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Help us reprint this classic game and publish its sci-fi sequel!
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The Men of Hawkshold Kickstarter is Live!


Hello Kickstarter Supporters, this is Corey Somavia.

The Men of Hawkshold Kickstarter is live!

Please come support us today!

Men of Hawkshold preview page


Hello Kickstarter Supporters! This is Corey Somavia again.

We’re one week away from the Men of Hawkshold Kickstarter! We launch Tuesday, October 9th. Here’s a preview link to the Kickstarter page:

Click the notify button so you’ll know the second we go live!

For this Kickstarter we’ve tried to keep things as straightforward as possible. We have five support levels (plus a retailor level). These levels include an option to have your likeness or name become a part of Battleground lore! All the extra factions are available as add-ons, including the Kickstarter Exclusive unit, the Ancient Blue Dragon!

We’ve also tried to keep our stretch goals as focused as possible. Most of them enrich the Men of Hawkshold box set, with extra artwork and hero units. The only two external stretch goals we have are custom Hawkshold dice and returning our out-of-print Terrain Pack into production. If we achieve these stretch goals, they will be made available as add-ons.

Please come support us on October 9th!

Announcing the Men of Hawkshold Kickstarter, Oct. 9th


Hello everyone! This is Corey, one of the new owners of Your Move Games.

Many of you know Your Move Games solely because of Hill 218 and Sector 219, but we also have a tabletop wargame known as Battleground Fantasy Warfare. And we’re excited to announce that we're launching the Men of Hawkshold Kickstarter on October 9th!

Battleground is a tactical tabletop wargame that uses cards for units, and the Men of Hawkshold was the very first faction for the game. This reprint features updated rules and a new art direction. Check out our Facebook page for samples of the new art style (and while you’re there, Like and Follow us!).

If you were ever considering trying Battleground, the Men of Hawkshold Kickstarter is the perfect time to jump in. We’ll be offering a discount on our entire product line, so you can purchase older factions to try a variety of play styles. We know that once you try it, you’ll appreciate the game’s tactical depth.

Please help us make the Men of Hawkshold Kickstarter a success. Support us on October 9th!

It's been a while


Hi Everyone,

The last few weeks have been insane and I haven't replied to some emails, but I'm still shipping out games. (It turns out that "back to school" plus one and a half managers being on vacation can be pretty intense.) The managers are all back now and I've carved out almost the entire day tomorrow both for shipping and for replying to all emails and messages that I haven't gotten to.

Thanks, as always, for your patience.

Quick update


As of tomorrow night, if you've emailed me or messaged me here, your package should be packed. I'm not ignoring people who aren't reaching out, but I have prioritized those who have, and with four hours set aside tomorrow I expect at least to have gotten to all of those.

Thanks for your (continuing) patience. If you've written to me and don't have an email with tracking information in it by the end of tomorrow, please send another message; I don't want to miss anyone.