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Surf, skate and snow. ReeDesign Boards LLC. uses the passion from all board sports to create a new vision of riding.

  Welcome Kickstarters! Thank you for your interest in skateboarding and board sports in general, my hope is that everyone who donates is also now a designer and will share your boarding stories and experienceds. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to see updates, the design process and what we do!


My name is Adam Reed and I am a senior at Northern Michigan University pursuing a BFA in Human Centered Design. My time in school has given me the opportunity to explore board sports on a completely different level. Designing a skateboard is like putting together a puzzle, each layer and manufacturing process can either add or take away from the overall picture, but it's impossible to know for sure what your going to get until you start placing the pieces next to each other. 

    For my senior thesis I created my own template for making unique skateboards. Blending the idea's used in snowboarding, my skateboards added a little more curvature the to deck of the skateboard. The response was overwhelming. Acting like suction cups, the new surface shape of the board gives your feet a roadmap for their positions and help keep the board on your feet when jumping and riding. 

Along with changing the topography of the skate deck, I also have been experimenting with materials to discover the best combinations of laminates for different kinds of riding.

The skate deck blend I created

And the cruiser blend

No longer having access to the school's lab facilities, I have to find another place to be able to create the skateboard decks. Fortunately, I do not need an entire factory. The machines I need are... 

Hydraulic Press, Table Router, Band Saw, Drill Press, Barrel Sander, Hand Router, Table Saw

Along with the materials I need to purchase for testing and creating the actual decks.

The new plan? The garage! With the funds raised from this project I plan on setting up shop in the garage adjacent to my house and within it I will create a manufacturing process for my skate decks. Using the money I raise, I am going to recreate the moulds that I currently have in order to create even more precise skateboard deck. These one time fee's in order to set up my workshop and create the press in which the decks will be created are the only roadblocks in my way for continuing my passion.

My goal is to use the information that I gained from this past year making 15 different prototypes of skateboards and taking that to continue the search for the ultimate skateboard deck using different ideas and concepts tried and developed in different board sports. Some materials I plan on using are...

Using different blends of materials to create specific types of skateboards, I hope to be able to create the best recipe for each individual skate design. There are also many issues of sustainability and durability that I would love to spend time and research on coming up with ways to make longer lasting high quality equipment. I have identified the main area's of a skate deck that tends to break down earlier in the boards life. 

This time with my skate template already designed, I plan on diving into the chemistry of a skateboard, creating different cores and blends of wood, epoxy, cork, fiberglass, kevlar, etc to engineer flexible and stiff zones along the grain. This will create specific, responsive, playful skateboards for all types of riding. Using this information, we will be able to create different flex zones for different kinds of riding. This will be available in all models; skate decks, cruisers and longboards. 

When we finish the research and design phase we will have the grand opening in Marquette, MI where anyone will be able to come out and ride the range of skateboards that we create along the way.

Thank you for your time and interest!

I have a list of the possible combinations of materials that I will be testing for the decks. Any feedback on combinations you like please feel free to let me know, add new combinations or any design suggestions.

Now offering sweatshirts!

Took a picture of a board I made for a friend during the last school semester. He wanted a blank to do a special staining process with and he really made the deck look amazing! More pictures to come!

-Adam Reed


  • I have had some requests for shipping and I will continue to update specific locations as more countries begin to participate in ReeDesign Board LLC. I am incredibly excited to get feedback from those in other countries! Here is the list...

    England USD 65

    Germany USD 65

    New Zealand USD 75

    Canada USD 45

    Mexico USD 45

    Brazil USD 55

    Spain USD 65

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  • Skate Decks - Independent

    Cruisers - Lost (large sized trucks)

    Long Boards - Sector 9

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  • Sticker reward will come with multiple stickers, I no longer have power to update the reward directly.

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