship is a mistake?

    12. Rolando Issa Creator on

      I'll most likely send out a survey next week. I'm still setting things up for the pledge manager.

      We still need to talk. Send me a message and let's see if there is any last minute changes we can work out.

      @Lee Godwin
      You've been an avid supporter and I thank you for that my friend. I'm looking forward to the day that you're my partner in a 2v2 match! I hope you're better than I am lol.

      Gross man! hahaha

      @ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) ʕಠᴥಠʔ
      Thanks. Even though you tried explaining your name, I still have no idea what it means. Can someone please explain this to me?!

      @Sentient Cow Games
      Thanks guys. And good luck on your kickstarter. Your game rocks!

      @Overworld Games
      Thank you. So am I :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Igor Milosavljevic on

      when will the first survey be ?

    14. No Limit Games, Inc. on

      Congrats Rolando glad your campaign was a success. Wish us luck on ours in march.

    15. Missing avatar

      Lee Godwin on

      Thanks for letting us share in your dream in bringing Eternal Kings to fruition. You fought hard for it, and you won. Really looking forward to having it, in-hand. Full congratulations, well deserved.

    16. Leonardo 'Nerdo' Cerruti on

      Happy endings 😂😂😂😂💦💦

    17. Sentient Cow Games

      Congrats Rolo and team!! We are glad we could be a part of your journey! :) Looking forward to the game and future adventures!! :D

    18. Overworld Games

      Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing that art out there in the world!

    19. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Mike Mamos
      What a surprise! When you get the game, are you even going to know what to do with it? 😆

    20. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Happy Endings
      Thanks for understanding Happy! I see where you are coming from too. There are tons of games these days. You have to find the right one for you. I’ll see on the battlefield someday!

    21. Happy Sunshine on

      oh I understand where you are coming from. KS is not a store, but it is a market place. at any one time there are 10-12 projects that I consider cool enough to back, but I cannot back them all. So i have to decide on which ones give me the best bang for my buck. anyways you were successfully funded so my backing would have not mattered that much. Like I said i plan on purchasing when it comes to retail. And again congrats.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike Mamos on

      Ah... it feels good to be an Eternal King. Congratulations on funding! Cant wait to get my copy!

    23. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Wiggity Bang Games
      Coming from the creators of Quelf, Furt, and Alpha Bandits, this is an honor! Thank you so much for all your support.

    24. Wiggity Bang Games on

      Congratulations Rolo on a successful campaign! I've seen you come a long way in the past few years putting this together. The attention to detail is evident in the artwork, gameplay and the campaign itself. Well done!

    25. Missing avatar

      Igor Milosavljevic on

      Glad to be a part of this amazing game :)

    26. Rolando Issa Creator on

      Yes of course! We’ll send out a few surveys from now till the shipping date. Thanks Igor ☺️

    27. Missing avatar

      Igor Milosavljevic on

      question. can i change my shipping address during any point before the game is shipped? i am not sure but there is a possibility i move until september.

    28. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Happy Sunshine
      You’re helping support indie games. Also, you would be getting the game way before anyone else. It might take some time to get into retail.

      This isn’t a game you play once or twice. You’ll be playing this game for years to come. And the art is a component. I don’t think you realize how much we’ve spent on the art alone.

      This Kickstarter wasn’t funded because of Kickstarter exclusives. It was funded because people are helping grow this community and they believe in the game. They want to be a part of something special. I promise anyone that is reading this that you’re going to be amazed at how well Eternal Kings plays. This is what you’re backing. Not a bunch of toys in a box with a mediocre game that comes with it.

      And thank you for your compliment. We’re lucky to have found such great artists!

    29. Happy Sunshine on

      This looks great, but a bit expensive for what you get card wise. Without any KS exclusives no real need for me to back, but I'm in for a buck to follow along. Congratulations on getting funded. Looking forward to the retail release.

    30. Missing avatar

      Cole Sutton on

      Woohoo! We have the plastic tray!

    31. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) ʕಠᴥಠʔ I'll make sure of it!

    32. ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) ʕಠᴥಠʔ

      400 away from plastic tray :) I hope those tray are sized to fit sleeved cards

    33. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Mark Ellis The expansion cards are not in the base game. They are separate cards that you can use to construct your army. I definitely recommend them.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark D. Ellis

      Quick question: What do the two add-ons do for the base game? Are they unique cards that will further allow you to customize your army? Or are they extras of existing cards from the base set? Thanks.

    35. Leonardo 'Nerdo' Cerruti on

      Yes!!! Another stretch goal!!! Let’s go for the plastic tray, we can do that!!

    36. Rolando Issa Creator on

      Hey everyone! I just posted a new update #10. In the update, I mention an Eternal Kings game play and review video that was done by the SoCal Viking. This video was completely random to me as I had no idea they would do this! And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I encourage you to show their channel some love:

    37. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Jordan One game is enough, although you won’t be able to use cards from the same factions, since there is only 1 set of those cards. But there are 4 factions, so if you don’t intend on using the same factions, you should be good!

    38. Missing avatar

      Filipa Tato

      First stretch goal down!

    39. Missing avatar


      Is one game enough for 2 player deck building or does each player need to buy the game?

    40. Leonardo 'Nerdo' Cerruti on

      @Rolo: i know the game plays well as it is!!! No ‘need’ at all of the ‘variant set’!! it was just to add an optional choice while building up the army before a new match..5$, a handful of mercenary variant pieces..
      Anyway, i hope we reach the plastic tray stretch goal!!

    41. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Leonardo We’ll look into adding new pieces in the future. The game plays exceptionally well right now though. When you start adding different pieces, it may start to lose the integrity of chess. But if you really think that those extra pieces make those chess variants better, then we’ll have to take a look. But I have a very advanced radar when it comes to gimmicks.

    42. Leonardo 'Nerdo' Cerruti on

      @Rolo: I know it’s late, but i’d like as add on also an additional expansion set offering some of the alternative pieces taken from chess variants, like i.e. the chancellor, the archbishop, the amazon, the marshall..there are a ton of them! May be next Kickstarter? 😜

    43. Missing avatar

      Igor Milosavljevic on

      @Brett its better to add funds now for the additional cards since it unlocks stretch goals and we are close to the first one.

    44. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @Brett Thanks Brett! This was a group effort! Yes, we'll be using a pledge manager for those of you that were not able to purchase the expansion during the campaign.

    45. Missing avatar

      Brett Chamberlin on

      Hey Rolo congrats on getting funded. I can't what to get my copy and start playing. Are we going to be able to purchase the stretch goal cards after the kick starter campaign is finished?

    46. Missing avatar

      Filipa Tato

      Yes you owe me haha, that would be awesome Rolando!! :D

    47. danny marr on

      oh yeah as well as you to cj im sure every one would love the honor to play against you to guys if you guys ever get the chance to

    48. danny marr on

      All right we did it. I'm so glad we made funding. I am so exited for the game. I am creating a facebok page for us to play the game online wise against each other if any one is interested you are more then welcome to join Eternal Kings Online. I hope you do no mind Roland that I think the game is that awesome to try to play online against other people. And you or more then welcome to come join the group as well and some of us would have the honor and the privilege to play against you online when ever you had free time.

    49. Rolando Issa Creator on

      @RTB It was our pleasure RTB. Strategicon is our home away from home. Will we be seeing you there this May? And thanks for backing us!

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