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Need the latest electronics on your 3D printer? Want to build them yourself to save some $$$? We do, and it's always more fun to share.

Here at Maker Bench we have 3D printers coming out of our ears, but never enough electronics to go with them. We reached a breaking point recently while waiting for someone to sell bare PCB's and we decided to put together an order ourselves. To get the cost down we need to buy 50 or more PCB sets!

We are hoping some other 3D printer owners, prospective owners, and hackers out there are looking for a cheaper path to the latest electronics. Hopefully if you've read this far that owner or hacker is you. Help yourself out while helping us out, get in on this batch order!

Note: We are carefully monitoring the revisions and recent changes to the board designs and you'll receive the latest revision available when the kickstarter completes.

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    Keep it simple with just the bare bones PCBs: 3 Stepper Board PCBs, 1 Mainboard PCB, 1 Extruder PCB, 3 Endstop PCBs and a Laser Cut Stencil for SMT soldering. Also receive a detailed step-by-step assembly/soldering guide including SMT process instructions and a complete bill of materials for components. US shipping is included. International shipping will be extra.

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    Received everything from the first reward PLUS all of the electronic components for 3 Stepper boards, the Mainboard, the Extruder Board and 3 Endstops. This reward does not include the separate Arduino you will need to power the main board. That is available fully assembled from a wide variety of retailers. Shipping inside the USA is included, international shipping will be additional and some export restrictions apply.

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    The Ultimate DIY 3D Printing Experience: Receive everything from the first reward tier PLUS the full set of 250+ electronic components to assemble the boards, the laser cut parts for the frame and extruder, the Arduino to power the Mainboard, and all the cabling needed. The only things missing from this reward are the mechanical parts, motors and power supply. US shipping is included. International shipping will be extra.

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