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Fear the Con, small enough to say "just show up and game," is back and you can help make it happen!
Fear the Con, small enough to say "just show up and game," is back and you can help make it happen!
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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum...

Posted by Adam Gottfried (Collaborator)
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An anecdote for you!

A representative from Paizo reached out to me and asked if Fear the Con wanted to join the Pathfinders (become an official location for Pathfinder Society adventures). I looked over at Derek, who slightly inclined his head, and turned and I screamed into his face: "THIS... IS... FEAR THE CON!" and I kicked him in the chest and into a deep hole that might lead to tabletop RPG Hell, or possibly a FATAL LARP. I really don't know.

There are 13 of you lovely people who have not replied to our survey yet. Do it. Do it now. Do it while you're thinking about it. It takes 5 minutes and saves Derek, Daniel and I mountains of work later. If we get 100% of our responses, I will wear pants the whole con. If not, well... Be afraid.

Deadline to reserve a room in the room block is May, so get on that:

Last but not least, after the last update, we saw an upswing in people posting games and signing up to play games. KEEP IT UP! I want to bet our numbers from last year.

Remember that I love you all with passion unspeakable. 'Cept that one guy. You know who you are.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Azhrei Vep on

      Also, I do know who I am. And having seen you, I'm glad to be the exception.

    2. Adam Gottfried Collaborator on

      @Joel -- of course not. I'm probably running Pathfinder myself.

      The truth behind the anecdote is much less entertaining: I was approached by a Paizo representative, but I was forced to inform them that it is too late to plan anything for this year, but they should try me again after June 23rd.

    3. Missing avatar

      Azhrei Vep on

      Yeah, he wasn't terribly clear about that, was he? This is Fear the Con, and we'll welcome anyone, no matter how awful their games? (They have had a FATAL game, after all. It was quite fun!) Or this is Fear The Con, we mock Mathfinder whenever we get the chance, just like the show that spawend us?

    4. Joel Cannon on

      So, does that mean no Pathfinder stuff?