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$9,465 pledged of $150,000 goal
$9,465 pledged of $150,000 goal

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Relaunch set for Monday 7am Pacific time...


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Elroy relaunch at hand...


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Down but not out!


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Interviews and photo shoots

It's been a busy morning of interviews and photo shoots this morning.  

The SF Business Journal photographer came by and we spent the better part of an hour getting shots for their article.  That article should probably be out on Friday of this week.  Their reporter did a very thorough interview and I think the result will be really good.

Also just had a long interview with someone at Make Magazine, which was a wide ranging discussion on domestic manufacturing, 3D printing technologies, market trends, and other product and production related topics.  Very fun interview!  That should come out in an article that posts sometime later in the week.

I'll post links to these articles as soon as they come out.

And just to let everyone know, there are other opportunities that are popping up in the background as a result of this Kickstarter project.  So, even though the funding has been low, the Elroy Project is moving forward regardless.  Can't say much about it right now, but once we get to the end of this funding period I'll let everyone know what the next steps are for Elroy.

And hey!  It's a Monday.  We can consider this a first Monday report to the funders!  Thanks to everyone for the support you've shown so far.  I'm still totally jazzed about the prospects for Elroy.

I hope everyone has a great week!



Starting to get some real traction now!

Thanks to all our new backers this morning!  

Now that the holiday season is over and people are back at work we're starting to get some press on the Elroy Project.  Here's where we've shown up so far:

Venture Beat

Climate Progress

Skeptical Science


The Climate Progress and Skeptical Science blog article is one I wrote myself addressing the much broader goals of the Elroy Project, in terms of Lean manufacturing and how manufacturing be used to address CO2 mitigation efforts.

Just this morning I was also interviewed by a reporter from the SF Business Journal, and we'll hopefully get an article published some time next week there.

We're going to rock this to the very last minute of the campaign.