$30.00 pledged of $1,000,000 goal
By Robert Sheffield
$30.00 pledged of $1,000,000 goal


Calamity will be a fantasy mmo Sandbox world with permanent death, numerous build types, and no real win scenario. Unlike most rpgs, your character can be killed while you are offline. Your character will try to behave indistinguishably from you while you aren't logged in. For PVP we will make the NPCs and Players hard to distinguish(no in game notification while players are nearby). Finally, the world will be huge with no loading walls, just log in and pick up where your character left off.

No leveling screen is ever shown; instead you enter a skill mapping menu, which allows you to map a number of developed skills to a button(eg blocking, bread baking or firing target seeking lightning balls). A skill is unlocked once you practice enough of the prerequisite skills. The goal here is to do away with the artificial divisions in leveling and experience gain.

We will post more details as the project moves forward.

Risks and challenges

We are struggling to find workers for this project, this is as much time as I can afford to put into the project until marketing gets here. We will try to post more video as the tech emerges.

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