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50% of adults suffer with neck pain each year.
meet necksaviour Mini!
Simple neck pain and headache relief without medication.
50% of adults suffer with neck pain each year. meet necksaviour Mini! Simple neck pain and headache relief without medication.
6,440 backers pledged £243,676 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping update....

Posted by Wesley Marshall (Creator)

necksaviour Minis heading your way!

Minis ordered from non EU countries have all been shipped from the hub in the Far East and are heading to all corners of the globe :)

We are now starting to e mail backers their tracking numbers and a link for where to track.

There are 6500 to do!

The Minis destined for the EU are now in the UK and have cleared customs. Shipping starts next week and again we will e mail tracking numbers.

Thanks for your patience everybody and apologies for the delay. We are a very small team and we are still putting all possible efforts in to getting your Minis to you as fast as we possibly can.

Wes & Team necksaviour



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    1. 松木利憲 on

      I did not received the tracking number yet in Japan. Does it contain Japan-shipment this time?

    2. Missing avatar

      Bret Sinclair on

      Overall the construction of this seems to be good. The smell went away in less than a day doing nothing special to it. I am greatly disappointed in the size. I am a muscular guy and this thing just doesn't fit. I would use it for a paperweight, but it is too light. Fantastic idea for a product and I hope someday someone will build a bigger one. Until then, does anyone in Canada want to buy a very slightly used one?

    3. Missing avatar

      Shannon Porter on

      I see the comment below about someone receiving theirs in California - anyone on the East Coast get theirs yet?

    4. Lisa Galligan on

      Received mine in California March 30. Never thought I'd find a device that compares to "torture" of the wedge the chiropractor has me using. Pain isn't even in my neck but the bottom of my head and scalp as it tries to fun fold. Hoping it is just transitional growing pains.

    5. Missing avatar

      Laszlo Vanko on

      Hungary, Europe -- still no tracking number received.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rochelle Hood-MacHarris on

      So thankful I found this comment section. In the US and I still have yet to receive my mini. Thankfully I see my tracking number is doing the same thing others have. Air shipped on the 19th. Would love some info when this will actually arrive.

    7. Missing avatar

      roberto on

      Arrivato . Grazie

    8. Missing avatar

      Laurie-Jean Herlihy on

      How long should they take to arrive in the Boston area? As of now, I still haven't received it.


    9. Missing avatar

      Anne-Marie Byrd on

      Same here for US - no tracking past the 19th. SO EXCITED for it to get here! :)

    10. Tony Wright on

      @Shannon Porter - Mine says the same.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shannon Porter on

      Anyone in the US receive theirs yet? I got my tracking number, and it says it was sent on the 14th, but tracking stopped on the 19th saying "delivered by air transport". Doesn't say where though.

    12. Missing avatar

      Antonia Reis on

      From UK - I received my Minis today but I never received any tracking number.

    13. Brandan Borgos on

      I definitely got a tracking number yesterday. It is saying it is invalid on though. I wait in eager anticipation! These are going to be awesome!

    14. James Clark on

      UK - Still no tracking number received.

    15. Ryan Boulter on

      Australia.. nothing received.

    16. Nate Fikru on

      From the US also and no tracking number. Please Update!

    17. Missing avatar

      Chirag KC on

      Can't wait for this! Please keep us posted about shipping in Asia (India).

    18. Missing avatar

      Rolls Boyce on

      I'm from the UK and received no shipping or tracking info. Whats going on?

    19. Lorenzo Sala on

      Same from Italy... I didn't receive anything yet.. not even a tracking number..

    20. Missing avatar

      sharifp on

      Looks like I'm in the same boat as others. I'm in the U.S and still haven't received any kind of shipping/tracking info. I'm going to guess that means it won't be here by the end of the month - which is when I could really use it. ☹️