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Adjustable, rotating bindings make it easy to enable "skate mode" on flat ground and make getting on and off the lift a breeze! Read more

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Adjustable, rotating bindings make it easy to enable "skate mode" on flat ground and make getting on and off the lift a breeze!

About this project

Innovative Snowboard Binding Design, allows user to "pivot" ankles/knees.

Anyone who has ever gotten on or off a chairlift with a snowboard knows how uncomfortable it can be. Simply getting on and off requires painful bending of the knees and ankles in directions they were never meant to bend!

Our state of the art bindings allow the board to rotate around the front foot by the simple tug of a cord. The Rotary Snowboard Bindings are extremely simple and safe to use while making your way to the next ski lift.

Time for a break? Take a seat in the snow and relax comfortably as you choose to angle your foot and board in any direction desired.



The rotating binding system is designed to ensure the safety of the rider during descent. 

Our binding prevents rotation through three coacting points (Front Lock, Central axis of the disc and two steel plugs within the mechanism that set the rotation and unlocking movement). These three points design and manufacturing, ensures that they will behave as a compact block once the binding is locked, avoiding any slight rotation or extra undesired movement while snowboarding. 

Our fasteners (subjected to many strength and fatigue tests during the prototype process) are certified and have all the hallmarks of international quality. Comply with ISO:

  • ISO 14573:2002
  • ISO 14790:2005
  • ISO 14790:2005/ Cor 1:2007
  • ISO 15344:2005


We are a multicultural team made ​​of engineers, chemists and designers united by our shared passion for snowboarding. Coming from different sides of the globe (United States, Brazil and Spain), this project was first initiated when a snowboarder’s girlfriend fell victim to the evils of exiting the chairlift - a common knee injury caused by awkward placement of the board to the snow.

Then it came to him: WHAT IF THE BOARD COULD ROTATE?

With this in mind, snowboarder Asier de Huerta began to acquire help from different countries in order to begin the building of a rotating binding. Due to Asier’s main role in the creation of these bindings, we chose to incorporate his initials into the name, leaving us with Rotary-AH.

After three years of investing everything and producing several prototypes, our group of engineers has perfected a binding design that accomplishes and meets our expectations: A binding that feels like any other conventional binding when riding the slopes, but allows snowboarders to effortlessly and comfortably walk around while still being strapped in.

Now WE NEED YOUR HELP to take our project one step further!


In order to begin the production process, we were required to patent and protect our product at a global level. However, we currently need funds to help us complete the patent process. We will expand our team so we should be able to manage the three main tasks: Production in China, R&D process managed by its creators from USA, Brazil and Spain and sales worldwide. 

We have already located an experienced snowboard binding manufacturer who is willing to work under our strict guidelines of production, focusing mainly on RELIABILITY, ENDURANCE, and VISUAL APPEAL. Our manufacturer has confirmed that all materials used are extremely efficient, meeting all strict physical requirements while still being ECO-FRIENDLY. Your support will help us finally launch the Rotary-AH production process.


The Rotary Bindings will be manufactured in Chinese factories specialized in production of snowboard bindings. We already have agreements with a supplier and will contract also an external Quality Assurance Company in order to fulfill our strict quality policies. The Rotary Bindings to be delivered to our backers would be in accordance with all applicable ISO Standars.

Our goal is to have the bindings sold through regular snow apparel distributors. We’re already in contact with distributors and have also been participating in snow industry conventions in order to communicate with as many distributors as possible.

By being involved in this campaign, you are helping us offer this innovation to all riders around the world. Our vision is to spread the word that snowboarding doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or unsafe sport. This is your chance to be a part of the snowboard revolution!


  • Plastic Material: PA + FG (Poly-amide reinforced with fiberglass)
  • Metallic Material (rear hoop): ALUMINUM
  • Scratches (ratchets): POLY-AMIDE AND ALUMINUM.
  • Front Strap w/Cup System and Leather: LEATHER CAP-STRAP
  • Eva Foam (base and back): EVA INJECTED FOAM
  • Lateral Stop Snow: STOP SNOW NEOPRENE 3mm
  • Front Tensor: PLASTICIZED TWISTED STEEL 1,4 mm (Resistance 300 N/mm2 = 3000 kg/ cm2)
  • Total Weight: 2.40 lb (Pounds) = 1.1 Kg


Don’t you want to support a very special project, from a very hard working entrepreneurial team? Become one of the founding customers and a part of Rotary-Ah’s history. You will always be fondly remembered as one of our first believers!


The core of our team are three engineers each one specialized in a specific field of the project. A mechanical engineer, an industrial engineer and a chemical engineer. The team work experience as a whole totalmore than 25 years. The team has broad experience in fields like Product Development, Process Improvement, Outsourcing Management, International Trade, Entrepreneurship  Market Research, etc. and has worked in several countries like Spain, USA, Brazil, China, Italy or France. 

To ensure the quality of our products we count with the valuable support of a chemical engineer who has worked for five years as responsible of R&D and Product Development in a company specialized in thermoplastic sport products. He has a broad experience with manufacturers in southern China, logistics and international distribution of goods. 

 Product design is carried out by a mechanical engineer with over 10 years experience in mechanics and in snowboarding. His customer's regard is very important on the design of bindings that fulfill all the requirements and needs every rider has. The product industrialization, international sales and marketing will be held by an Industrial Engineer & MBA with broad experience in international markets, entrepreneurship and financial modeling. 


Considering the production skills we have to face, there are too many variables to give a meaningful shipping date. Mid-summer is the closest we can provide but we are doing our best to make it as soon as possible. Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait!


1) Does this rotating binding innovation change the snowboarding experience?

Absolutely! Rotary Snowboard Bindings will give the snowboarder more freedom and comfort where it was previously impossible. However, the amount of control and flexible movement in the snow are exactly the same as any other binding sold in the market.

2) Is it safe?

Yes! The bindings will be produced by one of the best manufacturers available who works hand in hand with many other globally recognized brands. We guarantee use of the highest quality materials, including resistant thermoplastic and metal fasteners, which will create the most efficient and sturdy bindings possible.

3) Do I have to alter my boots/board to fit these bindings?

No, this system has been designed to be compatible with any board or boots available in stores. No change, adaptation, or purchase of extra materials are necessary. Its union to the board is performed by the same four screws any conventional binding has.

4) Do I have to change my descending angle?

No, it remains still to your descending preference. The superior part will no longer rotate once you turn it back to its initial position, leaving it in the exact same angle you previously decided.

5) Can the board fall while in a chairlift?

Never! With the binding rotated and your knee in a comfortable position, this system is still 100% attached to the board making it impossible to separate. Have no fear while dangling your feet!

6) Can the system suddenly (or accidentally) rotate while descending?

No chance! The binding blockade only activates if you pull the tensor (cord). No normal descending movement can accidentally release the system.

7) When will these bindings be available in stores?

We are doing our best to have the Rotary Bindings available in stores worldwide for the 2013-2014 Winter Season, but surely its price will be higher than these “early bird” offers. Get yours today!

8) How has this idea not already been developed in the snow market?

We ask ourselves that exact same question...We believe that the option of not being able to rotate your bindings while peddling should be something from the past!

9) If I pledge, when I will receive my order?

Considering the production process we have to face there are too many variables to give an exact shipping date, but mid-summer is the closest we can provide.

10) How do I customize my bindings if I choose that reward level?

After the end of the campaign, our engineering and design team will contact you to find out exactly how you’d like your bindings to look. You’ll get to choose the colors and dispersal of them throughout your bindings.

11) What if I choose the special $5,000 pledge?

Our team will contact you to personally thank you for believing so much in this project and to finalize the dates for your snowboarding trip! We know you’re eager to be one of the first boarders to try out these innovative bindings.

Rotary-Ah Rotative Binding for Snowboarding
Rotary-Ah Rotative Binding for Snowboarding

Risks and challenges

To accomplish our commitment to the backers, we have made huge progress on the developing process, meaning that both the product and process engineering are almost finished. We have been working with our supplier for almost a year, he has helped us with the functional prototype and has a great knowledge of the production of snowboard bindings. We will visit again the manufacturer to supervise the production process and assure the quality required. We will work close with our suppliers to be more efficient and precise with deadlines.

The other accessories will be produced by several different vendors so there's always a risk with trusting another business to produce your product in terms of quality, time frame, and reliability. We have discussed our expectations thoroughly with each of the vendors involved and acquired samples to ensure the final products will meet our quality expectations.

We plan to keep all backers completely informed with regular updates as to the status of the project throughout the fulfillment process.

In order to accomplish our Project Plan, we have two main risks, the patent process and the interest of the market Decision Makers. To get a worldwide patent, it is necessary to get the approbation of the Patent Bureau from each country. We have passed the first of this process, the International Search Report, where it was stated that the system proposed holds both innovation and inventive activity. To be sure of the potential available in the market, we have had some contacts with distributors, vendors and riders and we’ve always received positive feedback

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    Our bindings have been tested for best strength and durability. The bindings will be produced by one of the best manufacturers available who works hand in hand with many other globally recognized brands. We guarantee the use of the highest quality materials, including resistant thermoplastic and metal fasteners, which will create the most efficient and sturdy bindings possible.

    We also have obtained many ISO standards certificates that ensures 100% safety for the rider while in descent.

    ISO 14573:2002 Snowboard strap bindings for soft boots - Requirements and test methods

    ISO 14790:2005 Snowboard plate-bindings - Requirements and test methods

    ISO 14790:2005/ Cor 1:2007 Snowboard plate-bindings - Requirements and test methods - Technical

    ISO 15344:2005 Snowboard step-in bindings - Requirements and test methods

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