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Chinatown: a Graphic Novel's video poster

A surreal haunted house story set on the lonely streets of a forgotten town. Inspired by Hong Kong movies and monster flicks. Read more

Chicago, IL Comics
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This project was successfully funded on November 1, 2012.

A surreal haunted house story set on the lonely streets of a forgotten town. Inspired by Hong Kong movies and monster flicks.

Chicago, IL Comics
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UPDATE!!! We've hit our Stretch Goal!

Since we broke through $15,000 ...

  • All backers $25 and up get a 5x7 Art Print!
  • All backers $50 and up get the full set of all five Prints!
  • All backers $150 and up get a printed portfolio of our artwork shipped with Apocalypse Man!

For more information on our stretch goal and new backer rewards, check out our official update page.

Welcome to Chinatown

Chinatown blends together strong elements of magical realism, adds in some trippy psychological horror, and finishes off with memories from our own cultural experience. For the small, frightened community of Chinatown, a missing girl ushers in not only panic—but an onset of the truly strange and bizarre. In Chinatown, there's just no telling what lies skulking in the dirty streets and back alleys.

We can't wait to show you Chinatown. All our hard work is finally at an end—and once we're funded, we'll get the book right into your hands. Our final product will be perfect bound and printed in standard comic dimensions. It'll feature a heavy card stock cover and over 100 full color interior pages on high quality paper with vibrant inks. Every word and every page and panel is hand illustrated at the drawing table to create a rich, gripping atmosphere.

Here comes the Apocalypse Man

But Chinatown isn't all we've been working on.  Early next year, we'll be releasing our second book, a short story called Apocalypse Man.  It's our take on the now familiar tale of horror and survival, but with some added twists that will turn the genre on its head.  Apocalypse Man will be printed in black and white with bold splashes of color to enhance the mounting terror.  Work is already well underway, but take a look at our rewards to see how you can help us finish the story!

Ready for more? Check out our website to see more artwork and get more info on Chinatown and Apocalypse

The funds we're raising here on Kickstarter will go right into the printing costs of Chinatown. We've looked at printing companies throughout the Chicagoland area, and have found a printer that is both affordable and committed to putting out quality work. A portion of our Kickstarter funds will also be used to offset the cost of legal fees, the copyrighting costs of the book itself, and the art materials used during the creative process.

Risks and challenges

Chinatown is nearly complete and there are just a few challenges left before it goes to print. While the primary art for the book is finished, it still needs some refinements and coloring on certain pages. We're also committed to lettering everything by hand, and we know this can be a slower process. The greatest challenge before us is completing the book on schedule and having it mailed out by the end of December 2012.

Once our Kickstarter campaign concludes, we will finish the special thanks section, add the names of our Laughing Dragon donors, and head to the printers. Although we are promised a quick turnaround time, we will first have to examine and sign off on the proofs, and there could potentially be a few delays in that process. We have no doubt that this book will be completed—it's nearly done as is. The only risk here is perhaps getting it out a little later than we anticipate. At most, we might be delayed by a month.

Our upcoming book, Apocalypse Man, is estimated to be out in February 2013. As with Chinatown, our biggest challenge is sticking to our schedule. Since our high-end backers are actually drawn into the book, we can't begin illustrating until this Kickstarter campaign concludes in November. The script, however, is finished and concept art is already underway. The primary challenge in completing this project is making sure it's done by our projected release date. Being a smaller book, around 32 pages, we think our timetable is realistic. However, we also know that delays in printing are possible and there is some risk of Apocalypse Man coming out a few weeks behind schedule.

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    For a buck, you get our eternal gratitude. Thanks for backing us!

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    A high quality digital copy of Chinatown with an exclusive variant cover. The file will be e.mailed to you when the book is released!

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    This is it! You'll get a copy of Chinatown, signed by the Sun Bros and delivered right to your door. On top of that, you'll be thanked by us on our website and you'll get the digital copy as well.

    Plus, everyone who buys our book gets an invitation to the Chinatown Launch Party this December on the South Side of Chicago! Details TBA. Please add $10 for delivery if outside the continental U.S. or if you want it delivered by Christmas.

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    For the committed fan of Sun Bros Studios. You'll get the digital copy, a thank you on our website, an invitation to the Launch Party—and your signed copy of Chinatown will include your name in the special thanks section printed in the book. On top of all that, you will automatically receive a signed copy of our next comic, Apocaypse Man, coming out February 2013! Please add $10 for delivery if outside the continental U.S. or if you want Chinatown delivered by Christmas.

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    For the serious art lover. You get everything listed above—the digital book, mention on our website, the signed copy of Chinatown, an invitation to the Launch Party, and a signed copy of Apocalypse Man. Plus, your name will be included in the book in the super special Laughing Dragon donors section! And here's the kicker: you'll get a piece of original art straight from Brad's drawing table. You'll also get a personalized note explaining the art you receive and the process involved in creating it. If we get more orders than we have artwork to offer, Brad will draw a sketch just for you!

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    The Immortal God Reward. Not only do you get all the previous backer rewards—including Laughing Dragon status in Chinatown and original artwork—your likeness will be featured in Apocalypse Man! And not as an insignificant extra—you'll be drawn into the book as a real part of the story. Send us a photo of yourself (or a loved one) and we'll get you in there—either as a zombified corpse mutant or maybe even one of the heroes! And as part of the cast, your name will also be listed in the Apocalypse Man credits. Immortality achieved.

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    The Ching Royal Heavenly Banquet. Damn, you're a high roller! You get everything: both autographed books, Laughing Dragon recognition, original art from Chinatown, immortality in Apocalypse Man, an invitation to the Launch Party as our special guest—and a VIP guided tour of the Art Institute of Chicago and Sun Bros Studios, led personally by us! After the tour, we'll make you dinner. And it'll be really, really good. Travel and lodging costs not included.

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