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Disentangle from the cumbersome earbud cord; add new functionality to your digital lifestyle. New from Timbuk2 founder, Rob Honeycutt.
1,543 backers pledged $144,463 to help bring this project to life.

Coming down to the end soon.

Posted by Elroy Project (Creator)

Still gonna make the stretch goal, with your help!

I've watched a lot of Kickstarter projects and the week before the end is always the doldrums.  Then right at the end there's a mad rush.  I'm sure we're still going to beat our $150k stretch goal in those last couple of days.  And I really want to, because the travel case will be a very cool addition to the product mix.

To help us along the road here are a few extra perks everyone can add to their current pledge.  These are just a few simple accouterments to enhance your Elroy experience.  All you have to do is total up what you'd like to include, and add that amount to your current pledge.  At the end of the pledge period we will be sending out a survey, and in that survey you can mark the items you chose.  Here's what we have:

  • USB wall charger for Elroy - $10
  • X-long USB charger cord (3ft) - $5
  • Second set of shorty cord earbuds - $20 (that's $20 off reg price)
  • Second EVA travel case - $10
  • Second Elroy t-shirt - $20 ($5 off reg price)

Couple of notes here:  1) The charger is a standard 5W wall charger and we will offer it with the standard socket configurations for your country.  It will be useful for charging any device which uses a USB port.  It'll be small, compact and perfect for travel.  2) Elroy will include a short charging cord, so if you need a long cord, this is the time to pick that up.

Definitely check these guys out!

Regardless of how much battery I pack into the Elroy, some of you power users are going to figure out a way to run the thing dry.  I've taken notice of another project on Kickstarter that will fit the bill in that situation. Check out Devotec's Fuel Micro Charger. They started on Kickstarter the same time as Elroy and their emergency charger would be a great way to keep your phone or Elroy charged up when you are on the go. They have a funky little design, and I am chatting with them about working together on some cool new product ideas.  The link to their KS project is here.

New Elroy earbuds update

Joe made some adjustments to the design based on feedback we got from everyone.  Here's the latest image that he just sent over to me.  I think I'm liking these a lot!  Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.


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    1. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Vipin... I'm feeling pretty confident we'll make our stretch goal, so you'll be getting that travel case. But you can certainly help to make sure by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter with all your friends.

    2. Missing avatar

      Hurdy Gurdy Man on

      Just backed the project and must say that the concept and the design is awesome. Wouldn't it be great if you can offer the travel case at the given price irrespective of the stretch goal?

    3. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Brandon... We're actually on a very strong track right now to make that $150k stretch goal. So, it shouldn't be a problem.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brandon Diaz on

      I would like to know if we pledge for the second Eva travel case and the stretch goal is not reached, which i really hope it is reached, do we still get the cases?

    5. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Murad... We're going to add the base reflex points on the next iteration. I forgot to mention it to Joe for the last iteration (above). I got focuses on sound driver issues and forgot to follow up on that one. Ah... details, details, details. It's all in the details. :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Murad Ahmed on

      Not sure what plans you have for the acoustics - are their going to be any bass reflex ports or openings?
      Looks a very fruity style ;) which is great.

      I know it was mentioned but I wondered still - will I be able to use my Apple Earpods with Elroy?

    7. Missing avatar

      Khai Dao on

      I like the new earphones! Great work. Flat cables are nice as others have said but not a big deal.

    8. Shar M on

      Flat or fabric covered wires would be great so no tangling but not a dealbreaker :)

    9. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Sarang... I think that would require learning how to talk on the phone in your sleep to answer that question. ;-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Sarang Shah on

      @Elroy - I wonder how much non-stop usage time would the Fuel's 220mAh battery provide if paired with the Elroy?

    11. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      Matthew... That's really funny you say that about the logo, because Joe read your comment and sent me an email saying that he was about to add a debossed logo between the magnets but he was in a hurry to go catch a plane.

      So, next revision. Logo between the magnets.

    12. Joshua Aiken on

      These are excellent

    13. Daryl R on

      Flat wire and colour options

    14. Matthew Fiori on

      Like this a lot. Would be really cool to have the logo on the outside where the magnets are....

    15. Jason Page on

      It's looking really great. Who is going to provide the drivers for the earbuds? Is there any chance that charging functionality can be built into a case, because I would pay extra for that.

    16. Elroy Project 2-time creator on

      I'll see if I can work on the flat cables with the factory. I know I'm already going to run into a challenge with them because I want to run two cord directly into the jack. Running two flat cords into the jack would be another hurdle to get over.

      That said, the round cords I have been using have been little problem for me. We'll do some experimenting, though, to see if it makes a difference.

    17. Wolfgang Loss-Wells on

      I agree about the flat cables, but the look is great otherwise.

    18. Missing avatar

      Eric Amend on

      I agree.... I own Beats that have flat cables and they are nicer than the round cables. But not the end all.

    19. Walker Ohmit on

      I'm exited to get my Elroy. I like the new design for the head phones! I think a flat cable would do a lot better with the Elroy rather than round. Any way that can be possible?

    20. Missing avatar


      Those look pretty good! Are the silicon tips going to be interchangeable? Any chance of getting double- or tri-flanged tips?

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Aaron Yochelson on

      What Is the group consensus on flat cables vice round? I've found flat typically tangle less which even in shorter headphones may be a problem.